Chapter ten

Harry and Charlie's lips slowly parted but they kept staring at each other for the longest time.

'You should have told me.'

'You weren't ready to hear it. You needed to work everything out yourself.'


'Weeks ago, actually, it started that day in the tent. But remember what you told me, about getting close to anyone.'

'I was scared, surely you understand that.'

Charlie reached up and caressed Harry's face, 'Yeah, I do, but it made me cautious.'

'So that was the reason you wanted to stop it last night.'

'Yes, I wanted more than what you were willing to give.'

'After making love I realised I wanted more as well, god I love you Charlie.'

Charlie grinned, picked Harry up as his legs wrapped around his waist, 'I love you to,' their lips met again as they stumbled back and ended up against the kitchen wall still with all eyes on them.

'Um, not to interrupt you lovers, but we really don't want to see this go any further and if you two don't stop, it will. None of us want to see you're naked butts,' Bill grinned.

Harry and Charlie's lips parted, they grinned then Charlie lowered Harry to the floor but kept his arm around him and pulled him close before they both faced everyone and everyone was smiling, except Ron who looked stunned.

'Well, their smiling, well Ron looks like he's going to throw up.'

'Don't be a prat Charlie, but you just shocked the life out of me. My best mate and my brother are gay and all over each other. Not something I was expecting to see.'

'I wasn't planning on telling you quite that way either, Harry gave me no choice,' Charlie pulled Harry back to the table, sat down but had Harry sit on his lap.

'So it was Harry that gave you those hickies?' George grinned.

'Not just on my neck either, but Harry has a few of his own.'

'Alright Charlie, no details about any of it,' Arthur grinned at his son.

'I want details, so where else are these love bites?' George asked.

'Guess,' Harry chuckled, 'you'd probably get it right.'

'Oh, don't say that, now I have those bloody images in my head,' Ron shuddered.

'Hey, no imagining Harry naked, thank you Ron, he's mine.'

'Charlie,' Ron glared, then thought he'd play along, 'I've seen Harry naked heaps of times, so you weren't the first bloke to see him Charlie.'

Charlie whipped his head towards Harry, 'Oh yeah, so do I hear about this?'

Harry laughed, 'We shared a dorm room Charlie, not to mention the tent for months. All us blokes got to see each other quite a lot, isn't that right Seamus?'

'Can't be avoided, especially when they just step out of the shower and don't care who was in there.'

'You can't say the same thing didn't happen when you were at Hogwarts?'

'No, but more went on then just seeing naked people, that's all I'm saying about that though.'

'I don't need to know, that was your past, we're now and we're the future.'

'I like the sound of that, but I have something for you. Stay here,' Charlie lifted Harry then hurried up the stairs.

'When did you work out you were gay?' Hermione asked.

'Yesterday, well last night actually. I knew something wasn't right over the last few weeks. Charlie and I got talking, he told me when he worked it out and how, I basically worked it out as he was explaining.' Harry saw Charlie come back downstairs and he knelt near Harry, then opened his palm, 'Oh blimey, Charlie.'

'Will you marry me?'

Harry stared down at the large man's ring, then up into Charlie's eyes and saw the love, it was written all over his face.

Harry nodded, 'Yes, bloody hell yes, how about now?'

Charlie laughed loudly, then lifted Harry into his arms around, Harry instantly wrapped his legs back around Charlie's waist as their lips met in another passionate kiss.

'I think these two should head back to bed,' Bill said.

'I don't think anything will quench their desire,' George said.

'Harry's going to marry Charlie, that will make Harry my brother, for real,' Ron grinned.

Harry and Charlie's lips parted and faced everyone, 'Yep, it will as long as it happens quickly. But I do like Bill's suggestion,' Harry grinned.

'I think you can both wait for that, we have a wedding to plan,' Molly got up and went over to hug her son and Harry, 'This will really make you a proper member of the family Harry, even if we've thought of you as one for years.'

Harry grinned hugely, 'Thanks…mum.'

That was it for Molly Weasley, tears fell quickly down her cheeks as she hugged Harry again, then pulled Charlie into her arms and hugged both men.

'I don't think I've seen Molly this happy in a long time.'

Molly let go of Charlie, kissed his cheek, then let go of Harry, kissed his cheek before sitting down again.

'Plans, wedding plans,' Molly said wiping her face on her apron.

'Well, I know I want Bill, Percy and George as my best men, all three of them. I would say Ron, but I think Harry will want him.'

'Of course, Ron's my best mate. So Ron, Neville, but I have to have Hermione. You two have to be involved since we're been together through everything else.'

'You know I will mate, Neville will probably go into shock when you asked him though,' Ron said.

'Harry, it's all men, are you sure you want me in the wedding party?'

'Yes, you're my best friend Hermione, you've stuck by me through everything. Had a go at me when you knew I was being an idiot, not many people would do that with me. They felt sorry for me, you never did, treated me like anyone else. So what's it to be, are you going to be involved?'

Hermione stared at Harry then got up and hugged him, 'Of course I will.'

'And just think Hermione,' Harry looked at her face then to Ron, 'When you marry Ron, you'll be my sister, like I've thought of you for years.'

Everyone turned to stare at Ron who was bright red which naturally made everyone laugh. But right then and there, the Weasley family with their extra family members, Fleur, Harry and Hermione all realised their lives were theirs, there was no more danger, no war, and most importantly, no more death. They were safe and moving on with their lives and this wedding, Harry Potter and Charlie Weasley's wedding was going to be the first of many.

The end: