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AZ Law: Several people have asked if that was really the law in AZ. It is real, that's the law. I grew up there, and I always thought it was stupid that homeowners were punished for defending what was theirs while the bad guys were treated like the victims. This was my way of making a point. I live in Texas now, and I love that I can take out a bad guy however I need to without question if he comes into my house. That's the way it should be.

Chapter 21 – Granny's Got Balls

Bella did send off that thank-you card to my grandmother. It started a whole avalanche of other notes, cards and letters. My grandmother actually had quite a few pictures of me as a baby and sent them to us. She also started sending blue stuff. Bella had told her we were having a boy, and so there was something blue in the mail almost every day. She would order the stuff online and have it shipped directly to our house.

Bella had taken to calling my grandmother regularly and talking with her over the phone. It bugged the hell out of me, because I was worried that my grandfather would answer or interrupt them and be an ass. My grandmother had better be keeping his ass in check, because if she didn't, I'd go beat his ass and let him get in a few hits with a golf club or something so he'd be the one sent to jail. I still thought that law was fucked up. It'd work out for me, though, if I wanted to hang his ass.

Bella was getting bigger fast. I would swear I could literally see her belly growing. She wasn't fat by any means, just very round in the front. She really looked like she had a ball under her shirt. The baby was moving around a lot more, and I found myself setting my hand on her stomach during my classes and not paying attention, thank god she was.

When we made it home, Bella seemed to be more quiet than usual. I finally got tired of her silence and snapped, "Just tell me what the fuck is going on. I hate playing the damn guessing game. Are you mad at me?"

She looked at me nervously, "No, I'm just worried about how you'll act."

"How I'll act? What the hell does that mean?" Did she think I'd be a shit for a father, too?

"I invited someone over to have lunch with us."


"Yes, lunch."

"When the hell did you do this? I'm with you all the time. I didn't see you talking to anyone."

"It's your grandmother."

"My…no! Fuck no, she was the reason that bastard showed up here. How can you even talk to her? She's the reason Chuck's in jail. Don't you realize this is all her fault? That bitch isn't stepping foot in my house!"

"Edward, please..."

"No, not happening. I don't trust her not to pull some shit. She could still be in contact with your mom, baby. There's no way I'm letting her in my house."

"She's not in contact with Renee!" she growled.

"You don't…"

"Yes, I do! She apologized profusely, crying to me over the phone, Edward. She knows what really happened. I told her about the Federal investigation."

"You told her? How could you do that? What if she tells Phil and Renee? It'll compromise everything!"

"I gave her Agent Newton's number. She wanted to tell them how she found them, hoping it'd help. She wanted to help, Edward."

I shook my head at her. "You're so blind. She was just trying to cover her tracks. She isn't helping. She's verifying your story. My family is shit, Bella. I want you to stay the hell away from them."

"So what if she's verifying my story? Maybe it'll get your grandfather off her back!"

I was shocked that she knew what an ass he was. I thought my grandmother would have had enough sense to keep his being an asshole hidden from her. "Did he say something to you?"

"No, Edward. Did you not think I knew? Hell, we know our men hate each other and their respective women. We're not stupid. She's coming for lunch, and I expect you to be nice, or I'll just go out with her somewhere. I figured you wouldn't like that."

"You're not going anywhere without me." She knew better than to even ask.

She took a deep breath and nodded, "I know that's how you feel, and when I explained it to your grandmother, she was alright with coming here and risking you being a jerk to her."

"Well, then she'll get what she's expecting."

"Stop it right now! I swear, Edward, you're being ridiculous!"

I would have cussed her out, putting her in her place, but her hand went to her stomach, and she leaned on the counter for help to stay upright. I was at her side instantly. I was surprised when she swatted me away. "What's going on? Are you okay?"

"It's a contraction."

"Contraction…isn't it too early for that? You get those when he wants to come out, don't you?"

She nodded, but stopped my freaking out. "The doctor said my body would start to practice. I'll have one every now and again. Apparently, when your being an asshole!" she snapped, pushing herself to stand upright. "She coming here, Edward, and you will be cordial or I'll go out to lunch with her and leave your ass here!"

"No, you're not."

"I stay here and put up with your shit because I know that's what you need, but I can leave whenever the hell I want!"


She got right up in my face, "I can, and I will if you don't stop it."

Then I realized she had nowhere to go. "Where would you go?" I asked smugly.

"I disappeared before, Edward. Do you really think I can't do it again?" she taunted.

She'd better not even consider it! "No, you can't…"

"Five year, Edward, five long years, and they only found me because of your family. I've done it before, I can do it again. I'm a damn expert as staying hidden. Don't test me, because you won't like how it ends."

I grabbed her arm, ready to lock her up, but her belly bumped into me, and my son kicked hard. She flinched and her hands went to him, tears springing to her eyes, as if she was afraid I'd hurt them. God, I was being such an ass. "Don't start shit with me," I released her and stormed out of the room. Fuck, how was I going to lock her up and keep her safe with me at the same damn time?

It was a few minutes later that she came in looking sad. "Please, Edward, I have no one to talk to about this," she rubbed her belly.

"You've got me."

She let out a huff, "You're not a woman."

"You don't need a woman."

"You've never been pregnant, Edward. I need a woman, I need a mother, and I don't have one," she burst into tears.

Fuck, this was gonna get messy. I tried to think of a woman that would talk to her about whatever she needed. I didn't understand why she needed a female, least of all, why she needed my grandmother of all people.

