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Astrid sat alone in Meade Hall, waiting for Stoick and the others to filter everyone out. She had requested that her conversation with Tyr be private, just her and him. The request had been met with astounding resistance, but Astrid was more stubborn than an ox and eventually won out. She was sure that the people would be right outside the Hall, ready to spring to action, should anything fishy happen anyway.

She heard the large doors creak open and in walked the silver eyed Tyr.

He walked over to the table and sat down, silently, watching her intently.

"How fares that hip?" He asked in his deep voice.

"It's fine...I guess. No idea how, but it feels and looks like it did before the dragon..." She mumbled, still unsure of what she wanted to say.

To her relief, Tyr just sat there, not saying anything, not fidgeting like she was, but just sitting and waiting patiently. He did not have a hard look on his face, but rather a soft, friendly look, like he hadn't almost killed her.

"Tyr, that dagger...what was on it? Why did it do...that? Why did it hurt so much?" she asked expectantly.

He sighed despite his facial expression not changing, "The substance on the dagger is a medicinal paste that I prepared for serious wounds. As for you passing out, that's how the medicine works, if it works at all. Obviously though, the medicine worked," he said, eyeballing her hip.

"Well then, how did you know my name? How did you know that I'd been out for five whole days?" she asked. As the minutes passed, the tide of questions that she had before was beginning to rise again.

"I wasn't unconscious the day you found me, so that's how I knew your names. In terms of knowing how long you were passed out for, I'm well aware of the effects of my medicine and there were only two options when you passed out: Either you were out for five days while the medicine worked, or it killed you. Seeing as your chief had not executed me, I guessed that the former was correct." He answered, his eyes never leaving hers.

"So, now for the big question. How in Thor's name did you get here, where did you come from and why were you the only one on that ship." She finished, settling in for a long explanation.

Tyr sighed and laid both his hands on the table, "OK, you're going to have to promise me that you will just listen because some of this is going to seem so outlandish that I may seem crazy."

She nodded and he sat back, "OK then, to answer the first question. I come from far away. VERY far away. I was born on an island much like yours, but when my people left, we sailed North for a full year, stopping only when we needed to for food and other such provisions. When we finally settled on an island not terribly far from here, I saw a change in them. My people had changed from peaceful, kind villagers into warmongers and killers. I was orphaned when, during a bloody coup, my parents were killed. The new chief attempted to keep me as his personal executioner. I wished to leave them because I had lost everything, so I stole a ship and sailed off on my own. After three weeks at sail, I was caught in that storm, and I ended up in your healers lodge."

He looked at her expectantly, like that was all he was going to say, "Is that all?" Astrid droned.

"That is all you need to know," He said solidly, with almost no emotion.

"Tell me something, Astrid," he said, his voice getting a bit sterner than it already was, which was hard to believe, "Are you people violent, at all?"

Astrid thought for a moment, "Well, we used to fight the dragons, but other than that, not terribly violent. We've never been at war with anyone."

Tyr nodded, his eyes dropping to the the surface of the table, clearly calculating or pondering something.

"I forgot to thank you for this," he said, tapping his head.

"Thank me for what? I didn't give you anything?"

"You didn't give it to me, I took it." he replied. Astrid searched his head for anything that could possibly be hers, and her eyes fell on the headband. The purple cloth that had been...stolen... from her home.

Before she thought about, Astrid lashed out and punched Tyr on his right cheek.

Tyr didn't say anything, but his eyes just bored into her, looking extremely annoyed.

"Why were you in my house!?" she shrieked.

He looked at her from from the seat he was in, looking ready to defend himself, "I suppose you're right; I deserved that punch. I was there because I was nosing around and found your house, so I decided to nose around a little more and I ended up leaving with more than I entered with." he explained. Astrid was still a bit fired up about the discovery, but its not like anything severe happened. He could have done so much more than he did. He could have killed her and burnt the house to the ground if he wanted to, but he didn't, so there was no real harm done.

