A/N: Welcome to story #20 in my crazy little JEmily/BAU universe. Once I decided to make this story a series (right around #3 Saviour) everything has been leading up to this, one of the only redeeming storylines from Season 6, imho. There will be references to things we learn in 6x17 "Valhalla" and 6x18 "Lauren". If by any chance you haven't seen those episodes, it would help to visit YouTube and check them out. Here is my version of what happens when Ian Doyle returns for Lauren Reynolds. (Which is more a season 5 time frame in my universe.) Enjoy the ride!

Ian Doyle leans on the back end of the Lexus belonging to Emily Prentiss. Today is the day he decides his next move. He has just put out his cigarette when his phone rings.

"Ultrasound is positive. The whore is with child."

"Watch your dirty mouth, Seamus. You're talking about the mother of my child." Ian listens as Emily approaches, most likely on the phone with the blonde agent. He refuses to call JJ Emily's wife. That doesn't work in his world…the world in which he knew Lauren had given herself willingly to him.

"Everything is perfect. The heartbeat was strong and steady and-HEY!"

He steps around the back of the SUV in time to see Seamus knock the phone out of Emily's hand. He sees the man still grips her arm, which had sparked her shout of "hey."

"Hello, love," Ian whispers.

Emily spins around. There is no hiding the fear in her eyes. "Ian," Emily says in terror.

He steps closer. "Time to pay the piper, Lauren. Time to give back to me what you stole."

His blue eyes are murderous. Emily tries to pull away from Seamus, who now holds both arms. Ian pulls out a knife and places it at Emily's stomach.

"Stay still, love. Otherwise I'll put this knife in your stomach, ending your pregnancy. And if that happens, I'll still be needing a child." He holds up a picture of Henry. "He looks so much like Declan, love. Think your blonde bitch would care if I took him? Think she would still fuck you if she knew you were the cause of her son's disappearance. You owe me a child, love. I'll take him…or the one you carry. Your choice."

Emily stares at the picture of Henry. She then looks down at the ground. "Don't take Henry," she says in defeat.

Ian smiles cruelly. "Good answer." He looks beyond her to Seamus. "Put her in the first car."

Emily looks up sharply. She knows his theory about the second car being safest. He just grins, knowing she realizes how little he values her life. He jerks her purse off her shoulder as Seamus leads her away. A woman sees what's happening and tries to help.

"Hey! Leave her alone! Stop! Pol—"

Her words cut off as Ian pulls out a silencer-equipped .45 and shoots her between the eyes. He drags her between Emily's vehicle and the one beside it, the climbs into the second vehicle in his caravan.

In less than five minutes, Emily Prentiss is gone.