Looking After My Heart.. By Dark Angel 91398..

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Chapter Seven: Where art thou, Prince Charming? **Blossom's POV**

"Wake up! Come on, get up!" someone whined, shaking me by the shoulders roughly.

I groaned in exasperation, turned on to my right side, and mumbled a "I'll get up in a few more minutes, okay?" sleepily. I stole a quick glance at the clock and my surroundings with a frown.

Why was I being woken up at four thirty-three in the morning when the sky was still a dark blue-purple? I wasn't to wake up at the latest until eleven thirty. I closed my eyes and snuggled back into my warm comforter.

"Come on, Sleeping Beauty. Time to get up!" a second voice growled.

I yelped as I felt the whole mattress shake under me and lift up at an angle before I fell onto the floor roughly after hitting the dresser. I pushed my hair back from my eyes into a ponytail and glared up at my invasive visitors.

"Have a good sleep? Good." Berserk smiled in a sickly sweet manner.

My eyes rolled over to my bed and I noticed who had oh-so-delicately lifted me off of my cozy nest. Brick's eyes seemed to be luminous in the darkness of the room as though they were fires that scorched inside of a dark cavern.

I rubbed the back of my head where I had struck the nightstand gingerly and ignored the pain that exploded the instant my fingertips touched my scalp. I looked back up at Berserk as Brick stood beside her moodily.

"What.. Was that for?" I demanded in a rather exhausted fury, that rare rage that was slow and sleepy yet all the more deadly.

"You have to get ready for your little dance, Aurora." Berserk giggled as Brick threaded his fingers in hers loosely.

I ignored the name she called me and continued to leer at the maid with the same tired anger as before, ignoring my former bodyguard's dark eyes on me as I felt them fill with a tense hatred.

Berserk continued her little rant on what I was to wear, how I was to behave, all those other menial details, and I froze suddenly as something flashed in my mind rapidly.

"Eisamkeit." a voice called mournfully.

"What does that mean?" I asked timidly.

"It means loneliness." he replied, whoever this voice was.

"Why do you call me that anyway?" I frowned.

"Because that stern face you have, the way you manage to intimidate people at times. Maybe it means you're just trying not to laugh at things that turn out bad." he replied thoughtfully. "With you, it's odd. It's being lonely yet not."

My frown deepened and I looked up at the snowy sky above us, the frigid clouds blowing only in the direction the wind allowed them to. The flakes were delicate still and he had yet to even allow them dust his hair.

"Come on. The skies are just going to get thicker." he commanded, turning away.

Silently, I nodded and his hand, wrapped in a purple glove, gripped mine firmly to led me in the way he allowed.

'What was that?' Blaze asked in a hushed voice.

'Your guess is as good as mine.' I shrugged.

'That boy.. Seemed familiar. Different energy, but familiar.' she murmured.

'Different energy? What do you mean?' I inquired.

My question was left hanging between us with an unbalanced air as I heard a shrieking noise and felt something wrap itself around my wrist tightly. I eyed the thing and recognized it as a hand.

"What the hell was that for?!" Berserk screeched like a cat who had had her tail sliced off.

"What was what for?" I asked numbly in confusion.

"She means.." the person holding my arm answered. "What the hell made you fall over and pass out."

I blinked and realized that Brick's grip on my wrist was the only thing holding me a few centimeters away from having my head knocked against the floor.

'Lie. Don't tell them a single thing!' Blaze commanded desperately.

I waited for my conscience to pipe up in protest and grimaced as that saintly, little voice didn't insist that we told the truth.

Not as if I minded too much. I didn't really want to tell the servants anything anyway. To please Blaze and prevent her from wondering about Brick, I lied.

"I.. I don't know." I said in a fake, uncertain voice. "I just spaced out and fell, I guess."

"Well, don't do it again." Berserk snapped. "I thought you got shot or something."

"Did you just say that?" I scoffed. "There would be blood and a gun casing."

"How do you know about guns?" Brick demanded.

