Hey everyone how are all of you doin. My name is Dee Ketchum and yes i am Ash Ketchum's sister and i also just got my first pokemon!
And what's even more ironic is that of course my first pokemon is a pikachu but mine is a girl (yes i think ash's pikachu is a boy) but i got mine a whole week ago.'Well lets get going pickachu!' 'Pickachu!' she said. 'Now lets see where shall we go first Pickachu.' Then all of the sudden she jumped on the map and pointed at a place called Isshu Region ' Well i don't have any ideas so lets go!' And off we went but boy did i not know who i was going to meet.
'I think this is the place' i said 'I wish there was the a map around here' we have been walking around for hours there has to be a pokemon center around here somewhere 'ahhhhhhh!' i said when i fell on my face after tripping over someone 'AGHHHHH!' said a male voice, and a very husky one i might add, 'Sorry!' I blurted out picking myself up and trying to get a good look of who the voice belonged to 'I bet you are!' He yelled out of anger.
When i got up i could see that a big blob of purple hair and with them a pair of purple and slitly bushy eyebrows. And of course a very angry glare pointed in my direction and of course i couldn't help myself i looked at what he was wearing jeans and jacket not much but really helped his look of being a bad boy if that was what he was going for.
'I said sorry didn't I' I said getting mad 'I don't give a shit if you said sorry or not!' He said still giving me a murderous look 'What's your problem it's not like i hurt you that much ok' i said getting in his face 'What ever he said and getting up i stared and then all of the sudden a hand came out of nowhere and was in my face.
' Here' He said 'Give me your hand before your pickachu starts blasting lighning bolts he said while looking at my pikachu and he was right Pickachu was looking like a cat ready to pounce 'Pickachu it's alright you can calm down 'Piiiiiiiii' 'Pika!' she said what im sure meant why but ignored it and kept talking.
'Sorry she can get mad at almost anything' I said 'Guess she takes after her master then' He said while smerking and chuckling 'Boy you sure don't have any manners do you' I said 'But whatever just tell me your name so at least i can apoligize at least' I said 'Fine my names Paul and yours ' He said 'Dee my names Dee.' I said and we both shoke hands.
After that we actualy started to walk and talk and i could tell he didn't like that at first but then he started to open up and get in the conversation. "So where are you going anyway" I said " I'm going to Isshu Region what of it', he said 'Wow i'm going there to why are you going , i'm going b/c im going to challenge the gym leader how about you' I said 'Same here' He said.
'Well I hope you do your best too' I said 'Of course I am ...cough... I hope you do your best to.' He said I looked at him and blushed when i saw that he was blushing too.'Yea... thanks I will !' I said looking at him and smiling and saw that he blushed even more.
We had finally gotten to the region though it couldn't last forever i guess and i was just starting to know him too.'Well i guess this is it do you just want to part here' i regreted what i said and felt a sharp pain in my chest why would i feel that ,i just met the guy, 'Yea i guess we better ' he said that but it wasn't what his face said it said that he didn't want to leave anymore than i did but than i got a good idea.
'Hey do you want togoon a journey together!' I said , He looked at me as if i were crazy but it vanished quickly of a face of seriousness and he said ' Ok then but only on this you have to win in your matchagainst the gym leader" he said and hesaid this with a smile on his face. I looked at him if he were crazy this time but i kinda liked this guy so i said

Don't worry only the first part so SEE YOU NEXT TIME!
Dee: you better not forget though
Me: Don't worry i won't, just wait a little while
Paul: No waiting, hurry up and make it, i want to see how strong her pokemon are.
Me: Yea , Yea what ever :-P
Paul: Why You!
Dee: there they go, see you next time folks and please excuse her for not updating regularly or any misspelled words, is what i was supposed to tell you. Bye Bye!