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The night was already easy to sleep through, but the thought of being experimented for having psychic powers will be a nightmare. Leonardo thought of the same thing, being strapped down to a table, having his wing buds removed because they grew into his back muscles. But still, they were asleep for a long amount of time. It was already seven o' clock, and Galileo was trying his powers without learning. He only got a one or two plates off the table, but only held them in the air for two minutes. Leo was quite impressed with his younger identical.

"Well, you got no lessons, and you already know what to do." Leonardo calls out from the other room. Galileo smiles to himself, and thought about what he dreamt of last night…

In the dream…

"Please, let me go! I don't want to do this for you! Let go of me and my brother!" Galileo dreamt of himself being forced to undergo several tests…and it was about his "gift". Leonardo was brought in as well, and he was kept in isolation from his younger brother, so the two of them won't be able to communicate with each other.

"We cannot abide that. Now, keep moving." One of the scientists pushed the dancer to make him move faster into a room. It was a little white room with several items lying on top of a table, like heavy books, knives, a fifty pound weight, and more items. "We know what you can do. Levitate the objects you can limit yourself to." He did what he can do, and tried the knives. "Good, now keep them in the air as long as you can." Said another. The knives stayed in the air for, again, two minutes. They then dropped to the white tiled floor with a clatter.

"That's all I can do, just like you said. Now can I…" A knife was inserted into his stomach, and the end of it was seen on the other side. Galileo turns around to see the one person who might want him dead: Napoleon Bonaparte… The knife was drew back, blood splattering onto the floor.

Present day…

He tells Leonardo the dream, and it left the two twins very concern. "We must keep our eye for Napoleon. We can't let him kill us. We can't be the next on his list." A knock on the door startles the two.

"What's the matter? It's me, Elise!" The person on the other side of the door shouted. Leo and Gal look at each other, and noticed that they were holding each other. They then backed off so Gal can open the door. This time, Elise was wearing a white dress with black zigzags at the bottom of the dress, and along with it, a purple scarf and black gloves. "The two of you seem stressed. Is something bothering you guys?"

Galileo tells Elise about the dream, and she turns to a newspaper article. She points at one in particularly: one about Jean-Francios. "He was found dead this morning. The constables said that he was stabbed by a sword, probably Napoleon's sword. Besides, he's the one who can use one other Raphael."

"That does make sense. But…why would Napoleon kill his ally? It makes no sense."

"Well, probably he didn't need Jean anymore. Listen, I was planning on a séance. If we can communicate with Phantom R, maybe we can learn about what Napoleon is planning to do in future reference."

The two dancers agreed to the idea. Later on during the day, all three practiced more on ice skating again, and eventually prepared for the séance that night. However, Elise can tell why Galileo received the dream and not Leonardo: because Galileo was the first to ever met Elise in Paris, it left him exposed to anything. And since he gained those new powers, he can't use them without learning the proper education to using them. On top of that, he has a relationship with her.

Later on that night…

"So…are you guys ready to do this?" Elise asks the two dancers. Leonardo nods to the question, while Galileo was still uncertain if it will work. He holds onto Elise's hand and squeezed it tightly. "Don't worry. Now, try to fetch me some of Raphael's stuff. If he notices that we have some of his belongings, then I'm sure he will come." Immediately, Leo goes off to get the coin Issac left Raphael to keep, his fedora, and a picture of him and Marie. "That's good. Put them in the middle of the table."

All the items made a clattering sound, but were reduced a little by the fedora. "This will work, right?" Gal whispers to his brother.

"Yes. Just trust her. If it doesn't, then we can try again sometime again."

"Boys…let us begin…"

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