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Chapter one

Everyone who passed the small white house was curious about the new owners, the town of Forks new chief of police, and his wife Charlie and Isabella Swan.

"Do you know anything about them "everyone asked they all wanted to know about the new chief and so far all they knew was that Bella was his second wife, his first wife Renee had died in a car accident she had gone through the windshield long before he had met his new wife, and so far the couple was childless. That wasn't necessarily true, they didn't know that Charlie and Renee had a daughter, Charlie had gotten rid of any evidence showing he had a daughter her name was Isabella, and currently he was married to her. After Renee died Charlie had new birth certificates made for Bella, and after she turned twenty one they were married. The town had already planned a potluck to welcome them for the night they arrived. An orange pick-up truck pulled into the driveway of the little white house, a man getting out alongside a much younger woman.

" Charlie it's perfect so homey " gushed Bella as his arms came to be around her, he had just picked her up from the airport he had been in Forks trying to get the house ready for them to live in while Bella waited in Phoenix.

"Yeah this is our home Bells "muttered Charlie kissing her temple as her head fell into the crook of his neck.

" Daddy want to go get reacquainted as you give me a tour of the house…we can start with the bedroom after all we've only been married four months we're still on our honeymoon as far as I'm concerned " gasped Bella as he began to kiss her.

"Yes let me give you the grand tour "growled Charlie as he picked her up into his arms carrying her over the threshold into their home. They were halfway through the bedroom door when a knock sounded at the front door.

"Our first visitor…. sorry Charlie but the tour will have to wait "said Bella jumping out of his arms and running to greet their first guest. Bella answered the door; stepping outside almost bumping into the woman who had been knocking luckily Charlie came in time to steady her. The woman introduced herself as Mrs. Newton and at first Bella found her very friendly.

"Can I speak to chief Swann and his wives please dear…so if you'd just go get her "laughed the woman, Charlie could see this getting very bad very fast.

"Mrs. Newton this is my wife Bella "said Charlie gesturing to the woman standing next to him, the woman he had his arms wrapped around. " But….excuse me, but how old is she, you look old enough to be her…father " gasped Mrs. Newton looking as if she were going to have a heart attack as she looked at Charlie.

" She's twenty one " answered Charlie while Bella stood by his side speechless just staring at the woman, and for a split second she thought about telling Charlie to take her back to the airport, but decided she wouldn't let this woman run her off.

"Well I assume you will be coming to the potluck tonight with…her "said Mrs. Newton making an attempt to smile.

"Yes of course we will "said Bella speaking for the first time since she answered the door smiling politely at the woman, and in that moment Charlie was proud of her.

"Ok then well I'll see you tonight at seven "said Mrs. Newton before Bella closed the door in her face; after leaning her head against his chest.

"Bells don't let that bitch get to you "whispered Charlie putting his arms around her and picking her up again.

"Can we go back to Arizona "asked Bella in a whisper finally letting the tears come feeling as they slid down her cheeks.

"No we can't go back we live here now, but everything's gonna work out here I promise "promised Charlie setting her on the bed in their bedroom before sitting down next to her.

" We got that stupid potluck…we don't have time " said Bella seriously as he kissed her seeing a lusty look in his eyes as he laid her back on the bed.

" Screw the potluck besides we still got an hour and a half " growled Charlie kissing her neck before finding her lips again as her climbed on top of her holding her down on the bed. Charlie ripped Bella's shirt from her body, doing the same with the rest of her clothes before helping her remove his.

He slammed into her hot waiting core making sure to fill her completely, spreading her legs wider as she laid him on his back straddling him bringing his head to rest between her breasts, her hands on his shoulders. He moved inside her, they could feel their release building as he entered her again and again, as she moved her hips with his. Bella was on her back again now, his lips at her neck while his cock found her heat repeatedly entering her harder, faster, deeper as they silenced their cries of pleasure in kiss after kiss, his hands spreading his burn over her body, and what a delious burn it was.

"Fuck me daddy "begged Bella her legs wrapping around him, her nails digging into his flesh, and her body so close to Cumming. Charlie could feel her getting closer to her moment of release, and moved faster inside her core groaning as he came closer to his own release.

The couple came together, gasping, screaming, and shaking as their moment of bliss hit them hard.

"Oh god…daddy I needed that "gasped Bella her head on her husband's chest.

"I know baby…we both did "breathed Charlie his chest heaving as he breathing was erratic.

"I love you Charlie…daddy "whispered Bella falling into his arms, his fingers in her hair.

"I love you too "whispered Charlie his eyelids drooping as he started to fall asleep.

"Come on we got to get ready for that potluck "said Bella getting up from the bed and pulling him with her.

Handing Charlie his new uniform Bella pushed him in the direction of the bathroom, looking for a box for something to where herself after collecting the clothes she had arrived in from the floor, turning around to see Charlie still standing naked behind her.

