A/N: This is essentially how I thought The Last Guardian should have ended. It's mostly a series of one shot chapters that sort of string together into a cohesive narrative. This is also my first fan-fiction published on the internets so hooray! I'm very excited to see my fan-fiction writing on the internet after so many years of writing it on little scraps of paper floating around my room, so I hope this thing goes successfully, but more importantly, I hope you enjoy the fic! :)

Universe: Artemis Fowl- post The Last Guardian so spoilers ahead.

Ships: some Artemis/Holly at the end.

Description: Now that he has reviewed his past, Artemis must make a choice.

Disclaimer: Owning characters, events, etc. as well as making money off of it are what Eoin Colfer and the folks at Disney Hyperion do, not what I do. I own nothing.


Part 1 Introductions

The soldier, the inventor, and the storyteller escort the new born teenage boy into the manor before the inhabitants are able to wake up.

They tread carefully through a childhood home that is foreign to him, and bring him to his supposed bedroom, where they dress him in comfortable clothes that keep his body warm. They introduce themselves to him as friends from the past, but he can not quite place this "past" in his mind. The concept that he has been someone before the moment when he smelled roses is confusing him, but he understands the concept of "roses" without anyone telling him, so he's not yet willing to rule out the possibility of another life.

The tall man in the dark suit introduces himself as "Butler." Butler assures the boy that despite his size, he is there to protect him, so that he may remain safe, and have a better future.

The one with four legs and the face of a man says his name is "Foaly." He tells the boy all about the marvelous inventions and gizmos he's created and this piques the boy's interest for a moment. He is beginning to remember some of them and says so to the four legged man. Mechanical dragonflies and flying cars. Watches that tell more than the time and backpacks with wings fitted into them. Foaly only admits creating a few of the inventions, but he will not say who made the other ones.

Finally, the smaller woman with red hair and tan skin who told him of a boy searching for a book in Ho Chi Minh City introduces herself as "Holly." The boy asks what her purpose is and she replies that for now, "It's simply to help you remember who you were- or are."

The boy nods and yawns and the four legged man named Foaly tells him that he needs rest and that he should go to sleep.

The three help the boy into a bed which is soft and warm and before he closes his eyes, the boy looks up at the three figures staring over at him and gives a gentle smile that feels unfamiliar to his face.
"I am so happy to have friends like you," he sighs before drifting off to sleep.