His renewed silence made Astrid feel a pang of guilt for the way they had been treating him. Technically speaking, Tyr had saved her life. There was the pain, there was the breaking into her house, but when the day was over, she was only alive because of him.

She felt his pain a bit in regards to his story because her father was a bit violent, even if he didn't mean it. Sometimes the man would hit her and her mother, and call them names and treat them like dirt, and more than a few times Astrid had wanted to take a ship and leave; just leave. Give no reason, no indication, but just to leave the island forever. Then her father died, and Astrid knew that she needed to be there for her mother and brother.

"Well listen, just lay low for awhile and I'll talk to the right people," she mumbled. She was going straight to Hiccup, not anyone else. In her mind, Hiccup had a huge influence with the villagers, despite his father being the one with the title of chief. The boy always had the towns best interests in mind, and Astrids interests in his heart. She sat there, deep in thought when she sighted Tyr walking towards the great doors.

"Tyr!" She called after him. He turned and fixed a silvery eye on her, not saying anything.

"Thanks." She said awkwardly. She had never actually thanked the man for what he did.

He simply nodded and silently left the Hall.

"That's all? He didn't say anything more?" Hiccup asked with an exasperated tone.

"That's all. He isn't very talkative or emotional. His voice doesn't seem to change much," Astrid confirmed. It was a terrible truth that they two now had to deal with. Hiccup had told her that his father expected them to take responsibility for Tyr, but that was before the whole event with the dragon.

"So what are we going to do, Hiccup?" She asked, trying to establish a plan of action.

"I really don't know, Astrid. We don't know a single thing about the guy apart from what he told you, and what we've seen. We need to try and discover his personality and his demeanor first," Hiccup replied.

Astrid agreed with him mostly, but she hadn't told him about Tyr's apparent mercy when she was vulnerable. She thought that Tyr just might be friendlier than the village was making him seem.

"Astrid! How's your hip? It can't be feeling great." Hiccup suddenly exclaimed.

"Hiccup, Hiccup, wait. My hip is fine. Just sore is all," she said reassuringly. "I'll just need to work with it and get back my strength. Really it's fine!" she continued.

Hiccup eyed her, concern etched on his face. Astrid took his momentary lack of initiative to plant a kiss on his lips, holding the contact for several delicious seconds. Before she could break away though, he wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her on top of him, kissing harder than before. She gleefully returned the gesture, trying to incite his tongue into a wrestling match by licking his lips every few moments.

She moaned when he finally opened his mouth and let her tongue inside. She felt his hands creeping up her legs and under her skirt, and she didn't resist him. Opportunities like this were few and far between for the two young lovers, so bad hip or not, they were going to take advantage of it. He kept going and she was already on her way to get under his shirt when a deep voice interrupted them,

"I wouldn't do that if I were you," Tyr said, stepping out from the shadows of the arena. Astrid whimpered and rolled off Hiccup, who sat up furiously, "What are you talking about?" he asked quickly, awkwardly.

"Her hip is going to be as hot as coals where that gash was; you'll burn yourself if you touch it." he said, not moving and watching the two of them intently.

Astrid stood up carefully, "How long have you been here?" Kind of an off topic question for the circumstances, but a question nonetheless.

"Since I left the Hall." he answered. His face was still hard and emotionless, but he was talking at least.

Astrid gave Hiccup a look of concern and helplessness. What could they say? How on earth could they try and get Tyr to open up?

"Well...uh...why didn't you show yourself earlier?" Hiccup asked slowly, forming the question as he asked it.

"I prefer to be silent," Tyr replied curtly.

"Well, we can see that," Hiccup groaned. Astrid tried to stifle a giggle at his sarcasm and failed miserably.

"I thought you may need to know about the abnormal temperature of the skin around your scar, Astrid." Tyr said as he slinked away into the growing shadows.

