Ch. 1

"Enter Mason Cohen. Tonight he plans to do absolutely nothing for the third night in a row. Perhaps he is going for a record…" Mark Cohen narrated as he moved his camera around his son, Mason, who was sitting on the old red couch in the center of the loft, watching TV. The loft had remained basically unchanged for almost twenty years.

"Put that down, dad!" Mason said as he threw a pillow in Mark's direction. Mark swiftly dodged it and laughed. Mason groaned in frustration. His father never ceased to annoy him by constantly waving that camera in his face. No matter what he was doing, that camera was always on.

In his seventeen years of living with his father Mason had learned to put up with it. Though sometimes, like now, he wished that his father would learn when he wasn't wanted.

Mark put his camera down on the table. "But seriously Mason, shouldn't you go out or something? Everyone else found something to do tonight." By everyone else, he meant the four other people, besides Mason and himself, that lived in the old loft. Roger and his daughter and Collins and his son. Collins had moved back in with them a year after Angel died.

"I'm just tired dad. I don't think it's a problem." Mason said, still not taking his eyes off of the TV. Mark sometimes wondered what came over his son. Most days he was perfectly happy and would be out of the house almost all day but sometimes he would just fall into a mood and completely isolate himself. Mark often wondered if it was his fault, that he wasn't a good enough parent. He wondered if Mason needed a mother figure in his life. Mason's mother had died when he was only a few months old. Mark could hardly stand thinking about it without feeling depressed himself.

Her name was Laura. She was a waitress at the Life Café when Mark had met her. They both instantly hit it off and were married within two years. Mark thought that she was perfect. She had dark hair and brown eyes and she was beautiful. She was a painter and had immediately fit in with the other bohemians in the group. She became pregnant with Mason and moved in with Mark, Roger and Collins. Mason was born and the family adjusted to the first little bohemian.

But when Mason was five months old tragedy struck the family. On her way back from work Laura was hit by a car and killed. It completely devastated Mark. He didn't know what he would have done if he hadn't had his son. Since then he had done everything he could to give his son the best life possible.

It was hard sometimes. The lack of money for the entire family had always been a struggle. They got by on the little that Mark made from selling his films and what was left over from Roger's huge success. His song, 'Your Eyes' had been and over night hit and had sold enough to give the family stability for quite a while. Joanne also contributed. Her career as a lawyer was probably the most stable of anyone and therefore she was able to help the family the most.

Everyone said that Mason looked like Mark. Though Mason was a bit taller, they both had the same strawberry blond hair and almost all of their features were the same. But little things about him reminded Mark of Laura, his eyes being the biggest. The large brown eyes that Mark had fallen in love with in his wife were almost exactly copied onto her son's face.

Another similarity to his mother was Mason's love of art. Laura had been an amazing painter and although Mason wasn't nearly a painter by any standards, he had an eye for photography. His camera was almost always at his side, something that everyone thought he gained from his father. Though Mason had tried to create films once, they hadn't nearly been as effective as his father's were. But his photography really spoke to people. He had an amazing natural ability to make people feel any emotion he wanted them to with a single picture.

"Fine." Mark said, defeated. "But tomorrow try to get out?" he pleaded. "Go do something with Liam and May." He suggested, referring to Roger's daughter and Collins' son who lived with them. The three of them were like actual siblings, maybe even closer. They had grown up in the same house their entire lives. On normal evenings the three of them would go do something together. The only times they didn't was when Mason was in one of his moods, which seemed to be getting less and less often, to Mark's pleasure.

"Speaking of those two," Mark continued "where are they tonight? It's getting late." Before Mason had a chance to answer, as if on cue, May and Liam walked through the door.

"Sorry we're late." exclaimed Liam as he kicked off his shoes. "May here thought it was absolutely necessary to spend extra time at the Life Café flirting with the waiter."

"I was not flirting!" May yelled back at him, hitting him teasingly on the shoulder. "We were just talking! I knew him from school when he was a senior and I was a freshman and that's it!"

"Oh sure that's it!" Liam replied, mockingly batting his eyes flirtatiously.

"God, you two can act like such children!" Mark said, stifling a laugh. "Hey May you better not let your dad here about this, you know how he can get." He said, half teasingly but half serious. They all new that Roger could get a little protective of his daughter.

"Yeah so you better shut up!" May told Liam as she threw a pillow at him. Liam caught it just as it was about to hit his head and proceeded to run back over to May and hit her repeatedly on the head and shoulders with it. May screeched and picked up another pillow and began to hit Liam with it. The two were fully consumed in their mock fight when the door opened.

"Whoa! What is going on in here?" exclaimed Collins as he walked in with Roger. He went over to the kitchen to put down the grocery bags he was holding. The two teenagers were still beating each other with the pillows when Collins walked over and scooped May up and threw her over his shoulder. She screamed as he walked across the room and set her down on the couch next to Mason. It was something that Collins had done to her since she was a little girl and he continued to do on occasions.

"You two are sixteen and seventeen!" he exclaimed. "What are you doing acting like five year olds?" he couldn't help but laugh at the sight of the two. They really were something. Of course their fight had only been play. They were all best friends and these things happened on an almost daily basis.

"Now, if you would please control yourselves. You are making Mason look like the sane one here!" Collins said with a laugh.

"Wow, thanks Uncle Collins." Mason said sarcastically, a small smile playing on his face. Liam walked over to the couch to put the pillow down.

"Hey, we missed you tonight." Liam said to Mason.

"You are coming with us tomorrow though, right?" May asked.

"Depends, what are you up to?" Mason questioned. He already knew that he wanted to go with them; he honestly didn't even care where they were going. He was tired of sitting in the house.

"We are going to go to Daphne and Liam's dance rehearsal and then go to the Life for some tea." May answered. Daphne was Joanne and Maureen's thirteen year old daughter. Her and Liam went to the same dance school. They were the two best dancers in the school and had rehearsals three nights a week. Mason and May would usually tag along and watch them and they would all go to the Life Café afterwards. They had been doing it for five years, since Daphne was six and started going to the same advanced dance school as Liam.

"Sounds great." Mason said. Mark looked over to his son gratefully. He was glad he was going to get out.

"Well," Roger said "I am going to bed." It was the first thing he had said since he got home. In fact, it was the only thing he had said in the house all day. He walked off to his room without another word.

"Goodnight dad." May said quietly. The door to Roger's room shut without a response. She lowered her head and rested it on her knees. Liam put his hand on her shoulder sympathetically.

"May, he…" Liam began to say. Before he could finish May stood up.

"I think I'm going to bed too." She said quietly. "Goodnight everyone." She walked off to her room and lightly shut the door. The room was silent.