For those who know the Donatello Brothers, I am doing this story for them! So, here is Musical Tragedies!

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Another successful dance turned into a great party afterwards. The moonlight shined down all over Paris, France, and music filled the silent wind. Most people are just talking to the main star of the show: Phantom R himself. He answered a lot of questions, yet he felt like he needs some time to be alone because of the crowds.

"He has his hands full tonight, am I right…?" One voice whispered. The other who received the message nodded. The two teenagers, who were watching Phantom R walk to the bridge, just sighed. Still, each performance brought the three of them together in friendship. These two are twins, both eighteen, the same age as Phantom R. Their appearance is the same to each other and the Phantom's, but the tie and band on their fedoras are grey, and their hair is black. However, their identity is concealed, for their eyes are covered by a shadow that was formed from their hat brims. One was watching their head leader walk to the bridge; the other was reading a collection of poetry from Edgar Allen Poe. Still, they have names; their names are Galileo and Leonardo Donatello.

"…Aren't you even going to look up, Gal?" Leonardo whispered again. His younger brother didn't look up from his book. The tragic world of Poe has Galileo absorbed into the place, seeing what is happening. He seems somewhat unfazed at Leo's question.

"…" He did not even say anything. Leo then snatched the book out of Gal's hands. He stares at his older brother. "…I'm sorry…I can't help it but just read." Galileo made another meaningless excuse to his reading.

"We need to go home now. Let's say good night to Phantom R before we go." Leonardo suggested as he stands up from the bench those two have been sitting on for a while. His knees popped without any sounds. Galileo stands up next, stretching his arms. As the two of them turned around to see the bridge, their leader isn't there anymore. They knew that Phantom R was standing at the bridge's edge a while ago. They ran all the way there, hoping that their leader is still there.

"…Leonardo…Galileo…look out…" Phantom R weakly commanded. The two brothers turned around to see Phantom R beaten and slashed at. Blood flowed from different cuts, two on his forehead, one from his stomach; various wound piercings spotted Phantom R's flawed body, one a few inches away from his stomach, and one directly at his heart. "Napoleon…he…did this to…me…" He wanted to let the two brothers know who they should be looking for.

"Look, we'll get you some help!" Galileo cried as he got down on his knees to carry their partner. "We could, right Leo!? We can still help him, can we!?" Leonardo shook his head.

"We can't. He's already in bad condition; if anything else happens to him, he will get worse. I am older than you, and that's what I think." Leo replies to the question. Galileo stood up, his hat falling off his head. The shadow disappeared from his face, revealing innocent green eyes. "We should leave him here."

"Then the constables will take him to the hospital, then to jail! We cannot abandon Phantom R!" The two dancers continued to argue about R's path. Either that they take him to the hospital, or they wait for Inspector Vergier to come and him to the place, then straight to the station.

"Guys…you really shouldn't be…fighting over how my life…will turn out…." The rhythm thief weakly spoke again. This time drawing the dancers' attention, they looked down at the dying thief. "My life is…almost over now, even as…we speak. You have to…leave me here…. Just watch…your backs because…Napoleon…will probably attack the two of you next. He'll…" Phantom R stops breathing…and no pulse was found. Galileo kept looking for a pulse, but he felt his wrist being gripped by his own brother.

"…Just lay him down here. We need to get out of here, or we will be the guilty ones." Leonardo commanded his younger sibling. Gal refused; the two of them are now struggling for the corpse. It so happens that the oldest won this short battle. He places the dead body on the other side of the bridge, where some grass and a willow tree were growing. "There. Now he looks peaceful now. Come on, now! We need to leave!" He grabs Galileo's wrist and the two of them ran all the way back to their apartment. As they were running, tears trailed down both of their faces, occasionally falling on the road. They don't know where they were going or how fast they are moving. Leonardo almost ran into a flower cart, and his brother nearly ran over a baby carriage. They didn't stop their pace until they reached their home. Nothing will be the same anymore; no more performances especially. Once they entered their room, consisting of a bunk bed, two desks on each side, an easel and a bookshelf, the two of them got in their beds and cried miserably. Galileo cried the loudest; his shouts of pure sorrow and misery filled the room. Leonardo remains quiet, but his tears soaked up his pillow.

"…What will become of us now, brother…? Without Phantom R, we are nothing…" Gal questioned. His voice was muffled by his pillow. Leo's voice was above him.

"I do not know. But we should do something about this…like find Napoleon…"

"But he will hurt us too, like what he did today. We can't afford to lose each other… And I can't lose you… Without you, it feels like half of my heart is gone with you…"

"I know, Gal. I would feel the same way about you if you die…"

"Leo…I don't want to die…"

"Neither do I. But trust me; we will find him, and we will kill him…" Galileo's hand dangled down from the side of the bunk bed. Leonardo then took the offer. "I promise, Napoleon will suffer, like how Raphael did today…" So now, the day is over. A new beginning…is starting…

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