"Let her have lunch with me. You don't even have to come out of our room. I need this. You've always given me what I needed. You need to give me this," she begged.

Maybe if I stayed in my room and listened in on them, I could point out my grandmother's bullshit when she left, and then Bella would drop this whole seeing my grandmother thing. "Fine."

She lit up, jumping into my arms and kissing me all over my face. She suddenly got distracted by my lips and went after them with vigor. Hell yeah, my fingers were in her pussy in seconds, loving how those pregnancy stretch pants always gave me room to get into them. Lately she'd get all hot and bothered and beg to suck my dick. I had no idea why, but I wasn't gonna stop her. After a good dick sucking and taking her from behind, I was feeling cordial enough to deal with my grandmother for lunch. She sure as hell had better not say any shit or she would be out the door.

When the doorbell rang, I remembered that my grandmother had the code to the gate, and I had no warning. Bella rushed to the door, but I stopped her, looking through the peephole before I opened it, and then when I did, I looked past my grandmother to make sure there was no one around. She stood waiting patiently, but with a large smile. I looked back at my girl and saw she was bouncing on her feet with excitement. I opened the door to let the hag in. She'd better be nice.

She pulled Bella in for a tight hug, and my girl seemed to grip her harder. "You look wonderful, dear. You're doing such a good job of growing my great-grandson." Bella pulled back, rubbing her belly.

"Thank you, Margaret. I'm so glad you could make it."

"Yes, well, I understood your Edward's hesitation, and I can take this grump just fine. I've been taking mine's for forty years now. He's no sweat off my back," she gave me a cheeky grin. "Edward, dear, I brought some things for the baby, could you help me get them from the car? I had your grandfather help me put them in, and I don't want your Bella hurting herself trying to help get them out."

"I find it hard to believe he'd help you with anything that had to do with us."

"Please, he may grumble and act like he owns the place, but he'd be a mess if I walked out on him, in more ways than one. He knows not to cross me."

I had to chuckle, my grandma was a spitfire. Maybe that was where I'd gotten it from. She had a large SUV with the seats folded down. There was a crib box and a bassinet, along with a couple of bags of bedding.

"I didn't think you'd like having these shipped, as they'd most likely have wanted to bring them into the house for you, and I know that isn't acceptable." She gave Bella's hand a squeeze. "Have you spoken with Agent Newton lately?"

"Yes, we have. They've done ultrasounds on some graves, finding three bodies so far. They're just waiting on the paperwork to exhume them," I answered her and glanced back at Bella. I knew she'd overheard the conversation, but she'd never said a word about it.

"Oh, my heavens," my grandmother pulled Bella tight into her arms.

"We knew he was a killer," I pointed out, wondering if she had checked in with Agent Newton at all.

"Agent Newton hadn't said that, just that he's being charged with attacking a little girl. But they think he's hurt and killed three other girls, too?" She seemed shocked by the number.

"They actually think the number could be as high as fifteen. The three bodies they found are just the tip of the iceberg. He's a serial killer."

Judging by the way she reacted, I was guessing Agent Newton really hadn't told her anything.

"Oh, my Lord!"

"Now you see why it was so important to keep her hidden from him?"

"My dear, oh, my dear," she was hugging Bella, and my Bella had her face in my grandmother's shoulder. I could tell she was crying. "I'm so sorry, my dear sweet child."

Bella surprised us both by pulling back with a watery smile and chuckled. "You couldn't have known that my stepfather was a serial killer. That's the stuff of movie plots, not real life."

My grandmother cupped Bella's cheeks. "You know I'm here, whatever you need. Even if Edward is being a grump, I'll still find a way to help you," she nodded to me with a smirk.

"Thank you, Margaret. That really means a lot to me."

"Well, you said she was coming for lunch, so let's eat," I pushed. I was getting hungry after unloading the car.

I had thought at first that she would have given Phil and Renee the gate code, but she didn't give it to Chuck. I outright asked her if she had, because they needed to know if there were others involved in getting Phil in. She swore absolutely not. "No offense, dear, but your family is a little on the undesirable and underpaid side. Even if they're good people, they can be tempted," she patted Bella's hand.

Yup, that sounded about their speed. I honestly was surprised when Bella didn't seem offended, being so extra-emotional. I thought she'd throw down with grams. Instead, she just giggled, "Undesirable maybe, but there isn't anything of real value here."

"That's going to change if I have any say in it. My great-grandson will be spoiled. It's been so long since I've had a baby to play with. They don't have any around Sun City, you know, since it's strictly a retirement community. It's just a bunch of old fogies socializing, which is great most of the time, but not if you like to cuddle little ones. Tell me, do you plan on having more?"

"More? I don't know what to do with this one!" I nearly shouted, pointing to Bella's belly. That was a bad idea, though. She burst into tears. "Ah, shit, baby, I didn't mean never. Maybe if I get the hang of it, we could have another, but not 'til I graduate. You know this one wasn't planned."

"But it's a happy accident," my grandmother said wrapping her arm around Bella. Thank god she could settle her down. Maybe there was something to having a woman around for my girl after all.

My grandmother was surprisingly nice, she was officially off the fuck-you card list. We all ate together, and then we went into the room that had been deemed the nursery and started setting things up. We had a lot more stuff than I thought we would need, but the women kept chatting about getting more.

My grandmother left a few hours later with a promise to come again. I was cool with it, too. Bella seemed happy with her here, and they got on good. I didn't see my grandma visiting as a problem, as long as my asshole of a grandfather stayed far away. From the sound of it, though, my grandma had gramps by the balls and knew how to twist. Pussy.