Hotch looks at the men on his team. "Why don't we step outside for a moment? Give them time alone while we wait for the EMT's."

They nod and step out. Morgan pulls the busted door as closed as he can to give Emily and JJ some privacy. JJ eases back from the hug to stare into Emily's eyes.

"I love you, Emily. I'd have never stopped searching for you." She leans in to kiss her wife but Emily turns away.

"No," she says weakly.

JJ clenches her jaw. "Emily, did he…did he make you…"

"I tried to do what you said but I couldn't. I'm sorry."

JJ strokes a hand down Emily's uncut cheek. "What do you mean, baby?"

"I dressed like her and acted like her. I kissed him, Jen," she says quietly. "I let him touch me and kiss my body. But when I felt his erection against my leg I shuddered. I saw your face and knew I could never willingly give myself to him. And he knew it, too. That's when he beat me."

JJ stares at her wife. "That's when you got the phone. When he was…distracted by your body." Emily nods. "Then you did what you had to do to survive. Emily, if you hadn't done that we wouldn't be here. We were…" she shakes her head. "Baby, we were stuck. You helped us save you. I don't care how you did it. All I care about is you."

Emily slowly looks up at JJ, shame in her eyes. "He…he marked me, Jen. You'll never be able to look at me without seeing me broken like this." She brings a hand up to cover her breast.

"You are not broken, Emily Prentiss. You look at me: You. Are. Not. Broken. Hurt, maybe, but not broken."

JJ had noticed a bit of redness on Emily's left breast but enough of the blouse covered it that she hadn't seen exactly what it was. She carefully brings Emily's hand down to her lap. Staring into Emily's eyes, JJ slowly eases the blouse back to reveal the 2" wide shamrock on her wife's chest. She lowers her eyes to look at the brand. New tears fill her eyes.

"Oh, baby. I'm so sorry he did this to you." She looks up at Emily. "It doesn't make me love you any less. To me, it's a sign of survival. You're alive. He's not. And that's all I give a damn about."

"So…I haven't lost you? This doesn't disgust you?"

"Never." JJ reaches up and undoes her necklace. She slides Emily's wedding ring off. She lifts Emily's left hand and slides it back in place. "Now and always, Emily."

Emily stares into blue eyes filled with love. "Te amo, Jennifer."

Finally Emily allows JJ to kiss her, letting her wife's love be a balm to her wounded soul.

"Yes, I know. We're beyond excited. We're just waiting for the doctors to decide if she can go home right now or if she needs to stay a couple days," Penelope explains to Elizabeth, Gerald, Sandy and Alan, who are on the speaker phone at a hotel in DC.

"And the baby is okay?" Sandy asks.

"As far as we know. Doyle had a midwife come check on Emily after…uh, well, earlier today. She said the baby was healthy and had a strong heartbeat. We got there pretty soon after that so the baby should still be okay."

"Thank God," Elizabeth mutters, squeezing Gerald's hand.

"Penelope, should we come up there?" Gerald asks.

"Why don't we wait to see what the doctor says. If she can leave soon we'll get her on the jet and back to Virginia faster than a speeding Hotchrocket!" she promises.

"Uh…what exactly is a 'Hotchrocket'?" Alan asks.

Penelope grins. "Long story. Look, I need to get back inside in case they come out with word about our princess. I promise you all will know seconds after me what's going on."

"Thank you, Penelope. Give her our love," Sandy tells her.

"You betcha," Garcia promises.

The analyst heads back inside the hospital to see if the doctors had come out to see the team yet. JJ is still pacing which answers that question. She walks over to her best friend and stops her.

"Jayje, calm down. You know she's okay. This is just to get her few wounds checked out."

"Still don't understand why I can't be back there with her. Don't they understand I'm still terrified I'll wake up and this will just be a dream?" She starts to shake. "Why can't I be back there, Pen?"

Garcia stares at her friend. She had spent two weeks watching JJ ride a roller coaster of emotions and mental states. She had seen her helpless and ferocious; despondent and driven; terrified and furious. Garcia is not going to have her riding these waves any more; not with Emily just down the hall. She grabs JJ's hand.

"Come on."

"Where are we going?"

"We're going to see your wife. Fuck their rules."

JJ stares at Garcia, the smiles. "What would I do without you, Pen?"

"Not even worth contemplating, Jayje."

