A/N: Just saw the Adventure Time episode What was Missing and thought I'd give my own take on this particular scene. Hope you enjoy.

The lights from the door gave Marceline a perfect silhouette against the softly darkening sky. Her face contorted, she was lost in the music. Concentrated. Lost in a wave of emotion as her voice sang the words, growing softer as the emotion tempered off.

"So why do I want to? Why do I want to?" She quit singing, looking down, noticing the Princess staring at her. She gulped. "Bury you in the ground..." Marceline groaned as the lights on the door went out, making it even more impassable than before.

Shit. The one time she let her emotions show...

Down below, Princess Bubblegum continued to stare up at her, almost like she was waiting for something. Some sort of sign...

The familiar ache returned. It had been so long since the Princess had looked at her that way. Focusing just on her, listening to her every word.

Marceline shook her head to clear it, fearing the unwanted memories would return. Memories of Bubblegum falling asleep in her arms, wearing the band shirt she'd given her. The night she took a chance and told the Princess how she felt about her through song.

The song hadn't been Marceline's best. To riddled in emotion, to heartfelt. She didn't work that way. But Bonnibel had loved it, told her it was good, worthy. And then kissed her before the two fell into bed, a tangle of arms and legs.

But not now. Everything they had shared was gone.


Before anyone could notice, the Vampire Queen wiped a tear from her eye, stealing her resolve as she stared down at the pink heartbreaker below her. She growled. "Stop staring at me!" She swooped down in a fury, getting in Bubblegum's face. "Ugh! You threw me off!"

There. That was better. The Vampire Queen was back. That night, Marceline decided something:

She would never let her emotions show again. Ever.