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Chapter 22 – Screaming

The nursery was all set up. I was thinking of putting my grandmother on the fuck you list again, because she'd bought a crib that was supposed to grow with the baby, and it came with instructions to make it into three different beds. I was ready to throw the fucker out the window. Bella loved it, called it something like a sleigh bed, but I didn't see it. I saw fucking heavy wood that I had to fuck around with by myself because my girl couldn't lift heavy shit. I definitely got a workout putting that shit together. The bassinet that now sat next to our bed was a hell of a lot easier, thank god. I was nervous about having a baby in our room. I mean you couldn't really fuck, scream, and talk dirty with a baby in there.

The more I got to know my grandmother, the more I wondered why my father was so fucked up. I'd only ever met my mother's parents twice. I just assumed that my grandparents on both sides had sticks up their asses. My dad's dad definitely did, but it didn't seem to faze Bella that he wanted nothing to do with us.

"Hey, honey, Margaret registered us for some Lamaze classes."

"What that hell are you talking about?"

"It's supposed to help when I have the baby and teach us some baby care basics."

I didn't have any baby knowledge. I figured learning some basics wouldn't hurt. We met Margaret at the hospital. I guess Bella was supposed to have a backup partner if I freaked out. I couldn't guarantee that I wouldn't, but I wasn't going to admit that.

After the class, I was definitely freaked out. They showed videos that made me want to burn my eyes out of my head. I'd never be able to look at porn again. I was glad my grandma was going to be there, because there was no fucking way I'd be anywhere near that. I still went through the breathing stuff, and after a few more classes, I felt like an expert. They taught me how to rub my girl down, and when I practiced at home, she got horny as fuck, or should I say, to fuck, and was all over me. There definitely was an upside to this.

Agent Newton called me, letting me know that they had found five more bodies. They'd exhumed the first three so far, but because they had been in unprotected graves for nearly a decade, they weren't giving up much in the way of linking them to Phil.

I asked if they'd found out how Phil had gotten through the gate, and he said they had a lead, but they couldn't tell us for sure yet. It was driving me nuts that they were keeping a tight lid on that shit. They were keeping it quiet because they were making sure he'd acted alone. Until they were positive, they wouldn't tell me a damn thing. I had half a mind to move. My girl had told me she knew how to disappear; I was thinking maybe we should.

I looked over at her sleeping form. I had a feeling she wouldn't want to move until after the baby was born. She had taken forever to find a doctor once she was sure she wouldn't lose the baby. She'd definitely give me shit if I made her do it again.

The trial with the little girl wasn't going well. She was considered a hostile witness and continued to insist that he loved her. It was established that she wasn't a virgin, but she refused to admit it was Phil that took her virginity. In fact, she had named three different guys, including Justin Beiber. She was seriously off her rocker, and it was obvious to everyone that she was lying. Once Bella heard about how the trial was going, she wanted to go down there and talk some sense into the stupid little girl. I wasn't letting her anywhere near that courtroom or that shithead.

We nearly jumped out of our skin when the doorbell rang. Grandma Margaret was with us. No one else would have had the code except my gramps, and he's too much of an ass to make the drive. I grabbed my gun, willing to do time for murder if it meant I could kill Phil myself.

I kicked the door open, my gun pointed right at the person in front of me, who easily popped it out of my hands like the practiced professional he was. "Agent Newton."

"Hey, Edward, little tip, don't stand so close that they can grab the gun from you or divert your shot."

"Nice try, though," the familiar voice of Chuck said from the side just out of view. My girl was knocking me aside and in her father's arms instantly. I watched as he fought back tears and worried that he was hugging my girl too tight. I didn't want him popping that water or whatever and have the baby fall out on the porch.

I waved them in, and I introduced my grams to Chuck. She brought in drinks for everyone as we all settled into the living room. I didn't like that my girl was sitting next to her dad and not me. I'd have to address that later.

"We had a break in the case, and I was able to spring your dad from the state prison."

"A break?" we all asked eagerly.

"Yeah, we thought Phil had gotten a little sloppy, until we found a note in the back pocket of his latest victim. I guess she wanted to be sure he wouldn't leave her, and so she'd compromised several of the condoms. She was pregnant. In the note, she was apologizing and asking him to run away with her. She was tired of meeting in their spot. She didn't like to visit the Carters. We weren't sure what that meant, but as I was walking back from the site she was exhumed from, I noticed the name Carter on a large family tomb. I'm guessing inside there was where it all happened. We have forensics in there with black lights now looking for DNA evidence."

"Oh, my Lord," grams cried. I didn't realize she was standing next to me until she squeezed my shoulder, I guess for comfort or support, I had no freaking clue.

"Once we get the DNA from the fetus, we'll be able to convict him. We just need to find a way to keep him from denying the murder. We definitely have him on rape. The girl didn't look to be more than fourteen. Forensics will be able to tell for sure once they're able to match her to a missing girl. There were three that year. We suspect her to be named Cecilia Bradley. We're just waiting on the dental records to be sure."