Hotch sees them walking off in the direction of Emily's treatment room. He smiles, glad Garcia had the guts to do what no one else had done. A nurse goes to stop them but Garcia looks at JJ.

"That's right, honey. The doctor said to keep walking it off." She looks at the nurse. "She's high on Robitussin. Got to walk it off."

"Oh, um, okay. Is that the right treatment?"

"You going to question a doctor?" Garcia challenges.

"Umm…no. Let me know if I can help," she offers. Garcia smiles and nods.

As they pass the nurse, JJ giggles. "High on Robitussin? Is that even possible?" she whispers.

Garcia shrugs. "Does it matter if it get's you to Emily?"

JJ shakes her head. "Not a damn bit. You're awesome, Pen."

"Back atcha, Jayje."

When they walk into Emily's treatment room the brunette looks relieved. "Thank God they finally let you back. I've been asking for you for an hour."

JJ walks over and takes Emily's hand. "They didn't exactly let us back here. If anyone asks I'm high on Robitussin, Garcia is helping me walk it off and, well, I guess I got distracted by your beauty which is how I ended up here."

Emily looks from JJ to the grinning Garcia and back. JJ is thrilled to see a real smile light up Emily's face. "I love you both, you know that, right?"

JJ gives her a hug. "We know, sweetheart. We love you, too."

When the doctor comes in a few minutes later he glares at JJ, who is sitting on the bed, stroking her hand through Emily's hair while Emily just clings to her.

"I see you're off the Robitussin high, Agent Jareau," he says snidely.

She glares back. "Right now I'm Mrs. Prentiss. Deal with it."

Garcia taps him on the shoulder. "I'd deal with it if I were you. Especially while she's still armed. Best shot in the FBI."

He glances at JJ then back to Garcia. "Really? Her?"

JJ bristles. "Want a demonstration, Doc?"

The look in her eyes tells him she's really offering. He gulps and instead looks at the paperwork in his hands. "Well, all your fluid levels are good. I'd say you were taken good care of for the most part. Once you get home you may want to check in with your regular physician. And a plastic surgeon should be able to fix the brand with no problem."

"So…can I go?" Emily asks hopefully.

He nods. "I'll start to process the paperwork now. You should be able to leave within the hour." He leaves them alone.

JJ looks at Emily with relief. But Emily is staring at Garcia. JJ turns and sees the stricken look on their friend's face.

"Pen?" JJ asks.

Garcia slowly walks forward. "Brand? Emily, what did that bastard do to you?" she asks fearfully.

Emily looks down. She takes a deep breath and looks back up. "He fucking branded me with his specialized shamrock."

She eases the top of the dressing gown she wears to show Garcia. She knew JJ would need Garcia's support dealing with this aspect of her injuries. Even if she decides to get surgery to remove it she would have to wait until after the baby is born. Garcia's eyes fill with tears.

"Oh, Emily. I'm so sorry, honey. But it can be fixed, right?"

Emily nods. "Yep, but not for 7 months or so. Well, maybe more like 10 months with breastfeeding and such. At least it will give the baby something to look at while eating, right?" She tries to keep her voice light but her two friends see through the ruse.

JJ pulls her close. "Stop, Emily. No need to be brave for us."

Garcia walks over and hugs them both. "We'll hold you up as long as you need."

Emily sobs, their love breaking down the walls she is trying to construct. "I was so scared," she whispers.

"Us, too," Garcia says. "But we new you'd fight to stay alive and we knew we wouldn't stop until we found you. We love you, Emster."

Emily smiles. "Love you all, too, Garcia."

Three hours later Emily is settling down on the couch in the jet. Her head lies in JJ's lap. Morgan sits across from them. He takes her hand.

"When we land you're going to be engulfed by 4 parents and Henry. So let me say this now. I love you, Emily."

She smiles and squeezes his hand. "I love you, too, Derek. Wish I could have seen you take out that door."

He smiles. "Would have been better if the one guy hadn't stepped on my foot causing us to land in a heap."

JJ smiles. "Funny, that's what he said about you."

Emily chuckles, feeling something settle within her. These people, these wonderful people are not going to judge her for what she had to do to stay alive. They are only going to celebrate that she's coming home. Emily looks up at JJ.

"I know tradition says we should wait but do you think we should tell them our good news?"

JJ grins. "Sure. It's been such a huge secret until this point."

