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Summary: Soul mate! Fic. Only one soul mate has their partners name written on the inside of the wrist and Blaine Anderson has been searching for Kurt Hummel since he was nine years old.

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Chapter 1: Written

Soul mates dated back since anyone could first remember. It was only the males who received their soul mates name on the inside of their wrist in beautiful black calligraphy. It was seen as a task for the males to prove their love to their soul mate as they searched for them. For those who were male and had a male name written on the inside of their wrist, they senetnced to be hanged.

Soul mates had a dark history and it still was dark today but was becoming more acceptable for males to have male names appear on their wrists. You couldn't help who your soul mate was. The name appeared when your soul mate went through a great change. Usually the name appeared at puberty but for Blaine Anderson the name Kurt Hummel appeared when he was only nine years old.

He had been the first in his class to receive a name and had been bullied when everyone found out that it was a boy. Blaine was able to ignore them for a while because he could feel great sadness from his soul mate and wondered what had happened to him. Soul mates were able to feel very strong emotions from their partners, it's how they could tell if something was wrong. How they knew if their partner had died before the news even reached them.

Blaine would trace the name, wishing that his soul mate could feel the comfort he so desperately wanted to give him. For months the sadness sat deep in Blaine's belly. He would come home from school and curl up on the couch with a blanket and cry; cry for the terrible thing that had happened to his soul mate and that he couldn't be there for him. Mrs Belinda Anderson would find him there and she would sit with him, gently stroking his curls.

She hated that Blaine was going through this and that his soul mate was too and yet there was nothing that she could do for them. She hoped that whatever was making her boys so sad would end soon. Finally, Blaine stopped coming home and curling up on the couch. He began to get his usual energy back, that smile that lit up his face. He had some moments of sadness still, where he would just sit and stare into space but they grew less and less.

Blaine eventually had to transfer to Dalton Academy – a zero tolerance bullying policy in place. There he found that he was not the only one to have a male name on his wrist. A tall, blonde boy by the name of Jeff had a fellow class mate Nick Duval written on his wrist and the two had been together since they were fourteen. Nick had Jeff's initials on his wrist, a common thing with gay soul mates. Blaine hoped that he would be with his soul mate soon. Everyone could see how happy the two of them were, how they were so in sync with one another. It wasn't so uncommon that you found your soul mate when you were in school. They were the lucky ones who didn't have to search and search until the felt complete.

A few years went past and Blaine still hadn't found his soul mate. He had searched but wondered if his soul mate was in a different state, growing up somewhere out of Ohio. He was sitting in English, carefully taking notes when he felt his wrist tingle. Blaine gently traced his fingers over it, looking at the name.

Suddenly he couldn't breathe. Wave after wave of sadness crashed down on him, his heart breaking in his chest. Blaine gasped, gripping the table tightly. Everyone stopped and stared at him. Wes and David – Blaine's friends – quickly sprung into action, loosening his tie and undoing the top button of his shirt.

"Blaine? What's wrong?" Wes asked, his voice steady and calm.

Blaine couldn't answer, afraid that if he did he would scream. His soul mate was devastated, scared. Blaine let out a choked sob and could feel tears rolling down his cheeks.
How is he standing this? Blaine wondered. What's happening?

"Give him some room," David's voice instructed and Blaine slid off his chair, curling into a ball and he sobbed painfully.

"Take him to the nurse," the teacher instructed and Blaine felt David and Wes's hands on him before it became too much and he blacked out.

In Lima, Ohio, sitting on a cheap plastic chair was Kurt Hummel. He face was stained with tears and he sniffed loudly, to sad to care how disgusting it was. He leaned forward in his chair and squeezed his father's hand tightly but felt no response. Kurt ducked his head and another tear slid down his cheek.

Burt Hummel looked so small and vulnerable as he laid unconscious in the hospital bed, white sheets tucked up to his chin. Kurt had never seen his father like this. Burt Hummel always reminded him of a protective bear, nothing able to bring him down.

It seemed that even the great Burt Hummel could not fight a heart attack. Kurt didn't know what to do. It was only him and his father and now Kurt was facing the prospect of being alone. Kurt bit back a sob, biting his lip to stop it.

Kurt looked down at his wrist where the initials BA were forever etched into his skin. He had no idea what BA stood for but he knew that his soul mate was a boy. He was gay and it would be life's last cruel joke to him if his soul mate turned out to be a girl. The initials appeared when your soul mate finally got your name.

Kurt had been surprised when he had only gotten initials like the girls did but was secretly pleased. He enjoyed the romantic notion of his partner trying to find him, looking at his name and tracing his fingers over it. Santana Lopez and Brittany S. Peirce were soul mates. Santana had Brittany's name on her wrist while Brittany had Santana's initials. Kurt hadn't been all that surprised, nor had he been surprised when Tina and Mike announced that they were soul mates.

Kurt stared bitterly at the bed. He wouldn't find his soul mate until he was out of Ohio, he was sure of it. He looked back to his dad and fresh knew tears welled up in his eyes. He wondered if his soul mate could feel this, could feel the sadness inside him. He wished now more than anything that he knew his soul mate. That he could comfort him and tell him everything would be alright and that he would never be alone.

But he didn't and it terrified Kurt that he could lose his father. He would be lost without him and he didn't think he could take that much sadness again. He heard footsteps and looked up to see Will Schuster and Emma Pillsbury in the door way, looking at him sympathetically.

"It's time to go Kurt," Will spoke quietly and Kurt squeezed his father's hand one last time but felt nothing in response. Silently Kurt stood, kissed his father's cheek and left the room, Emma and Will right behind him. He didn't say anything as followed Will to his car but gently pressed two fingers over the initials BA and drew comfort that one day he would find him.

Blaine woke up feeling groggy and blinked sluggishly. He looked around and found himself in the nurses office and shivered when he remembered how he ended up there.

"Hey, you're awake," Wes said and Blaine looked over to see Wes and David sitting down beside him.

"What happened?" Blaine choked out.

"You passed out on us," David explained. "Scared us half to death. What happened?"

"I couldn't breathe," Blaine said quietly. He could still feel the sadness throbbing though his body and shivered.

"You don't have asthma do you?" Wes asked and Blaine shook his head.

"It wasn't me. It was Kurt," Blaine explained and Wes and David's eyes widened. Almost unconsciously they touched the name printed on their skin. "Something happened. He's...he's devastated. I don't know how he was handling it, it hurt so much."

Wes and David knew all about Kurt from what Blaine had told them. Kurt, they gathered, has a pretty tough life, one filled with sadness and pain. Neither of them liked it and Blaine was getting antsy to find him, to stop the pain before his soul mate did something stupid.

"He didn't die did he?" David asked carefully and Blaine shook his head.

"No, no I can still feel him," Blaine whispered. "But he's so sad."

"They called your mum," Wes spoke up and Blaine looked to him again. "She's coming to pick you up. After she's hears this she'll probably keep you home for a few days. We all know you won't be able to concentrate knowing something is wrong with Kurt."

Blaine nodded. Normally he would deny this but he was to tired and worried about Kurt to pretend. He just needed Kurt to be okay.

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