"None of your concern." I scowled stiffly as I removed his hand and stood on my own two feet. "As you were saying, Berserk?"

"I was thinking that maybe we take you a salon or something. Maybe get your hair trimmed, just a few inches off the bottom." the maid mused.

Brick's eyes narrowed and he shot me a look as if to say if I got the hair cut, I would no longer be regarded as existing in his mind. I stared back at him defiantly and acknowledged Berserk.

"That sounds like a good idea. We'd have to find an open stylist though." I agreed with a small half-smile.

"We could just ask my sister, Brat, if she's not too busy. It'd give us time with our sisters and give Brick a break from work." Berserk nodded, looking over at Brick.

The boy's hard gaze fell on me and I brushed it off.

"I don't care. Why would I?" Brick growled in an odd monotone. "Go on ahead; I need to talk to my brothers either way."

Apparently, the queer tone of Brick's voice didn't disturb Berserk; the maid let out an earsplitting squeal of thanks and giggled as she dragged me by my long mane of hair to her hairdresser sister.

Brick glowered at us until we were out of sight and out of mind, his red eyes trained on me as if he were a watch dog and I was that drug dealing convict that escaped prison.

Blaze's usual presence was missing as I rummaged through my mind silently. Though she was irritating and bitterly, unnaturally, obsessed with that old childhood boy that had turned into something but a memory, Blaze and I had managed to form an unorthodox attachment to one another.

Maybe it was because she had prevented that melancholy nickname from coming back or perhaps it was because she understood me on a twisted, personal level; I felt both lonely and relieved without her here to wreck havoc.

Berserk dragged me inside of Bubble's house where Bubbles, Buttercup, Brat, and Brute were already sitting, Buttercup cursing up a storm and Bubbles relaxing. Bunny and Bully were busily running elsewhere as we strolled in.

"Well, well, well! Berserk, you finally dragged her along." Brute smirked as the brush in her hand ripped its way through Buttercup's hair.

"Ow! Watch how hard you fucking pull my goddamn hair!" Buttercup snarled, her emerald eyes narrowed.

"It only makes sense since they do have a little ball to go to." Berserk sighed.

Buttercup gave me a small half smile before she let out a long stream of curses with another yank of her short hair. Bubbles gave me a cheery wave and I smiled back at my sisters.

Dad used to separate us a lot and the time we did spend together was usually short-lived due to Dad having to leave to go back into the war, making every moment precious.

Berserk managed to shove me into a chair near her sisters' and I bit my lip as I heard them discuss what to do, even producing the long scissors that longed to slice the strands of my hair. What had I gotten myself into?

^^Brick's POV^^

I kicked the cement filled punching bag angrily, my blood red eyes daggers with rage and hurt.

'She knows something. I can feel it.' D.B muttered in irritation.

"How should I know? I don't even know who you're talking about." I sneered, hitting the equipment with a flaming punch.

'Don't lie to yourself. You know damn well Blossom exists.' D.B chastised.

"Who? I'm sorry, who is she?" I sniggered.

'Boy, straighten up. So what, you two got in a little fight. Don't lose her again, you dumb ass!' he roared.

"More than a little one." I corrected. "I called her a bitch."

D.B glared at me with his poisonous eyes and huffed.

"You suck with girls.." he snapped. "Especially hot girls with pink eyes."

I rolled my eyes and managed to reduce the cement to dust. I replied as I set up another one.

"Yeah, well, what the hell am I supposed to do?" I demanded. "Sneak in the ballroom dressed like a fancy, rich kid and become her not so Prince Charming?"

"Of course." D.B nodded with a dangerous kind of seriousness. "Why not? Stealing Cinderella is going to be a piece of cake with me around. Just be Romeo."

"That.. Makes no sense." I huffed.

"Actually, it does. Think about it: how did Romeo get Juliet? He snuck into a place that he shouldn't have been in and he stole her heart. Literally, speaking with a dagger."

"Thank you for that disturbing mental image."

"Anytime. Just don't, ya know, make her go all suicidal on you and stab herself in the chest."