Bella ran to the powder room. She was losing her lunch, and I didn't blame her. Phil was a sick fuck.

I got her settled, and when we stepped out of the powder room, her dad was standing in the hall looking worried. "Is she gonna be alright?"

"Yeah," I pulled her closer to me. She was mine to take care of.

"I need to change." She moved to go down the hall, and I followed her.

I shut our bedroom door so no one could follow us. She started kicking off her sweatpants and headed for the shower. I stripped and jumped in behind her. I wrapped my hands under her belly, holding it up. Her face was turned into my neck. "I've got you, baby."

I turned the water down. She had it on boiling hot again. I didn't want her hurting herself or the baby. She was full-out sobbing moments later. I was trying my best to settler her down, but nothing was working. She suddenly grabbed my shoulder and screamed into my chest. Her other hand was on her stomach, and I knew instantly something was wrong.

I carried her out of the shower to our bed and was wrapping her in the blanket to dry her off, not taking time for a towel, as I dug for clothes. I had just thrown on my boxers and was working her panties up her legs when the door opened. My grandma saw the panicked look on my face and hurried to Bella like we weren't naked. "Get her dressed quickly," my grams snapped me out of my shock. I was hoping she would tell me Bella was okay, not to get my ass moving. She was next to my girl with her arm wrapped around her. They were talking, but I was too panicked to listen. I brought more clothes, setting them next to Bella, while I threw on mine. Grams helped her dress and then told me to carry her to the car. I nearly sprinted with her out the door.

Once we got to the hospital, I wanted to deck a fucker for taking so long. The doctor was smiling when he came in. My grams must have picked up on my vibe, because she put her hand on my chest, holding me back.

She started telling the doctor some shit about shock and high blood pressure and cramping. I was starting to freak out, because I didn't know what the hell was going on. Bella reached out, grabbing my hand, pulling me to her side. She kissed my knuckles, ignoring the doctor as he moved up her gown, pulling out the ultrasound machine. He pulled up the picture of our little man, and I dropped my head to her shoulder in relief. He looked fine. He was just kicking around, and every time he did, the other machine they had her hooked up to would make a mountain-looking thing.

"You're at thirty-seven weeks and three days. The choice is yours; we can stop labor or see how this plays out," the doctor said.

"Plays out? Plays out!" I nearly shouted.

"Edward," grams snapped, "She's fine. She's just in labor. She's having regular contractions. It's up to her to stop the labor or to try and have the baby tonight."

I looked to Bella and back to grams, and then at the doctor. I moved back next to my girl, pulling her into my arms as best I could with her sitting in the bed. I was so scared for her, and it sounded like they were telling me that she was okay, but I needed to hear it from her. I kissed her forehead, trying to pull myself together enough not to cry like a pussy. I didn't realize how scared I was before. I didn't like seeing her in pain.

She knew just what I needed. "I'm fine, baby." She pulled me to her lips to kiss her. "I think I want to try and have this baby."

My hand dropped to her belly, "Right now?"

She giggled a little, "Well, hopefully today sometime."

"The crib is set up."

"I know. You have everything ready for our baby."

"So, you'll be staying?" the doctor asked and I about punched him again for interrupting our conversation.

"Yes, I think so. He's a good weight, isn't he?"

The doctor looked at her chart on the computer, "He's a good size. Your regular doctor was going to suggest inducing you at your appointment tomorrow. I'll let her know you're here."

"If she's here, then what the hell are you doing here?" I shouted. I didn't like this asshole poking around my girl.

"She's delivering another baby. Since this was considered an emergency, I was called over to check out Ms. Swan."

I wanted to punch the fucker or someone. I needed to hit something. I felt Bella take my hand, holding me in place as the doctor walked out of the room. I let go of her and started pacing back and forth, trying to figure how the hell I'd gotten into this mess. Even after all the ultrasounds, belly kicks, and baby stuff, I still didn't fully believe that we were having a baby. It seemed so unbelievable. It didn't make sense, and I wasn't ready to be a father. I didn't understand how this had happened. I had been careful. She was on the pill. I couldn't do this. I couldn't be a dad. How the hell did this happen? I didn't realize it, but I had yelled the last bit at her.

She didn't answer, but I was tired of her not answering me. Anytime I attempted to talk to her about her birth control not working, she would brush it off, and if I pushed it, she'd start crying or pissing me off so I'd want to lay hands on her, so I'd have to leave her alone. No matter what, I didn't want to hurt her.

I repeated myself, "Tell me, Bella, how the hell did this happen? I can't be a dad. Fuck, I hate mine and my grandfather. What the hell am I supposed to do with this kid? You know I can't do this. Why the hell did you end up pregnant? What did you do?"

She just looked down which pissed me off, and I stormed toward her. "Fucking tell me how the hell you ended up pregnant!"

"You know how."

