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Chapter 19 – Bullshot

Two weeks, that was how long we had known Phil was missing. He was last seen near his latest victim's home he had been targeting, but thankfully they had already made it to her grandmother's place out of state. That was nine days ago and Chuck and I were a mess, waiting for him to show up. The feds didn't think he would. They figured he was getting ready to set up shop somewhere else and had his information marked, so when a school ran a check on him, they'd know.

Some movers came in and tried to pack up their stuff, but the Feds stepped in there, too. It wasn't going to an address, just to storage. They tore that place apart, hoping to find some clue as to where the other girls were, or at least his collection of kill mementos. Killers usually liked to keep something from their victims, but nothing had turned up. It wasn't looking good.

The most they were going to be able to charge him with was sexual assault of a minor. The fact that she was a willing participant wasn't going to help us. His prison sentence wasn't going to be enough to keep him away from my girl forever. The most he'd get was twenty years. That would put him out at fifty-six years old. Way too young and able-bodied still.

No, he needed the death penalty, life in prison, or at least a sentence that didn't spit him out until he was ninety and not able to move. They had to find something more on him. They needed to find the other girls that had gone missing.

I'd missed two weeks of classes, pretending to be sick, but my girl caught on and sent me on my way today. It was driving me nuts to be away from her. I knew she had Chuck, but I wanted to be there for her as well. Chuck was old…well, older, and I didn't know how big this Phil guy was. Chuck did take to wearing his gun at all times. That was the only reason I was able to leave the house at all.

I was feeling sick to my stomach. I knew something was wrong. Midway through my last lecture, I leaped out of my seat, unable to take it anymore, and just ran to my car. I didn't know what it was, but I had to get home to my girl and fast. I ran straight through those red light cameras, sure I'd receive about five tickets, but I didn't give a fuck. I had to get to my girl. I could feel it in my bones, something was very wrong.

I entered the code to open the gate and tried to convince myself that no one could get in here. They didn't know the code.

Nothing looked suspicious outside of my house. Chuck hadn't dragged the trash cans in like he'd said he would, but those cans didn't keep my attention. I was too focused on getting in the house.

When I first entered, I thought everything was okay. Chuck appeared to be sleeping on the couch, but then I heard some scuffling. I shook his shoulder as I walked past him, "Get up, something's wrong."

He moaned for a second then jumped to his feet. I was already down the hall.

"Please, don't hurt my baby!" Bella cried.

I grabbed the arm of the ass I assumed was Phil and ripped him off of her. The pussy wracked my balls and got the upper hand on me. He went flying off of me moments later, and the pop of a gun sounded twice.

I was covered in blood, but I didn't feel the burn or sting of a bullet so I could only assume it was Phil's.

I looked over at Bella. Chuck had her in his arms, rubbing her back and promising her she was safe. When he dropped his hand to cover the one she had on her stomach, her words from earlier rang in my ears, "Don't hurt my baby."

"Are you alright? He didn't hit you in the stomach or anything, did he?" he asked her.

"No, no, we're fine."

Did Chuck know she was pregnant?

Phil came to from being knocked back by the shots and started screaming.

"Do we wait until he bleeds out or call for help?" I asked.

"He'll bleed out by the time help gets here. Go ahead and call."

I made the call, feeling numb and lost. The paramedics confused it for shock because of the situation. I had yet to go to my girl. Chuck had her and she didn't seem to mind being with him instead of me. What shocked the hell out of me was when the cops arrived and started to take Chuck in.

"No, no, he's not the bad guy!" Bella cried.

"Ma'am, he shot the intruder using excessive force. Mr. Dwyer is pressing charges against him."

"But he was in our house!" I cut in.

"He wasn't armed. In the state of Arizona, you aren't allowed to attack an intruder with more force than what they can defend themselves with."

"Who the hell made up that dumb ass law?"

The cop shook his head. "I don't like it any more than you, but I have to enforce it. Mr. Swan will be assigned a public defender." He looked left and right, "I'll make sure he gets the best."

A paramedic came up to me next, "We're going to take your fiancée in to be checked out. Since she has a history of miscarriage, we don't want to risk the stress of the situation causing another one."

I just nodded dumbly, not sure how to answer that. He let me know she would be at Banner, which I assumed was a local hospital. I looked toward the cop car with Chuck in the back.

"You should probably get his lawyer in order. Your fiancée will most likely be fine."

I glanced over at her sitting in the back of the ambulance and when our eyes met, she quickly looked away. "Yeah, I'll go with her dad down to the station."