I sighed, ceasing my abuse on the gym equipment, and looked at my dark side with a stubborn gleam in my eyes as I replied.

"You and I both know we'll never be Romeo let alone Prince Charming."

His jaw locked with the same passion that burned in my stare and with a fastening scowl, D.B shook his head.

"We can try, can't we? It won't kill us, well, not yet anyway." D.B mumbled.

"Why are you even trying to help me?" I asked suspiciously. "Before, you were oh so willingly to rip her pretty fucking head off and now, you're as lethal as a teddy bear and just as soft."

D.B shot me a glower that would have made Butch himself piss his pants and that fanged mouth opened up with a hateful, rueful excuse.

"Who said I'm helping? For all you know, I could be fucking with your mind and playing with her heart at the same fucking time. But, you wouldn't know that, would you?"

"You're too busy worshipping the ground she walks on and crying over her, aren't you? Too busy dreaming those sick little fantasy that she'll love you and only you, that she'll want to have you kiss her and marry her."

My cheeks refused to burn like a candle in front of him despite the facts he had just spat and I gave him a blank, thick stare that betrayed no emotions.

A tense silence filled the world and it felt as if a bomb were about blow with a disarming man failing before it hit me.

"I never imagined that we'd get married."


**Blossom's POV**

Bubbles gaped as Brat and Berserk snipped away at my hair with those dreadful scissors that seemed to laugh a cold snipping laugh.

"Ooh, Blossom, you look so.." Bubbles gushed as she watched the metamorphosis unfold from the sidelines.

"Different." Buttercup said, finishing the blonde's statement with a look that could have been a look of awe or of shock.

"What does it look like?" I sighed, readying my hand to push the hair from my face and look into the mirror.

"No! Don't touch! You'll see it in the end. Wouldn't want to ruin the surprise, would we?" the maids scolded like startled geese.

"Are we done yet or at least, close to it? I can't feel my feet." I complained irritably.

The whole makeover procedure had started a few hours ago and was still steaming along strongly. The sun's golden fingers had stretched over the horizon about forty five minutes ago and still, I was stuck in the accursed chair that the beauticians insisted I sit in.

"Close, but.. Brute, pass me the curling iron. Her bangs are not cooperating and it's annoying the hell out of me." Berserk mumbled.

My eyes closed as the heat of the tool washed over my face and I waited for this horrid nightmare to end.

"And.. okay, Ms. Blossom, you can look in the mirror now." Brat said as she brushed the hair from my face.

I blinked and gazed into the mirror with an odd feeling of forgetfulness consuming me.

My flowing tresses no longer spun around my waist and were decidedly shorter with the tips barely ending in the middle of my back. My bangs were cut to half of their original length except for the pieces closest to my ears that were curled in loops.

"Well, what do you think?" Berserk smiled widely.

My eyes scanned over to my sisters and Berserk's before I replied.

"It looks.. Great. I really like it!" I chuckled slowly. "I wasn't sure about the length though, because my hair's always been so long."

The Plutonium sisters all let out a loud, obnoxious squeal and Buttercup's left eye twitched in irritation.

"I'm so relieved!~ I thought you'd be mad that we cut it so short." Berserk giggled.

I thought about declaring that no, I wasn't mad but furious, and went against the idea since the girls were so cheerful.

"Are you ready to get your dress on?" Brute asked.

"I hate dresses.." Buttercup scowled.

"Am I ever!" Bubbles grinned. "I would love to!"

"What about you, Ms. Blossom?" Berserk asked quietly.

"I guess so. We should be leaving soon." I sighed.

Berserk smiled mysteriously and disappeared with a finger held up to signal that I should wait for her quick trip. My eyes trailed back to the mirror and I seemed mesmerized by the transformation.

The little details I have missed seemed clearer; the mascara and eyeliner seemed bolder than before on my pale skin. I hadn't realized that my lips were painted a light pink and the lids of my eyes a shadowy color.

"Hey! You!" a voice barked.

