And here's where it all ends!

Chapter 16: Getting What's Deserving

A week has passed after the whole massacre had occured, Brent was walking through the apartments with a sling on his arm that Jesse shot him at, but managed to keep the bullet hole as a sign that he did what he did for Lars and when he went to the basketball court, he seeks some of his friends playing and this time around, he's gonna just sit and watch but will still cheer them on.

"Hey, look who showed up." Diego said, watching Brent coming in.

Brent chuckled softly and as he sat down on the bench and he said, "Very funny, D. I just came in to watch you guys play, seeing as how I'm gonna be on this cast for like 5 weeks. After it's healed, I'm still gonna kick your butt."

"Them's fighting words, B."

Just then, Zeke asked, "How's Lars doing?"

Brent chuckled softly and he said, "He's doing fine. In fact, I think this whole thing brought us a lot closer together. We latinos have to stick together."

"That's great to hear." Jojo added, dribbling the ball and throwing it into the net.

Diego and Marcus were amazed at that one-shot Jojo you made and Marcus said, "Looks like we'll give the victory to McDodd."

Just then, they see Nate and Hector coming in the basketball court and almost immediately, most of them were immediately disgusted by the fact that they came here and Marcus said, "Came here to cause trouble, aren't ya? Because you know we're not taking any of your crap, right?"

Nate chuckled softly and he said, "Yeah, whatever! We came for that Brent dude."

They looked at Brent and he got up and faced both of them and he asked, "Yeah?"

"You know, that was really great...what you did for that mexican dude." Nate said, with a smile.

It pretty much shocked everyone when they heard that Nate is thanking Brent for his actions and Diego asked, "What happened to you guys?"

Nate looked at Diego and he said, "Look, we may always hate your guts and probably kick your asses a lot, but after everything that's pretty much struck a nerve on Hector because he's half-mexican too. Well, we sorta are. It's not a trick or a joke we're pulling. We just thought that it was really cool of you guys to do that."

"Um...thanks?" asked Diego, confusedly.

Hector spoke some Spanish to Brent and he also responded with a thank you as well and very quickly, Nate went in and said, "Just so you know, if you tell anyone that we're complimenting you guys, we're gonna kick you losers straight in the loser nuts, got it?"

"Why would we tell anyone?" asked Marcus.

"Better not." Hector added.

Both of them left the court, but not before giving most of them the finger and Diego gives them the finger too with an added 'thank you', which disgusted both Nate and Hector as they went away. Diego chuckled softly and said, "Man, those punks are a couple of ass-kissers."

"Don't we know it." Zeke agreed.

Just then, Lars walked by the basketball court and he said, "Hey, guys! They're showing Jesse in court on the news tonight."

"Oh, really? We oughta see that!" Jojo said, excitedly.

"You guys are invited over to my house to see this."

"Sweet!" they all exclaimed.

At the Ramirez house...

Jojo, Lars, Brent and everyone in the gang went to the big theater room to see the entire courthouse story unfold and they look and see Jesse, stone faced and stuff thinking that he might be in the clear and Cody said, "You can see the look on his face like 'I'm not guilty'. Come on, he's guilty and he knows it."

"Good pop song reference, Codes." Mike added.

"Obviously, the reason why he chose to do that is because he is afraid. Afraid that Lars might interfere and/or sabotage the clique effect in this school and the fact that a mexican killed his father years ago and wanted to prevent this from happening. So he got on the internet, posted a very violent status on his social networking site syaing that he's gonna effing kill Lars Enrique Ramirez and to show the entire school that they should consider shunning every student that isn't up to their popularity status." one defense attorney added.

Cody, Mike and the others began to boo, jeer and hiss over what the D.A. had put in on Jesse's behalf and the paretns completely disagree with that ridiculous statement and Marcus said, "Who cares about the popularity status? It's just a list."

"Now I know what D.A. really stands for...douche-bag attorney." Diego added.

"Good one, D."

"It is accostumed to me that Jesse should not be anywhere in school grounds nor would anyone else that participated in this chaotic event that occured this past week. Lars was right on turning all of you in just for your unruly, disrespectful and discriminating behavior you engaged in. I would've given you a lighter punishment like suspension for 2 weeks, but now...permanent explusion is a better suited punishment." Principal Gonzalez added.