Emily looks at the team, who all sit in the chairs near the couch. "You may be surprised to hear this but…JJ knocked me up."

The team laughs. "Gee, we would have never guessed," Rossi says.

"I knew," Hotch says smugly. "I was there when she got the text."

Reid sits forward. "I'm happy for you. Both of you. But we're going to need to have a talk if you think JJ is the father."

JJ smiles at him. "I have many skills, Spence."

The team laughs. Emily looks at each of them in turn.

"I do have two questions to ask if it's okay," she says.

"Of course, honey," JJ encourages her.

"Where the hell was I and how did you find me?"

The team chuckles. Garcia sits forward. "Well, you're amazing wife figured out that Ian probably started in the arms business by killing off a competitor. Enter one Spencer Reid who drew hieroglyphs all over my electronic map and he figured out who it was. Luckily, that guy had relatives in New Brunswick which led us to a hunting lodge owned by 'Reynolds Vengeance Outfitters'. Ugly name but we figured it meant something. So, Hotch made a call and here we are."

Emily looks at Reid. "Hieroglyphs?"

Morgan chuckles. "Trust me, Emily, the boy genius is the only one who would understand what the heck he drew up there."

Reid rolls his eyes. "Not true. It was simple, really."

He grabs a piece of paper and, thanks to his eidetic memory, recreates his pictogram. He lifts it up and shows Emily. Morgan shakes his head.

"See what I me—"

"Wow! Reid, that's incredible! You tracked him back 18 years to Alexi Korsokov! We could have used that information the first time around.

Silence greets her announcement. Morgan's jaw is on the ground. Rossi and Hotch exchange a look of "oh my God." Garcia just shakes her head. Reid smiles smugly. JJ starts to giggle and leans over to give Emily a kiss.

"I love my little nerd so much."

The team just laughs, glad their family is whole once more.

Emily tries to stay awake but with her head in JJ's lap, with the love of her friends around her, with the feeling of safety washing over her the events of the past two weeks catch up to her and she drifts off to sleep. JJ lifts her hand and kisses it.

"I love you, Emily Prentiss," she whispers.

The plane lands as the sun rises over Quantico. The team is not surprised to see the Jareau-Prentiss clan is already waiting at the hangar for them. Emily smiles as she sees Henry in Alan's arms. The little boy is smiling and waving his hands. Morgan helps her down the stairs as she has gotten stiff during the flight. As she clears the steps she is pulled into a hug by her parents.

"Oh, Emmy," Elizabeth whispers in her ear.

"Are you really okay, honey?" Gerald confirms, kissing her head.

"I'm okay. A few bumps and bruises but mostly okay. I swear," she assures them.

"MAMA! MAMA! MAMA!" Henry is screaming and straining to get to her.

The Prentiss' ease back. Elizabeth smiles. "I think you're biggest fan is calling for you."

Emily stares at Henry. A lump rises in her throat as she imagines Doyle getting her hands on him. JJ sees the emotions playing over Emily's face.

"He loves you and you protected him, Emily. Go to him. He needs you as much as you need him," she encourages.

Emily takes the few steps to Alan. Henry practically leaps out of his Grandpa's hands to get to his mama. She pulls him close, her heart melting as he says Mama over and over again as he gives her a big hug.

"I love you, Henry. I love you so, so much."

JJ wraps her arms around both of them. "Come on. Let's go home."

Emily nods. "Home. Yes. Home."

After getting hugs from Sandy, Alan and Francesca they pile into the car and head for the Prentiss house. JJ realizes just how tired Emily must be to not even care that she's been picked up by a limo. Sitting between her mother and JJ, Emily dozes off on the relatively short drive, her hands clenching those of the two most important women in her life.

A couple of hours later, JJ and Emily sit in their doctor's office. Emily is a bit uneasy as this is where her two weeks in hell began. But when she sees the look on JJ's face as their doctor does a precautionary ultrasound, Emily can't help but smile.

"You're so beautiful, Jennifer."

JJ tears her eyes from the monitor long enough to give Emily a kiss. "So are you. Thank you for protecting our baby. Thank you so much. I love you, Emily."

"I love you, too, Jen. Thank you for saving us."

"You're both mine. No one is taking you away from me. No one."

She lays her head on Emily's as they watch the screen, listening to the hypnotic beat of their child's heart.