"C'mon," you tell the dog as he's about to pull you past your building. The doorman smiles at you as he opens the door and you smile back, "Thanks."

"Pretty soon you'll be able to put a saddle on him and ride him around the block," the doorman chuckles.

"I can't wait," you call over your shoulder. Logan knows exactly where to go and sits down in front of the elevator, waiting. You still don't know about his name, but after seeing five minutes of the X-Men movie, Summer named him Logan.

When the doors open, you and Logan get inside. You wonder if you can teach him how to press the button for your floor.

When you open the door your mom stands up from the couch, "Where have you been? We're going to be late."

You let Logan off of his leash and kicks off your sneakers, "I know. I didn't see what time it was. My boss gave me a surgery at the last minute," you eye her. "And if I don't walk Logan before we leave, he'll make a mess. I'm going to take a quick shower."

"I didn't think that the OR would be backed up," your mom raises her hands. "But you know how slow Dr. Nash moves."

"Then stop scheduling him before me," you call peeling your shirt off as you walk to your bedroom. You yell out of the door as you pull off your pants, "Summer! Are you ready?!"

"Almost!" she calls back.

"I had to schedule him before you," your mom says in the doorway of your bedroom.

"You're the chief of surgery," you huff at her, "You don't have to do anything you don't want."

"I can't show favorites," she says, leaning on the door.

You pull your hair out of the ponytail, "You can show favorites to the best ortho surgeon in Chicago." You shoot her a playful smile.

She smiles at you. It's a proud smile and she nods, "I guess I can." She pushes off the doorframe, "Hurry, the Pierces will be here any minute. We're meeting Quinn and Rachel there?"

"Yeah, their flight from La Guardia was delayed so they're coming straight from the airport," you say and walk into the bathroom.

After a really quick shower and the fastest hairstyle of your life, you slip on your dress and pick up your shoes as you walk out of the bedroom. You smile when you find The Pierces sitting on the couch. Summer is sitting in the armchair in her pretty dress that she picked out just for tonight.

"You look stunning," Mr. Pierce says to you and gives you a hug.

You smile and accept the hug, "Thank you. You look pretty great too."

"Can we go now?" Summer asks from her place on the couch.

"Yes," you nod, "Just let me grab my clutch." You run into your room and transfer your necessities into your clutch before meeting everyone at the door.

The theatre is more beautiful than you imagined it and everyone is dressed so elegantly. You can feel your hands shaking as they hold onto your clutch.

"Hey," you hear Rachel say. You turn around and her face goes from a smile to a frown, "Are you okay?"

"I'm just nervous," you tap your clutch and see Quinn standing behind Rachel.

Quinn chuckles, "I'm sure you'll do fine."

"I'm not doing anything," you narrow your eyes at her, but she just laughs.

"It's very endearing how worked up you are," Rachel says as she hugs you and then moves on to the rest of your family.

Quinn touches your shoulder, "Are you going to be okay?"

You nod. "Yeah I think so." You take a deep breath, "How was your flight?"

"It was okay," Quinn smiles, "Rachel, however..." she trails off with a flip of her hand, "She almost broke my arm during some turbulence over Pennsylvania."

"How was O'Hare?" you ask, this conversation calming you, "I know sometimes it's a nightmare."

"It wasn't that bad because we went right from the plane to a cab," Quinn says to you and then says hi to everyone else.

You finally get to go inside and sit down. You think that you have the perfect seat. You want to be able to see the entire stage. You refuse to miss anything.

When the lights dim, your breath catches in your throat. An entire two minutes later, when she steps onto the stage, tears fill your eyes and spill over. Seeing Brittany dance in front of a sold out crowd makes your hear soar. There are other dancers on the stage, but you only see Brittany.

When she sees you crying, Brittany's mom sniffles and takes your hand. You glance over at her and see her in much the same state you're in.

You're rapt for the entire show and you can't rip your eyes away from Brittany.

The show goes by so quickly for you that you're surprised when the curtains close. But you're the first person on your feet, clapping for the dancers and more specifically, your dancer.

