Chapter one

Even though Harry Potter was exhausted and wanted nothing more than just to sleep and sleep for a long time, he needed to see Madame Pomfrey but he also wanted to talk to Ginny. So after leaving Hermione and Ron so they could do down to the great hall to be with the rest of the Weasley's, Harry walked slowly up to the hospital wing. He stepped inside and saw so many people in beds, with three healers going from bed to bed healing their injuries.

Poppy saw Harry and walked over to him, 'Come to this last bed Harry.'

'You sound tired Madame Pomfrey.'

'Like you, we're all tired, but there's too much to do yet.'

'Yeah, there is,' Harry sighed then sat on the bed, 'I think I've got a few broken ribs, maybe some other breaks.'

'Lie down and I'll do some revealing charms over you,' she waited for Harry to lie down and saw the way he winced, so she realised Harry did have a few injures. She started to perform her spells before she summoned four bottles of potions, 'You had a break in your right foot, you're right elbow, four ribs were broken, plus a lot of cuts and burns, so drink these and you'll start to feel better. But you do need to rest for them to work.'

'I'm heading up to Gryffindor tower soon, I've been awake for so long, I'm absolutely knackered,' Harry took the first vial, he drank that, then the other three, grimacing at the taste.

'Normally I'd make you stay here, but you really just need rest and you wouldn't get a lot here, too many people.'

'Yeah, so I saw, is everyone here going to be okay?'

'Yes, there were some that we were able to save in time. Everyone here now just needs a lot of healing and a lot of potions. My potions rooms has five cauldron's going at the moment.'

'I'd offer to help Madame Pomfrey, but I was never that good with potions.'

'Thank you, but you've helped by killing that evil man. You've done enough, now go rest, you deserve it.'

'Alright, thanks,' Harry gave her a smile then slowly left the hospital and headed back down to through the castle and saw Hermione standing in the corridor, 'Hi, I thought you would be with Ron.'

'I was, but I was talking to Ginny, she told me something then asked if I could tell you.'

'Why you, I was going to talk to her, I just needed to see Madame Pomfrey first.'

'I'm sorry Harry and she should be the one telling you this, but she doesn't want to see you, meaning get back together.'

'But why, she told me on my birthday she'd be waiting.'

'She did for a while, but, oh I'm sorry, but she got close to someone else why we were away, their together.'

Harry stared at his friend before he turned and hurried out the busted doors of the castle and practically ran down to the black lake.

'I'm so sorry, she should have told you,' Hermione put her arms around Harry.

'Who is it?'

'She didn't tell me, I did ask though.'

'I really thought we'd get back together when this was over. I took too long to find them,' Harry felt himself choking up and kept taking deep breaths to try and control himself, 'When I was facing him, I never saw his face Hermione, all I saw was Ginny's. It kept me from showing how scared I was, he never got to see that, never saw me frightened because of her.'

Hermione tightened her hold on Harry, she could hear how upset he was by his voice. She was just as shocked as Harry was, Hermione always thought Harry and Ginny would end up together. She couldn't really blame Ginny, they were gone for so long, she just couldn't hang on.

'Hermione, Harry,' Ron said as he walked over to them, 'Dad said we're ready to head home and he said there's no use arguing, you're both coming back to the Burrow. Mum's been down in the kitchens getting some supplies until she can go shopping.'

'We should get going, we're all exhausted.'

'I'm not, I can't,' Harry stepped away from Hermione and knelt down at the waters edge, staring over the sunlit water.

'Dad knows about Ginny, but he said you still have to come back Harry, you're family and it's your home.'

Harry felt himself choke up again, he always thought he would end up part of the Weasley family, now it's not going to happen. But he didn't have anywhere else to go.

'I'll come back on one condition, I use the tent down in the orchard. I can't sit there with her always there. It will just be until I get out to buy my own place.'

'If that's what you want Harry and I think mum and dad would understand.'

'I've got the tent in my bag, so why don't we head in to join the rest Harry?'

'I'll be there soon, I want to put that back first. Tell your dad I'll be an hour or so, I want to make sure no one sees me near Dumbledore's tomb.'

'We can stay with you if you want Harry?' Hermione suggested.

'No, you head out, I'll be there soon. Maybe you could set the tent up for me though.'

'Yeah, we can do that mate. Don't be long though or mum will send us back here looking for you.'

'I won't Ron, go on, tell your mum I just need to do something, then I'll be there.'

Ron nodded, then hugged Harry because just like Hermione, he felt sorry for Harry and always hoped his friend would end up part of the family one day, now it's not going to happen. Hermione hugged Harry, she didn't want to let him go, but she knew she had to leave with Ron, he needed her right now. So they both walked towards the castle, then looked back at Harry who was still staring over the water before they finally walked inside and over to Ron's family who were standing together near one of the large fireplaces waiting to leave. Ron explained to his father what Harry said and then about the tent, Arthur nodded, knowing Harry needed to be able to get away from seeing his daughter all the time and realised Harry must have strong feelings for Ginny, so he was hurting right now. So Arthur held the bowl of floo power out to his family, one by one they stepped in and vanished from Hogwarts, Arthur looked around once more, then he left as well.