AN: Ok, so I'm starting this one off in Pankot Palace because I'm too damn lazy to start from the beginning of the movie.

Meeting up with Eva - Pankot Palace – 1935

"Hello," Indiana Jones spoke as he, Short Round, and Willie Scott approached the main doors of Pankot Palace.

"I should say you look rather lost." An Indonesian man with glasses came out to meet them. "But then I cannot imagine where in the world the three of you would look at home."

"We're not lost. We're on our way to Delhi." Indiana said to him then pointed to Willie behind him. "This is Miss Scott." He put a hand on Shorty's shoulder. "This is Mister Round."

"Short Round." Shorty corrected.

"My name is Indiana Jones," he finished off.

"Doctor Jones, the eminent archaeologist?"

"Hard to believe isn't it?" Willie put in.

The man held his hand out to shake Indiana's. "Ah. I remember first hearing your name when I was up at Oxford. I'm Chattar Lal, Prime Minister to His Highness, the Maharaja of Pankot." He dropped Indiana's hand and took Willie's. "I'm enchanted."

"Enchanted. Thank you very much. Thank you very much," she smiles happily and shook his hand.

Lal patted Shorty's cheek gently. "Welcome to Pankot Palace."

Once inside Indiana and Shorty were given their own room. Shorty stood out on the terrace and looked with amazement at the sunset view.

"Shorty, where's my razor?" Indiana asked from the wash dish.

"I don't know Indy. I didn't pack your bag, you did. If Miss Eva were here she'd be able to tell you."

"Well she's not so would you help me look for it?" There was a knock on the door. "Never mind. Answer that will you?"

Shorty answered the door to find a palace servant. "Can I help you?"

"This for Doctor Jones. From Miss Evangeline," the servant said handing Shorty a leather case before leaving.

Shorty closed the door and placed the case by Indiana. "Hey, Doctor Jones, Miss Eva send this to you. I come just now."

Indiana looked at the case. "Is she here?"

Shorty shrugged. "Didn't say, just gave me case and leave."

Indiana sighed and continued cleaning himself up.

Later he and Shorty made their way to the dining area escorted by Lal, who spoke. "We are fortunate tonight to have so many unexpected visitors." He led Indiana over to a British Captain. "This is Captain…"

"…Blumburtt. 11th Poona Rifles." The Captain finished. "And you, sir, are Doctor Jones, I presume."

"I am, Captain," Indiana said shaking his hand.

"Captain Blumburtt and his troops are on a routine inspection tour. The British find it amusing to inspect us at their convenience," Lal explained to Indiana.

"I do hope, sir, that it's not, uh, inconvenient to you, uh… sir."

"The British worry so about their empire," Lal continued. "Makes us all feel like well-cared-for children."

Willie made her entrance nearby. Garbed extravagantly in pale gold she headed for Indiana who spoke. "Ah… you look beautiful."

"I think the maharaja is swimming in loot. Maybe it wasn't such a bad idea coming here after all," she whispered to him before turning to Lal. "Mister Lal, what do they call the maharaja's wife?"

"His Highness has not yet taken a wife," he replied.

"How Interesting. Well, uh, maybe it's because he hasn't found the right woman." She said hoping to continue the conversation.

Captain Blumburtt led Indiana away from the pair and they began speaking about the palace when Indiana heard Shorty talking to someone.

"Come on, Indy wants to see you. You been gone too long."

"Excuse me for just a moment will you?" Indiana excused himself to walk over to Shorty. "Short Round, who are…" he trailed off seeing his assistant, Eva Williams, garbed extravagantly in off white with silver accessories.

"Oh hell," she said as he stood there staring with his mouth open. She closed his mouth and rubbed his chin. "You're welcome."

"For what? Oh, the razor. Yeah, thanks, I think I forgot mine." He looked away and scratched the back of his head nervously.

Eva laughed lightly. "Yes, I figured that. You never could pack worth anything, so I brought your spare with me just in case we met up. And," she gestured to the room, "here we are."

"I missed you Miss, Eva," Shorty said hugging her waist.

"Missed you too, Shorty. Come on, boys, let's go take our places," she said leading the way over to the low table, taking the place next to Lal, Shorty and Willie next to her, Indiana across from Lal.

Lal stood in front of the table and spoke loudly for everyone to hear. "His Supreme Highness, guardian of Pankot tradition, the Maharaja of Pankot, Zalim Singh." He stepped aside and a young boy entered from the door behind him. The maharaja took his place at the head of the table and sat down, everyone else following his lead.