"Not the fucking. I know I fuck you into oblivion. You were on birth control! How the fuck did that kid get in there!" I shouted, pointing at her belly.

She flinched and gripped the side of the bed.

"Edward, now is not the time," my grams started, but I pushed past her.

"It's never the fucking time. Well, I say now is the time. I get why you didn't tell me you were pregnant. I get that. What I don't get is how the hell it happened in the first place. I fucking held back for a damn month! You knew I didn't want a damn kid right now!"

"Edward, you need to settle down. I know you're scared to be a father, but you can do this."

I looked at my grams like she was nuts.

I turned my focus back to my girl. She was gripping the side of the bed again, trying to catch her breath.

"I can't do this," I whispered. "I can't be here if you can't tell me what was really going on in that head of yours."

Tears started running down her face. Her and her damn tears, I knew I wasn't going to get any answers from her. I went to the door, ready to leave, when I heard her.

"I'm sorry. I didn't mean for it to happen."

I looked back at her, hoping for a real answer.

She was taking in some deep breaths, and grams was counting through them, reminding me that Bella was in labor. I didn't move any closer. I expected real answers, not just this half-assed one.

She pulled herself together, meeting my gaze. "I'd missed a pill. Two, actually, I didn't realize it was two at the time. We'd had sex for nine months before and I never got pregnant."

"You were pregnant when I took you!" I snapped. She looked away. "You did this on purpose!" I shouted at her, and grams was back in my face. I was ready to throw her into a wall if she didn't move.

"It wasn't on purpose," Bella answered back. "I knew you wouldn't touch me if you knew I'd missed a pill. It's not as serious as you'd think. I was worried you wouldn't want me, or you'd take over my damn schedule, making sure I took my pills on time."

"You're damn right I would!"

"Oh, fuck off!" She didn't cuss often out of the bedroom, so I was a little surprised when she did and went straight to gripping the side of the bed again. Once she was through the contraction, she went back to yelling, "You stupid son of a bitch! I needed something!"

"So you got a kid?"

"No, you dumb ass. You'd taken control of everything in my life, right down to the food I ate."

"You were skinny."

"Those pills were the one thing you let me do myself."

"That was obviously a mistake."

"It was two pills, Edward, two damn pills, and one was because I left my purse in your car. You were at school all damn day, leaving me locked up and stranded at home alone. What the fuck was I supposed to do? You would've had a shit fit if I went to get them or even called you to ask, because I wasn't supposed to have a fucking phone! I didn't do it on purpose!"

"What about the other pill?"

"I got sick not long after I took it. It was the day of the attack. I'd been trying to help clean out the rats. It was disgusting. I puked. I hadn't realized I'd lost my pill until the doctor mentioned it, after I was already pregnant. He said it probably would've been fine if it was just one pill, I knew that, but it was two in the same damn week," she snapped. Her anger was interrupted by another contraction.

Grams cut in front of me. "You've got your answer, now you either settle down or get out. I won't have you upsetting her anymore."

I turned away, punching the cabinet next to me. Fuck, that hurt, and it didn't do anything to settle me down. I was scared as fuck to become a father. I couldn't do this. I was ready to run out of the room, when my girl burst into tears.

"Edward, please," she begged, one hand reached out to me, "Please, I need you." Her contraction hit again, and I could tell not only was she upset, but she was in so much pain. I was at her side instantly, pulling her into my arms. She had a death grip on my shirt as she cried out. I didn't like that she was in so much pain. I knew they had stuff to stop it. I didn't know why they weren't in here giving it to her.

"I'll get you something for the pain." I went to move her, but she just pulled me back.

"No, please don't leave."

I looked to my grams for help. She went for the door, and I knew she would do something to stop my girl's pain. I wrapped my arms tighter around her, holding her to me. Her big belly seemed to have suddenly shrunk and was a tight ball, only three quarters of the size it was before. She was still crying and gasping for breath. I was ready to kick someone's ass for not moving faster, when my girl went limp in my arms. Shit, I'd never forgive myself if I lost her. I screamed for help, too scared to leave her. Where the hell were they? I couldn't lose her. I'd kill the damn doctor if he didn't get here in time.

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As for Bella in this story: the high doses of birth control they give women now a day takes time to work its way out of your system. She knew missing one pill was probably okay, it is missing the second that messed shit up. She didn't realize she lost the second pill until the doctor had asked her if she had been sick while taking her birth control, vomiting and diarrhea can compromise your birth control. Keep that in mind next time you get sick.

She did not get pregnant on purpose like some people thought. She didn't want to get pregnant because she didn't want to go through another miscarriage. That was also why she didn't tell Edward and he knows and accepts that she didn't tell him because she was sure she'd lose the baby and didn't need to upset him. What we don't know, was that she continued to take her birth control even after she suspected she was pregnant, because she wanted to make sure it was still in effect after she lost the baby. She did not plan to get pregnant or stay pregnant.