Astrid may have felt even more hopeless after another seemingly fruitless conversation wit the mysterious man, but her mind was buzzing with joy and anticipation.

As soon as Tyr was out of sight, she exploded, "Did you see it!? Did you see it?!" she squeaked.

Hiccup watched her like a viking watching mead run out the keg, "See what? What has you so excited?" he asked.

"Tyr, Hiccup! I thought he was emotionless and stoic and weird! When you said that we can see that he prefers to be silent, it was small and insignificant, but he smiled!"

Astrid had no idea why this fact excited her so much. It was the truth. After Hiccups sarcasm, Astrid thought that she would be the only one laughing, but she had caught Tyr smiling! It was a breakthrough.

"So what, he smiled a bit. What's the big deal?" Hiccup asked, his voice strained and tired.

"The big deal is that at least Tyr isn't completely...different. He at least knows what is funny, and that gives us a good deal more information than we had before." she quipped. Her enthusiasm drained quickly though, as her eyes began to droop.

"I guess there is no chance of continuing our activities from before?" Hiccup asked, giving her a sly look.

Astrid returned his grin, "Well, maybe somewhere more...comfortable," And with a wink, she grabbed his hand and they began a slow walk down the mountain.

Their planned attempts to be silent failed as they fell through the door of the forge, kissing and grabbing with a vengeance. It wasn't long before Astrid's shoulder pads clanged onto the floor and her skirt soon followed, leaving her wearing only her woolen clothes.

The pair tumbled through the forge, running into walls and falling over chairs, but they never stopped trying to remove each others clothes. Finding their way to Hiccups office and the little cot that was there, they pulled the furs over themselves, their naked bodies stinging from the cold.

There, they kept kissing and touching each other with the passion of long separated lovers. Astrid could feel Hiccups hands caressing her skin, feeling like the softest velvet.

"Ouch!" Hiccup yelled.

"What!? What is it?" Astrid panted. The long kissing and mad rush for the cot had left her breathless.

Hiccup swung out of the bed, lit a small candle and showed her his hand. It was singed red and blistering in a few places.

"Wow," Astrid mumbled. Tyr had warned them that her hip would be blazing hot, but she had thought that he was being apocalyptic and annoying, but he was right. Hiccup had burned himself on her skin!

"Why can't I feel it if it's so hot?" Astrid wondering aloud.

"Astrid, I think that it's just your skin that's so hot; I touched your hip plenty of times when we still had clothes on, and it felt normal," Hiccup said contemplatively. With that, he got up and walked bravely into the forge.

She thought he was brave because he was still naked, and it was cold, very cold. Astrid could feel the toned muscles in his arms and back, but to her and only her, he was a sight to behold while wearing nothing. She loved how his skinny back was layered with muscle and how he had not a single shred of wasted flesh. Every bit of him was either muscle or bone and his arms, while still spindly, were also lean and knew exactly how to work her into a frenzy.

Walking back into the office, Hiccup pulled Astrid out from under the furs and wrapped her hip with a bandage, being careful to not touch the skin again.

When he was done, he placed his good hand on it, "That's better. It's still hot, but not burning," He said, and slid back under the furs with her. They lay there for hours, their previous lust changed into a romantic urge to just be with each other. Astrid felt that they had been apart for far too long and cherished their time together. Soon, she fell into a deep sleep, keeping her body warm next to his.

The next morning, Astrid woke up under the warm furs, and to her surprise, Hiccup was still there, slumbering soundly. She sighed contently and snuggled up to his side, longing to bathe herself in his warmth.

For the first night in a long time, she had gone the full night without seeing part of her dream about the village, and the destruction of it. Her nights in the medicinal coma had been chaotic. Her dreams had vaulted between the destruction of the village, repeated attempts to discover the identity of the blood covered man, and a new segment of the dream that involved the deaths of several people that she did not know. She had watched in horror as the unknown man sliced them down with bloodthirsty ease. It had frightened her, but she had no time to contemplate what that might mean.