I didn't know what I was doing. I just knew that I ended up at the police station Chuck was supposed to be at. I walked in, ready to bail him out because I wanted to ask him what the fuck was going on. Instead, I was met by some guy, Whitlock. "I'm Mr. Swan's attorney. If you could please come with me, I need to get the best version of the story possible. The more details you can give me, the better. We need to find something to get his sentence reduced to hopefully just parole."

I looked at him like he was nuts. "He was defending his daughter. He was in our house as a guest. That should be enough to get him off."

"We just have to convince the judge of that. The fact that Mr. Dwyer is his ex-wife's husband isn't going to help matters."

"This is bullshit."

"I know, I'm right there with you, but the law is what it is and you can bet Dwyer's gonna milk it for all he's got. We'll be lucky if we don't get stuck with all of his medical bills as well."

"You've got to be fucking kidding me. He's a goddamn serial rapist and killer. The Feds have been tailing him. They're the ones that gave us the heads up on him when he disappeared. Why else would Chuck be wearing his gun around the house?"

Whitlock got a wide grin, "He's part of a Federal investigation?"

"Yes," I confirmed hoping this would help us out.

"I need your contact's information. If I can prove this case needs to be handled by a federal court and not the state, then he could get off."

I quickly relayed Lenny and his cousin, Agent Brandon's, information to him. Whitlock was quick to disappear back into his office once he had it.

I decided to check on Bella. I was still pissed off, but I wanted to make sure she was alright. I remembered the last time she had miscarried, they were worried she would hemorrhage, and as angry as I was at her, I didn't want to lose her.

The whole drive there, worse-case scenarios were running through my head. I was glad when I finally was led to her room and saw she was fine. Well, as fine as she could be. She had her knees tucked up under her chin and her face was covered by her folded arms.

"Hey." I didn't know what to say to her. I was still livid. She knew I didn't want a kid right now, she fucking knew. We had talked about it and discussed when it would be appropriate for her to get pregnant and it sure as hell wasn't right now.

She looked up at me warily and she had every right to be. She knew I was pissed.

"Why are you pregnant?" I nearly growled out at her. She didn't answer. "You're on fucking birth control, Bella. We didn't fuck until it was working. You shouldn't be pregnant. We talked about this! I'm fucking nineteen! What the hell were you thinking?"

She just hid her face in her knees and started sobbing.

"Quit your crying and start talking now!" I demanded. "You tell me why the fuck you're pregnant when we decided that it wasn't gonna happen until I was done with college. I'm a fucking freshman, damn it!"

She sobbed harder and I was on the verge of grabbing her shoulders to make her look at me, but I knew it was best if I didn't touch her right now. I paced, trying to settle myself down. My brain started to function again, giving me some hope. I knew she had a history of miscarriages, so maybe she had lost the baby or was going to. "Did you miscarry, is that why you're crying?"

She shook her head no.

"Are you going to? You said you always do. Do you think it'll happen this time?" I felt like an ass for hoping for this, but I'd take care of her through it and we would have kids later when we were both ready.

She didn't answer me. She didn't even try and look at me. Maybe she was upset that she was losing or would lose the baby.

I sat down on the bed next to her, "Please, Bella, you've got to tell me something." I finally gave in and pulled her into my arms, because no matter what, I loved my girl and I hated seeing her hurting like this. I kissed the top of her head while she gripped my shirt, holding on to me for dear life. I was glad the cops had taken my messy one in for evidence so she was holding on to something clean.

There was a light knock and I called for them to come in.

"Hi, you must be the daddy. I'm just going to do a quick ultrasound since Ms. Swan isn't sure of her dates."

"She's miscarried in the past," I mentioned hoping that he'd let me know if it would happen again.

I climbed off the bed and Bella stretched out. I took a closer look at her stomach, hoping to see something different. I didn't really see anything. That was, until the doctor started feeling around her gut and he pressed down around the outline of something that was definitely there. "Nothing tender?" he asked and she shook her head no.

He turned on the machine he had brought in and put it on her bare stomach. It was making a loud whooshing noise. He was smiling and my girl was crying.

"I'm going to go ahead and take a few measurements, but so far you look to be about sixteen weeks and four days."

"About? That's pretty damn specific."

The doctor smiled and shrugged. "We always say about, but the risk of miscarriage is minimal at this point."

We all sat in silence as he went about clicking on the little image on the screen. It definitely looked like a little person. It was kicking and dancing around, trying to get away from the doctor. It made me smile that the bastard had to chase after it.

"Do you want to know the sex of your baby?" he asked Bella. She nodded yes. I didn't think they would be able to tell this early. "You're having a boy."

Fuck, a boy, a kicking, dancing boy. He had my attitude already.

Bella looked up at me nervously. I just took a deep breath and nodded. She could have her boy if that was what she wanted. We'd figure it out. We'd have to for our boy.