Jesse stood up outraged and he asked, "What the hell, man? It's Lars you should suspend! He's just mexican and mexicans are drug dealers, illegal immigrants and are considered dangerous. I'm doing what's best for our reputation!"

"It's MY job to worry about what's best for the school!"

"You should've expelled his mexican ass weeks ago, you asshole!"

Everyone gasped in shock when Jesse dropped out the 'A' word onto the principal and Frankie said, "Oh, no he didn't."

"You cannot say that to a principal. That'll put you in a deeper hole than the one you're already in, dude!" Marcus exclaimed.

"They should've added in disorderly conduct to an educator." Seth chimed in.

"You do realize you're in big trouble than the one you're in now, aren't ya?" the judge asked.

Jesse's response...the finger.

Brutus dropped his jaw when he saw what Jesse did to the judge and he said, "Yeah, he's gonna get his ass kicked."

"On that note, do you find yourself guilty or not guilty?"

"Not guilty, bitch! I'm not guilty! I'm glad I did what I did otherwise our whole popular image would've been jeopardized!" Jesse exclaimed.

The Ramirez parents and the Rodriguez parents were disgusted by Jesse's disrespectful foul language and attitude towards the judge and Mr. Rodriguez said, "If he was my son, I'd send him to military school."

"Or boarding school." Mr. Ramirez added.

"Let's just go in for the verdict, please." the judge added.

"For the counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, we the jury in the above entitled case find the defendant...guilty."

"Attempted murder, guilty."

"Aggravated murder, not guilty."

"As for the charges of causing damage to an education facility, guilty."

"And as for bias intimidation, we the jury find the defendant guilty."

"As for discrimination, guilty."

They heard the counts of bias intimidation and discrimination go guilty and it was like a build-up for the victory compared to what's gonna happen next and what's a shocker.

"As for the murder of two students, we the jury find the defendant...guilty."

"And for the participants...we find them all guilty of bias intimidation, attempted assault, conspiracy to commit a riot or murder, causing damage to an educational facility, aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and discrimination."

The judge looked over and said, "As mandated by the court...Jesse Ryan Tedder, you are hereby sentenced to life in prison."

Jesse looked dumbfounded and shocked to hear that he's gonna spend life in prison for those charges and the judges said, "Your parents will pay for all medical expenses to the victims...including one Brent Rodriguez. And the parents of the participants in this war will pay for all the pain and suffering you and your friends caused Lars with your discriminating ways. The participants in this war will also serve in a juvenile center until they reach 18 to serve life in jail."

Everyone cheered for the decision on TV and everyone hugged each other as they felt justice was served...big time. But what happened at the courtroom next will surprise them even more.

Jesse punched the crap out of the D.A. and other officers came to stop him, but Jesse and the rest of the participants caused another melee in the courtroom as they took out out on the attorneys, bailliffs and onlookers, making the courthouse into a full-fledged fight fest. Eventually, the officers gained enough strength to tase them all down and one by one, they're all in handcuffs and the judge also stated, "And also one count of disorderly conduct in a courtroom and assaulting officers. Take them all away!"

The judged banged the gavel as Jesse and the others got out of there in handcuffs, literally screaming at his parents, dropping 'F' bombs to them, Lars and possibly everyone else.

"Man, I'll never call a courthouse trial cover story boring again." Diego added.

Jojo chuckled and said, "At least they made it interesting."

Brent smiled and said, "Now that they're getting what they deserve, this will shine a light to know that we do not need to discriminate. We're all friends no matter who we are and where we come from."

"So true, Brent." Mike added.

Mrs. Ramirez stood up and she said, "So...who's up for some Mexican food?"

Everyone got up from the theater room to gain some mexican grub and they were definitely excited to have some and Lars looks up and sees that he's got great friends and when the TV started to re-air Lars' video message, he hopes that it will send a message to some that have been discriminated and to accept people based on who they are because they're born this way.

"Hey, Lars. You coming?" asked Jojo.

Lars looks up and he lets out a smile and said, "Right behind ya."

Originally, this wasn't supposed to be the final chapter, but I figured that having Jesse being seen for the last time...turned out to be pretty good. I'd like to thank you guys for liking this fic and reading it! I'm gonna be in and out for making HHaW fics, but I'll make some more when I can. So thank you all and AniUniverse is signing off!