" Charlie you really got to stop ripping my clothes off during sex I'm going to have to buy more before I run out…now go get ready " yelled Bella pushing him to the bathroom.

" I can buy you new clothes Bells, but I wouldn't mind if you walked around wearing nothing all day " called Charlie minutes before coming out of the bathroom looking very handsome in his uniform pulling her still naked body into his arms, and kissing her.

"Well I think the town of Forks would mind "said Bella as her eyes appraised him, moving up and down his body.

"You look so sexy in that uniform chief Swann "said Bella kissing him long and hard on the mouth feeling him start to push her toward the bed again.

Bella pulled away from him shaking her head as she began to put on a nice black dress on that showed just enough cleavage and in her opinion made her look like she knew a thing or two about fashion when she didn't. She felt Charlie come up behind her wrapping his arms around her as she looked at herself in the mirror, staring at her through the mirror.

"Stop staring Charlie "whispered Bella putting on her lipstick and combing her fingers through her hair.

"Can't help it that's one hell of a view "growled Charlie; kissing her and making another attempt to move her toward the bed.

"No Charlie we have to go "snapped Bella pushing away from him walking out of the bedroom, down the stairs, out of the house, and getting into the truck.

"Damn cock blocking potluck "seethed Charlie following his wife out to the truck.

The potluck was being held at Forks high school in the gym, pulling into the parking lot they could see the whole town was there. A mob greeted them as they came in to the gym, a million smiling faces many of those faces lost those smiles when they learned Bella was the chiefs wife. They shook hands as Mrs. Newton paraded them around like some sort of side show, many of the people they met shared Mrs. Newton's reaction to Bella. Bella held up like a trooper in Charlie's opinion, being polite, sweet, but Charlie felt as she clutched his hand that she didn't think this was going well. Charlie kissed Bella goodbye when she wanted to greet people separated a little nervous about the idea of it, but giving in as she walked into the crowd away from him.

After greeting people by herself for a while Bella went to find a bathroom, fixing her makeup after silently crying in one of the stalls, she hated how bad this was going and she hadn't even been in town one day yet. She heard footsteps approaching her way suddenly. Bella didn't know why probably because everything was going so bad, but ran into a stall to hide as she heard the footsteps getting closer. Mrs. Newton and another woman came in who she was certain she had already met named Mrs. Webber one of the few people who were nice to her probably because her husband was a minister. The two women began to talk; as they did Bella leaned against the door to listen making sure not to make a sound.

"Did you see chief Swanns wife…she's a little young, but I liked her she's sweet "said Mrs. Webber as she fixed her lipstick.

"She's a child I can't believe he married that whore…she may play all nice, but I bet within a week she'll be sleeping with every man in town…that's probably how she got the chief "seethed Mrs. Newton.

" You can't know that you just met her…she could be a sweet girl just like I said " defended Mrs. Webber as Bella put a hand over her mouth to keep them from hearing her.

"I bet that she is going to be one of the most faithful woman in this entire town when it comes to her husband…your problem is you judge people too quickly you should get to know her first "snapped Mrs. Webber turning to leave, Mrs. Newton following behind her, the two continuing to talk as they left, but Bella heard no more of what they said. Bella ran out of the stall when she was sure they were gone, searching the gym for Charlie trying to keep from breaking down in front of this crowd. Bella finally found him dragging him out of the gym and into a deserted hallway; it was getting harder and harder for her to keep her emotions in check.

"Bells what happened "asked Charlie as they stood alone in the empty hallway, Bella letting the tears come.

"I want to go home Charlie please I don't want to talk here…can we please go home "sobbed Bella falling into his arms sobbing into his shoulder.

Bella wouldn't look at him as he held her tightly in his arms, holding her securely trying to comfort her.

"Yeah Bells we're going home right now "whispered Charlie not bothering to go back to the gym, instead leaving out the nearest exit. He put her in the truck just as Mrs. Newton came running up to stop him from leaving.

" Chief Swann where are you going the parties just beginning…and you still have people to meet and greet…it's still early " begged Mrs. Newton finding any excuse to get them to stay. Charlie got into the truck not looking at her until her was inside then speaking to her through the window.

" We're both tired Mrs. Newton thank everybody for coming…but we're going home " said Charlie giving her a look that said this discussion is closed before starting the engine and driving away.

Bella was quiet the entire way home, staying on her side of the truck glaring at Charlie when he attempted to pull her close. When they pulled into the driveway Bella was out of the truck in an instant running into the house, and straight for their room. Charlie entered the room to find Bella lying on the bed curled into a ball on her side; from the doorway he could hear her crying. He didn't say a word, he turned off all the lights and wrapped his arms around her as he laid next to her on the bed, letting her cry, and cry, and cry until he had found she had cried herself to sleep.