Looking After My Heart... Brick X Blossom... By the insane Dark Angel 91398..

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Prologue: Dark One.. ^^Brick's POV^^

"Watch the hell out!" I screeched as I tackled my stupid younger brother out of the way of the enemy's reach.

"What the hell.." Bandit panted, his eggplant purple eyes watching the sword crash into the spot where he stood before the opponent troop was shot.

"Goddamn, be careful!" Butch yelled at us, aiming a bullet carefully at the threatening angel soldier ahead of him.

I felt sweat trickle down my brow and noticed there were a lot less of the enemies than allies around.

The corner of my lips pulled up into a grin and I reloaded a gun, tossing it Boomer's way. My lucky red baseball cap must be working its magic from under my helmet.

"Thanks, Brick!" Boomer shouted, his ocean blue eyes glimmering.

For a few tense moments, all was quiet and calm; the eye of the storm always was the most serene part. And then, all hell broke loose as we heard the explosion.

I turned, my blood red eyes widening at the sight of the smoke cloud, and I saw the general stagger out unharmed. I let out a sigh and approached him.

"Sir, post clear from enemy!" I said, saluting General Antonio John Utonium proudly.

"Good work, son!" General announced, patting my back.

"Thank you, sir." I said, beaming as I put my arm down.

My brothers and the other troops were celebrating excitedly, the opposing troops of angels were retreating, and I was feeling extremely euphoric about winning the battle.

And that's when it happened: A dying, traitorous troop pulled out his rifle, aimed carefully, and shot. I pulled General Untonium out of the way, but it was a moment too late.

The bullet spun like a speeding torpedo through the general's jacket and uniform, into his stomach, and out. I winced, trying to stop the blood that poured out of the man weakly.

In an instant, Boomer bolted over to us as Butch and Bandit tried to get help while other men panicked or were blissfully ignorant of the catastrophe that happened.

"Boomer, p-please get the dog tags from Sergant Williamson.." the general coughed, wincing.

"Y-Yes, sir! Right away, sir!" Boomer said, rushing to find the said man.

"Brick, you and your brothers have always been like sons to me.." Utonium started.

"Thank you, sir." I mumbled.

"And, I know this is sudden, but..." he reached in his pocket and handed me a note. "Take this. Do not open it yet.. But promise me, you'll listen."

"Y-yes, sir." I nodded, numbly clenching my fist around the white paper.

"Thank you.. Brick.." he smiled weakly.

Just then, Bandit and Butch rushed over with first aid. The doctor and the male nurse quickly carried General Untonium over, leaving me with my brothers.

"Oh, shit, think he'll make it?" Butch asked.

"Honestly? No." Bandit shuddered.

".. I don't wanna think about it." I replied.

"Hey, what's with the paper?" Butch demanded,eyeing the crumpled letter with interested forest green eyes.

"I'll tell you later. Go find Boomer." I snarled.

"Aye-aye, Captain!" he exclaimed sarcastically.

I watched as Bandit followed Butch away before I read the note in my hand.

"Dear Brick

~If you're reading this, something life threatening has happened to me and I am unlikely to recover. In any case, the reason you are reading this is because I have one last order for you.

You have to watch, guard, protect my precious daughter, Blossom. She is not my daughter by blood; I adopted her and her biological sisters years ago, but that's not the matter at hand.

Your brothers will recieve notes similiar to this about my other daughters, but your main objective is keeping my little girl safe.

You have been discharged from the ranks honorably and are to go to my house to stay with Blossom. Please guard her with your life, Brick. Thank you.~ General Antonio John Utonium"

'HE'S MAKING ME BABYSIT?" my evil side screamed in anger. "HELL NO!"

Pushing the thought aside, I sighed and stuffed the note in my pocket. Everyone needed to get a little rest tonight..

I sighed as I laid in my usual spot in my bunk where my bunkmates, Arizona and Ezra, were talking about the gun incident with the general.

"Yeah, I heard.." Ezra paused dramatically. "The general didn't survive."

"Ez, do me a favor and shut up. It's lights out." I snapped, irked at my obnoxious roomates.

