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Her hair was longer again. Her reddish-brown hair reaching up to her waist now after seven months had come and gone. Maybe I should cut it a bit up to my elbows, Alys thought as she did her hair into a ponytail. I could ask Selendrile to do it for me.

The young girl looked down at the stream once done filling her jug of water to see her reflection on the clear water. She was greeted by the same reflection like always. Light brown eyes and eyebrows, and freckle-free cheeks on her tan skin. Execpt the fact that she had light black shade underneath her eyes from her lack of sleep. A small grayish hue fish swimed under her see-through image. It was in no rush what-so-ever. It was fine for Alys, she didn't wanted to continue looking at herself.

Leaning back on her bended legs Alys gave out a sigh. It has been seven months since she left her home village, St. Toby's-by-the-Mountain, and become Selendrile's friend. She should be happy that Selendrile had offer her to travel with him yet why was she being haunted with theses dreams? Alys tightly close the lid to her medium size water jug and place it next to Selendrile's one.

She did told Selendrile once about her dream expect it wasn't really a nightmare but just a bad dream which one of them was of her father dying in front of her stabbed by Gower in the back. He would then call me a Witch for bewitching him to do this. Selendrile reply if she wanted him to go eat Gower but she quickly told him no. Even if it was Gower who had made Alys furious to have revenge of sending Atherton to accuse me of being a Witch in front of everyone if it wasn't for him at the end I wouldn't have meet or become Selendrile's friend. Plus he doesn't have my father's land at all anyway!

However this dream was worser and longer than this one and the other ones. Keeping it to herself was already eating her up from the inside!

A rustle in a bush behind Alys's back. She got up and spin around to see Selendrile in his golden dragon form. She put back the knife she had in her hand on the half-worn out traveling bag. How could Selendrile be silent when he was in his dragon form that was taller than me everytime? Quickly turning back around to avoid seeing Selendrile changing into his human form, unfortunatly going to be undress in front of her.

Alys bend down to grab the small traveling bag and open it to get out Selendrile's clothes. Focusing just on his purple eyes as she gave him the clothes including the almost-once-new boots. She didn't miss the amusement in his eyes before she focus on the scenery. Looking at the trees over his head that had their leaves flung out of their branches then to the upstream where twenty or more orange spotted black fishes were jumping trying their best to get to top. A breeze blew the cool water's mist to her face and bare arms as it forms goosebumps.

She should just tell him. It will help her out telling him of her nightmare-like dream once again. Alys lick her lips before she whispers, "I had the same dream again Selendrile expect that it was longer this time." She rub her arms waiting for him to say something.

He didn't reply.

The young girl turned around to see him sitting cross-legged on the grassy floor, tilting his head slightly. She resisted the urge to sigh and went to sit down in front of him, cross-legged also.

"You shouldn't feel too guilty Alys of not wanting to talk about your dream. I'll listen when you're ready to tell me about your dreams again," The young dragon finally declare, his face showing no emotions.

Studying my fingers clasp together Alys question herself if she should tell him her dreams or most likely nightmares. The other choice being just keep it all to herself and hope she won't have them anymore. Alys frowned at herself thinking angrily, I won't have told Selendrile about my dream problems at all then if I didn't want help or second guessing myself right now if I wondering what choice I should take! So just tell him!

Exhaling she nodded, the choice made.


Fire is engulfing every house, every trees and plants,also the villagers. I can see Gower running past me, fire coming out of him and vanishing but more will replace it. His black footsteps trailing behind him.

Looking back at the village is where his wife and daughter, Una and Etta, were crawling on the ground after him slowly. Their rotten flesh clawing and pulling their dead weight forward. Blacken skin as I can see a few patch of bones in their arms, neck, and faces. Dresses all ruined and burnt in alot of places. Their breaths are wheezing.

Yet they don't care that they're dying and no one will save them as they keep crawling. I know I'm trap, being tied to a pole, and they knew it also. They're underneath the mud but their hands are at surface and grab my feet with force, ripping the bottom of my dress as they climb themselves out of the mud, looking at me with fury. Trying to kick them away from me but they are still coming back.