I turned around and blinked as I saw two boys, dressed somewhat like Brick, running towards me. Evidently, the one in green with black hair had spoken as he let out another gruff snarl.

"Have you seen Buttercup?" the dark-haired boy demanded sourly. His green eyes were a murky, dark shade that kind of reminded me of a pond that had been left abandoned by the world.

"And Bubbles?" the blond added in a quieter tone. "I-I was supposed to stay with her, but, um.. I kinda.. Lost.. her.."

"Of course, I saw my sisters. They're getting their dresses." I replied, trying to ignore the brunette's rough disposition and focused on the blond's sunny look.

"Pft! Buttercup wearing a dress?! Now, this, I gotta see!" the brunette sniggered wickedly.

"Butch, you pervert! They're getting changed!" the blond yelled, his cheeks turning the same shade of scarlet as Brick's eyes.

"I didn't mean it like that! God, Boomer! Do you live to make me seem like the bad guy?!" Butch snarled.

"They went straight back." I sighed.

"Thanks." the two sighed, glaring at one another, before trudging in the direction I had pointed to.

I frowned as I thought of their outfits that were reminiscent of Brick's army attire. Maybe they were Brick's brothers, I wasn't sure, but I did know I hadn't cared to know.

Berserk dashed back, followed by Bully and Bunny, and I smiled at Bunny's dress. She gave me a small wave and Bully dragged her off to wherever Buttercup and Bubbles had gone.

"Close your eyes." the maid ordered.

"Is this necessary?" I demanded. "Really?"

"Yes! Now!" she barked in a tone that reminded me of the boy, Butch's.

With a huff, I squeezed my eyes closed and felt Berserk place something in my hand. I opened my eyes and my mouth grew slack with surprise.

Gingerly, I laid the dress out on the counter and studied the dress. The pink satin was pleated around the chest area to meet in the middle with silver and the skirt of the dress had a thin layer of silver velvet and lace on top.

My cheeks flushed, noticing the gown was sleeveless, and Berserk laughed.

"I'll go get the accessories. You try on the dress! I'll be right back!" the girl called, running off.

I sighed, cheeks still burning, and I walked to the basement to change in the bathroom. I stopped as I saw the strange shadow on the wall and I slammed the bathroom door behind me as fast as I could.


^^Brick's POV^^

The conversation between D.B and I stopped abruptly as I heard the loud thud of a door being slammed shut and I froze.

Nothing to be paranoid over, right? Just the wind.. Or some servant. Definitely not someone who is trying to sneak up on me or anything, right?

The anxiety built up in me rapidly as I remembered the war and I couldn't resist the temptation. I quietly tiptoed to the location of the noise and I crouched among the shadows like a leopard in the savannah.

The door of the bathroom swung open again and I smirked to myself wickedly as I readied myself to pounce on whoever the poor unsuspecting person was. The only sounds I heard where the soft steps and the pounding of my heart.

"Brick?" a voice asked. "Why are you... Are you trying to stalk me?!"

I felt my cheeks heat up wildly as my eyes found pink ones and I stammered an excuse as Blossom looked down at me, looking absolutely beautiful in her dress.

"No! I-I kinda, just a little, thought that, maybe..!" I stuttered.

"Just.. Be quiet. You're not making any sense and you're giving me a headache." Blossom huffed impatiently.

"You shouldn't go to that stupid ball." I blurted.

Blossom's wide eyes passed over my features and her mouth became a tight, straight line.

"You're too.." I struggled for words.

"Special. And quite frankly, I hate the idea of a random guy dancing with you."

Blossom gazed at me, confused and surprised and all the other emotions going through her written on her face.

We stared each other for a while before she broke the spell I had casted and started her way up the stairs in silence. The ginger paused for a moment with her hand resting on the door's knob and spoke.

"I don't see why it matters to the same boy who used to tell me I wasn't worth the air I was breathing."

And with that, the mysteriously regal girl who was so close to me yet so painfully far away went off to search for a different Prince Charming who deserved her and not a war veteran Romeo.

-End of Chapter-

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