"Why good morning beautiful," Hiccup said as he leaned over to kiss her lovely hair.

"Good morning," she said back, kissing his neck.

They made small talk until a voice rang through the forge, "Hiccup! You in here?"

Of all people, it was Gemeye who was there, looking for him.

"Oh crap, what do I do? What do I do?" Hiccup stammered.

"Go out there and talk to her!" Astrid whispered.

"Naked?! My clothes are out there!" He whispered back furiously.

Astrid flopped her head back and groaned. Hiccup, the glorious idiot, and left all his clothes out in the forge. That was when she realized that she was a glorious idiot as much as he was. If her memory was not tricking her, her armored skirt and shoulder pads were right next to the door!

"Hiccup, you need to get her to go outside or something. We can't do anything with her in here!" Astrid whispered again.

Hiccup scoffed and then placed a finger over his lips, "Gemeye! Can you wait outside? I'll be there in a minute!" He yelled.

Astrid listened closely as she heard Gemeye rattle something, then they heard the door close. In a flurry, Hiccup jumped out of the bed and scampered out into the forge. A minute later, he returned, his arms full of clothes and metal armor.

"Ok, well I'll see you later!" He said quickly. He gave her a quick peck and ran back outside. She heard him greet Gemeye and listened as their voices faded, leaving her in silence once more.

Figuring that she better get dressed and leave before anyone else came to the forge, namely Gobber, and catch her there, naked in Hiccups cot. She lifted the furs and rolled her legs out from under them. The bandage Hiccup had fixed on her hip was still on , and Astrid decided to leave it that way if another wonderful opportunity came upon them. She donned her wool clothes and shoulder pads, then gave all her attention to the skirt. Fastening the last buckle, she strode out of the office and into the forge.

Once there, she swayed a bit as her head got dizzy and hazy. She was experiencing some heavy deja vu, because she could picture the curtain being ripped and broken, the walls of the forge falling out, and she found herself staring at the image from her dream.

She shook her head violently to get the image to leave. It brought on her worst fears at that time, which was losing the village, losing her loved ones, and most of all, losing Hiccup. He was everything to her, and without him, it seemed pointless to wake up every day.

Once her head cleared, she made her way outside to meet the day. Opening the door, she was stunned to find a bright, bright sun shining down on the island and to find the people milling about avidly. Luckily, nobody turned a suspicious eye on her and why she was coming out of the forge in the morning, so she took the chance to remove herself from there. Walking along the main road that went through the square, Astrid was happy to find that life was proceeding as normal.

Men were hauling in the mornings catch, mothers were hauling their kids of to school, hauling lazy teenage sons and daughters out of bed, hauling in washing and generally going about their days work. She sighted Hiccup walking down on the docks with Gemeye, and he was describing something to her avidly using his hands. Walking back up to her house, Astrid was happy and terrified to see that her mother was still home this morning.

"And where were you last night young lady?" Her mother asked. It was the type of question in which your answer determined your fate.

"Uh...I was...um...I was with Azure?" Astrid mumbled. She was caught as soon as the words left her mouth.

"Azure hasn't moved in two days, Astrid. Now you should know damn well better than to do something as foolish as staying out all night after your injury! I was worried sick that that madman had kidnapped you to finish the job! Don't you ever do that to me again, you hear?" her mother screamed. Despite her wonderful night, Astrid knew she would get the third-degree from her mother. Despite having been on Berk for nineteen seasons, Astrid was still subject to her mothers wrath.

"Astrid, you might be a young lady now. I know you've tried to be strong since your father's passing. I know that you've got responsibilities as a dragon trainer, but you're still my Astrid. I thought I lost you too and I would hate for that to happen." Her mother said, more tenderly.

Astrid hugged her mother, "I know mom. I'm sorry." She mumbled, and went off to find her brother so she could take him to the Elders lodge. No matter what happened, Astrid always had her family.

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