"Y-yeah. Sure thing, Brick!" Arizona interrupted, slamming a hand over his twin's mouth.

"Good." I snarled, feeling the dark around me as the lights flipped off.

Worry gnawed at my stomach, but I pushed it aside quickly and determinedly.

After all, the two blond twins were known to gossip none stop and their blue eyes made you believe the rumors were true.

I yawned and turned on my side, my fire-red spikes falling behind me like a bloody waterfall.

I covered my head with the blanket and slumber carried me off as soon as I closed my tired blood red eyes.

_-_-_-_-_-_-_~ Brick's Dream~

I was six years old in a slightly familiar garden.

My usual army attire was replaced with a red collared shirt, black jeans, and a beat-up pair of Converses. My red cap was perched precociously on my head.

I was chasing a petite girl who I somehow knew was a year younger than me as she darted around a tame hedge of pale pink roses, leaving musical giggling behind her.

She had ember-red hair that danced around her tiny waist and her bangs slightly covered innocent rose-pink eyes that held a certain charm to them.

A large red bow flickered in the wind like a cat's ears and red-and-pink heart clip pulled a small portion of locks back.

The girl was wearing a cotton candy pink dress with a band of black ribbon around her waist in a bow, her arms wrapped around something that belonged to me.

"Come and get me, Brick!" the girl teased lightly, a lovely chortle following the words.

"I will! And when I do, I'm gonna-!" my mouth formed words that I hadn't even thought of saying.

What I wanted to ask was where I am and who is she. But I was saying things that just flowed from my lips mindlessly.

"Are you threatening me?" she laughed. "I'll tell my dad, Brickie!"

I had just pulled the black bow on her dress and was about to catch her, my fingers slipping through her strawberry-scented tresses and-.

I woke with a jolt in my bunk, my body covered in a light sheen of sweat and my breath shallow, panting softly.

Crickets sang with the owls outside and I could hear the slight snores of Ezra and Arizona among their sleep mumbling.

I slowed my breathing down slightly and clutched my chest, trying to control my pounding heart.

Why did I just have a dream about a girl and being a kid? And why am I hyperventilating, reacting, like this to it?

I felt my cheeks tingle and I touched them cautiously. Sure enough, they felt as if they were on fire.

Why is this happening? I sighed, but my thoughts brought the girl back. I felt my face heat up again as I imagined her laugh.

If she was a year younger than me... What did she look like now?

Was she a punk or a diva? Was she emo? Preppy? Popular or socially awkward?

I groaned and rubbing both temples, tried to forget the mysterious beautiful girl from my dreams when another thought hit me.

Why did I hate her?

I whimpered and dove under the covers again, sliding my head under my pillow.

I am a demon troop, thinking about a presumably human girl. I need to focus on sleeping.

I closed my eyes and prayed for the dawning lavender sky with its fading diamonds to save me, but the door opened with a creak and someone approached my sleeping rut.

*~*~*~*~* Blossom's POV

I gasped, waking up, my red hair ruffled from a deep slumber in my pink silk comforter.

I was dreaming about him again. I hadn't seen him in years since childhood, but I kept having his voice, his touch, his face in my sleep.

I heard my phone ringing softly on my oak dresser near my lamp and I grabbed it, pressing the "accept" button immediately.

It was a habit since Dad went back to the military.

"Hello?" I asked, my voice clear but a little polluted with sleep.

"Yes, hello, is this Blossom Ashley Utonium speaking?" a voice similiar to my nightmare's asked.

"Yes. Who is this and why did you call?" I asked, fearing the worst.

"Brick Arias Jojo, ma'am. I have bad news." he replied slowly. At least, he confirmed it was him..

"Oh my gosh.. Is my dad ok?" I panicked slightly, my calm exterior slipping drastically.

".. I-I'm sorry.. Your father.. Died, Miss.. I-I'm horribly sorry.." Brick said in a soft, sad voice. "The funeral is tomorrow.."

But I couldn't hear his voice as I broke down with a sob, plopping down on my bed.

~End Of Chapter~

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