There's heavy breathing upon my neck and just by the voice I know who it was. Gower. "You foul Witch! Calling the Beast to burn our village! First bewitching us, killing off your own father, now letting your Beast kill everyone!"

No, I'm no Witch! I didn't see a hand slap me but felt the sting of it. Opening my mouth in disbelf for Atherton was literally floating in front of me! The angry marks of the iron chains still around his neck, his light brown eyes having been roll up to the back of his head. "Don't speak out of turn, Witch!"

"We should have drowned her!" Etta hissed out.

"You got your wish Alys. Even the babies are slowly dying! Can you hear them?" Una shouted with all her strength, pointing a decaying finger at me.

Yes, I can! Make them stop, I didn't mean it at all! The babies were crying and almost screeching of the unbearable heat and choking on smoke. I didn't see them only heard their chorus of pain.

The St. Toby's village was gone becoming one with the darkness. All the villagers that I knew all my life was circling around with glares and calling me a witch in one voice. Different people will cry out what my punishment should be. Hang her, burn her, poison her, feed her to the wolves. Not being able to slump my shoulders in defeat I heard a roar.

A dragon's roar.

I knew who it was to safe me once again. Selendrile! Indeed it was him in his golden dragon's form. Light radiating out of his body and whitish-blonde hair. Another slap from Atherton to hush her up.

How could he know that I'm speaking in my mind, inside my dreams, I didn't know. My eyes were starting to get watery from the hard slap but I bite my lower lips to stop them from flowing down my cheeks. Not going to cry in front of him to make him feel good to feel supreme!

Selendrile was closer now but the villagers were uneffected by his presence over their heads. He stop short behind Atherton. Flames starting inside his mouth. "Burn the Witch, Dragon," He ordered before stepping aside. Everyone starts cheering and encouraging the Golden Dragon to get rid of me.

I did the opposite thing; I screamed in fear as fire engulfed around me. Screaming out for Selendrile not to do this. Atherton just laugh at me behind the flames. "I can't believe my daughter is a Witch," My father's voice echo around me as if his words was the flames.


Selendrile didn't say anything just listen to me talk about my dream. His emotions were under his control expect when I mention Gower, Atherton, my father, and mostly himself; angry, disguted, almost pity, and surprise. But they were gone shortly.

I waited for him to speak, to say anything comforting but then he again tilts his head again to the side. Softly sighing I put my head on my hands. I can't blame him; he probably doesn't have expericences or had study before how other people help others who have nightmares every night . Plus this is Selendrile!

Wanting to break the silence I stated, "Thank you for listening to me again."

Slowly blinking his eyes at me he wrap his warm fingers around my hands and put them down. He didn't let go and I started blushing unexpecting. "Alys," He whispers softly in my ear, "I would never hurt you. Never, okay?" I nodded.

"And I know your father won't say that to you and died from the horror of what you are not in the first place. You are his daughter and he loves you." I smile and wipe away a single tear thanking Selendrile for cheering me up again.

I relook down at our linked hands I addressed this to him, "Um you can let go...of my hand now."

He put on a face of confuse at my statement. "Don't couples hold hands to express their love of being together?"

I could feel my warm blood increasing in my cheeks. "W-We're just friends Selendrile!" I stammered out. My heart just wanted to creak at those words.

There was a flick of disappoint in his eyes before it was gone. "Oh...I see." His fingers slip from mines and before I could grab them he got up.

Why did I say that? "Selendrile wait!" I got up, not bothering to bush off my dress to go after the young dragon but he was further away from me, pushing aside a low branch as if it was just a fly. I duck underneath it.

I didn't want to admit that I had feelings for him right away because I wanted to be sure that Selendrile had feelings for me too. I didn't want to bear it if he started to laugh at me if I tell him that him. So why did I tell him that we were just friends? Because maybe I thought he will say something else then 'I see.'

He stop suddenly and was about to turn left when I crash into him. I curse myself for not stopping in time as we roll down the hill. I could see the sky, then the ground, next Selendrile's brown shirt going around and around. I wanted to scream but instead I started laughing out loud.

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