"That's the Maharaja? A kid?" Willie sounded a bit put off by this news.

"Maybe he like older women," Shorty put in.

"Actually the Maharaja doesn't think he will ever take a wife," Eva said to them. "He still thinks most girls are to inferior to him."

The prince merely yawned as the meal continued.

Indiana spoke to Lal. "Captain Blumburtt was just telling me something of the interesting history of the palace, and the importance it played in the mutiny."

Lal sighed. "It seems that the British never forget the Mutiny of1857."

"Yes," Eva chimed in, "well, you know, I think there are other events, before the mutiny, going back a century, back to the time of Clive, that are more interesting."

"And what events are those, Doctor Williams?" Lal sounded annoyed.

"Well, if memory serves me correctly," Indiana said interestingly, "this area, this province, was the center of activity for the Thuggee."

To Eva's left a snake on a plate was served in front of Willie. The man next to Willie liked pleasantly happy with the dish. "Ah, Snake… Surprise."

"What's the surprise?" she half whispered not really wanting to know. The snake stomach was cut down the middle and from it came eels squirming for freedom.

Eva flagged down a servant and spoke with him in the native tongue. The servant left and Eva spoke to the two. "Their native food might be a bit un-nerving for you two so they're going to bring you out simple salads. No dressing or anything, just veggies."

"I think I love you, Miss Eva," Shorty said thankfully as Willie just nodded gratefully.

"Doctor Jones, you know perfectly well the Thuggee cult has been dead for nearly a century," Lal continued.

"Yes, of course," Captain Blumburtt said poking at his drink. "The Thuggee was an obscenity that worshipped Kali with human sacrifices. The British Army nicely did away with them."

"Well I suppose stories of the Thuggee die hard." Indiana continued to push his luck on the subject.

"Indy," Eva hissed at him cautiously.

"There are no stories anymore," Lal said warningly.

"I'm not so sure. We came from a small village." Indiana continued to push. "The peasants there told us Pankot Palace was growing powerful again because of some ancient evil."

"Village stories, Doctor Jones. They're just fear and folklore." Lal explained. "You're beginning to worry Captain Blumburtt and Doctor Williams."

"I'm not worried, Prime Minister, just, uh…" Blumburtt was more focused on moving eels from his elbow room. "Just, um, interested."

"I'm hardly worried, Prime Minister Lal," Eva said as beetles were passed her way, "I'm merely trying to hush my employer before he goes and says or does something stupid again."

Indiana ignored his assistant and continued. "You know, the villagers also told us Pankot Palace had taken something."

"Doctor Jones," Lal sounded like he was on the end of his rope, "in our country, it's not usual for a guest to insult his host. I suggest you take Doctor Williams' advice and hold your tongue."

"I'm sorry," Indiana apologized insincerely. "I thought we were talking about folklore."

"What exactly did they say was stolen, Indy?" Eva looked at him questioningly.

"A sacred rock."

Lal chuckled and said, "You see, Doctor, a rock!"

"Something connected the villager's rock and the old legend of the Sankara Stones."

"Doctor Jones," Lal wiped his mouth and continued, "We are all vulnerable to vicious rumors. I seem to remember that in Honduras you and Doctor Williams were both accused as being grave robbers rather than archaeologists."

"Well, the newspapers greatly exaggerated the incident," Eva defended remembering.

"And wasn't it the Sultan of Madagascar that threatened to cut off your head off if you ever returned to his country?" Lal sent a straight look at Indiana who looked more than a little embarrassed.

"No, it wasn't my head," he said.

"Then your hands, perhaps."

"No, it wasn't my hands, it was my… my misunderstanding." He said ashamedly looking down to his trousers for answers then to Eva for help. Eva gave him a look that clearly said "You got yourself into this."

"Exactly what we have here, Doctor Jones."

"I have heard the evil stories of the Thuggee cult," the Maharaja finally spoke and the entire room went silent. "I thought the stories were told to frighten children. Later, I learnt that the Thuggee cult was once real and did of unspeakable things. I'm ashamed of what happened here so many years ago, and I assure you this will never happen again in my kingdom."

"If I offended you… then I am sorry." Indiana for once he sounded sincere.

The music continued and the dinner continued to desert. Eva spoke to Shorty and Willie again. "Ok the desert is not that bad. You really should try it." Monkey heads were placed in front of all those who were seated at the table. "Chilled monkey brains."

Willie only fainted. Shorty was brave enough to take a small bite. "Wow! This is good."

Eva smiled and the night went on.