You look over at Summer and she's standing, clapping her littler heart out. You smile and rest your hand on her head. She looks up at you and calls over the applause, "Mommy was so pretty."

You nod and kiss her forehead, "She was."

You find that Rachel is bawling and Quinn is trying not to, but you can see a singular tear track down her face. Your mom can't stop smiling.

As you're all waiting by the back door for Brittany, you all talk about how well she did. Summer takes your hand and looks at the door. "Maybe we should go in and get her."

You quirk an eyebrow at Summer. She just grins up at you. Like she did when you were packing up your house in Lima when she put your car keys in a box that you had just taped up because she didn't want you to forget them on the long road trip to Chicago.

"What's going on?" you ask her.

"C'mon let's go in," Rachel waves to you and walks to the door. She catches it before it closes after a pair of dancers walk out.

"Are you sure we should?" you ask, but she pulls you inside.

Everyone follows with Rachel and Quinn who are leading the way. Rachel's arm is hooked through Quinn's and they talk about how most backstages look the same. You're holding Summer's hand and slowly walking through the hallways. They're mostly painted black. Then you pass banks of make-up mirrors that have been recently cleaned up. Then just beyond that you see the stage. Brittany's standing in the middle of it.

Everyone walks over to her and hugs her. Eventually you get your turn and kiss her, "You were so amazing."

"It felt amazing," she smiles and kisses you again.

"Are you ready?" you ask her. She's wearing black pants and a blue zip-up hoodie over a grey cami. You wonder if she'll want to go out for dinner or just go home. You bet she's exhausted.

She smiles at you, "Almost."

You hear a giggle and then look behind Brittany. You can see a few of her dancer friends hiding behind the legs of the stage. They all have huge smiles on their faces. Then you look behind you. Rachel is holding onto one of Quinn's arms, hiding her mouth behind Quinn's shoulder, but you know she's grinning from ear to ear. Brittany's dad has his arms around his wife with smiles on their faces. Your mom is holding Summer's hand.

"What's going on?" you ask, looking back at Brittany, but this time when you look at her you have to look down. Because she's on one knee. And there's a ring in her hand.

Tears jump to your eyes. You never expected any of this. You feel like you can't breathe. You start nodding even before she asks. She smiles and finishes the question anyway, "Will you marry me?"

You can't make words because you're crying so hard, but you continue nodding. She slips the ring on your finger. It's a perfect fit. Then she stands up and wraps her arms around you.

You cling to her and close your eyes. Cheers erupt from the small crowd of dancers and your family.

You pull away enough to kiss her and the cheers get louder. You smile into the kiss and rest your forehead against hers. Finally you manage to get out, "Yes."

"I love you," she picks you up and twirls you around.

You laugh out your answer, "I love you too."

You get married on the same stage five months later with all of your families and friends. At the reception in a hotel a few blocks away, Summer makes a speech. "Today my Mommy is marrying Santana." Summer says, reading off of her paper that she proudly told you earlier that she wrote herself. "I'm so happy that they finally got married." She pauses for some 'aww's. You look over at Brittany and take her hand before looking back at Summer. "I know that Santana loves my Mom and me. We love her too. I'm glad she's going to love us forever because she's my mom now too." Tears start pouring out of your eyes. Summer grins and adds, "And now when they go on their honeymoon, I get to go. We're going to Disney World."

Everyone laughs. When Summer jumps down from the chair she was standing on, she runs over to you and Brittany. You pick up Summer and set her in your lap, giving her a hug. "That was so pretty baby girl."

"Thanks," she hugs you around your neck. "Can I call you Mom now?"

Tears just keep running out of your eyes and you nod. You look over at Brittany who is crying as well. You kiss her and then kiss Summer's head. They've been your family for a while now and now Summer is calling you mom. You can't imagine how your life could be anymore perfect.

Actually you can. You and Brittany have been trying to have another child for a few weeks. You're going to tell her tonight that you're pregnant.

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