Last time on Dee's epic journey

'Hey do you want to go on a journey together!' I said , He looked at me as if i were crazy but it vanished quickly of a face of seriousness and he said ' Ok then but only on this you have to win in your matchagainst the gym leader" he said and hesaid this with a smile on his face. I looked at him if he were crazy this time but i kinda liked this guy so i said

"I can't believe i said that!",Dee said
Why the heck did I say that why do i want to go on a journey with him anyway, I mean he was so mean when i only tripped over him.
I picked up Pikachu and helled her up over my head and layed down on my bed.
What do I do Pikachu, what if I loose the match and he laughs at me like I am a total idiot.
"Pikachu!" she said and jumped out of my hands and sat infront of me and glared at me, "Pika...Pikachu!".
Now what i think she said was, you shouldn't even care what he thinks of you just do your best to win it!
But if it wasn't then I don't know what she said but it had to do with trying to cheer me up as usual.
"Your right Pikachu. I'll do my best and get that badge!" I said "HeHeHe!"
"I'll make sure that I'll get that badge and see that face of his at how good I am!''

The next day...
Well let's go Pikachu let's get that badge and go on that journey..." I said that but all of the sudden I thought of Paul and blushed 'No stop that you just met the guy don't start thinking that he might actually want to go on the journey with you!'
I was hitting my head non-stop when I heard a chuckel behind me. I turned to look and started to turn red when I saw Paul standing there with a smirk on his face ' I see your as lively as usuall".
All I could do was stare at him with wide eyes, soon I stoped staring and turned still blushing thinking 'he looks really cute with smirk on his face' NOOOOOO! I said don't start thinking remember you have to focus on the match!
We were walking in silence to the gym and i just couldn't stop staring at him out of the corner of my eye 'I wonder if he also does pokemon battles'.
Hey i said he turned to look at me with a questional look ' Do you also do pokemon battles'.
'Yea I do' He said and turned i guess leaving it at that. O...k ' I thought what's with that you don't have to be such a bastard about .
We finally reached the gym. And i was nervous as hell what am i going to do will i win will i lose what am i going to do?
I took a long deep breath 'You can do this Dee you have done it before you can do it again"
I walked into the gym with Paul right behind me and Pikachu on my shoulder.
Hello what do you need a woman said 'Yes I am here to have a battle with the gym leader.'
Oh so your Dee Ketchum yes he is waiting for you so please get ready.
Thank you!'
'Well good luck' Paul said Hope you win he said while smirking and walking 'Hey you better be ready to go on that journey!'
He turned and smirked at me and walked away.
I turned back to the door and took in a deep breath and pikachu did the same to my suprise and we both smilled and i said 'Well let's go!'
We ran into the gym and we were surounded by bright light and soon another person was at the other end and the gym was huge !
'Well so your Dee ketchum, can't wait to see what your made of girl.'
'Oh believe me you'll get to see , so what's the battle!'
'One on one that's all so if you lose you don't get a chance to get back up.'
I gulped down the vomit that had came to my throught and did a sweat drop 'W..What!?'
'Hehe what you scared or somethin he said to me smilling
Hell no! I yelled at him don't think just because you might be a sore loser and can change the rules a little bit that i will back down now !
Whatever brat let's get this started 'Let's kick some butt krogon then he threw his krogon into the field let's see what you got!
'Go Pikachu! Pikachu ran into the field and was ready for battle and shot some electricity out to look threatning
Now we will do coin toss players call your side Heads the gym leader called then tails for me i guess .
the refere called heads and then the gym leader called Now krogon Poison sting then the pokemon did it as it was told.
Pikachu dodge and and use quick attack!
Pikachu did as i told then i took a quick look into the stands and saw Paul staring very intenly at our match.
Then i hearCroagunkhit Pikachu with Black Sludge the gym leader yelled.
Then i yelled Pikachu use lightningbult on the sludgePikachu did again as i told andCroagunk went down like a brick and ...I Won!
The challenger Dee Ketchum Wins!
Yes I thought I did it i looked up and my smile washed away becausewhen i saw that Paul had left a long time ago.
Well it looks like you won miss Ketchum you won thank you for battling here and congrats!
Thank you i said with not a bit of happiness in my voice.
She was about to leave when all of the sudden i called Ma'm did you happen to see where the boy i came with he looks like he hasa scoul and he has purple hair and bushy eyebrows to match.
She gave me a questionable look then thought a second and gasped 'Yes i did see him thank god you reminded me he said that he would see you at the end of the town and was getting ready for the journey he said that you two were going on.
But howdid he know that i was going to win!
He apparently new that you would win b/c you were the one who wanted to go on the journey so heknew from the very beginning he also wanted me to tell you,and sorry for my rudeness,that you are very stupid to be so scared and nervouse.
I was about to laugh but tears came out instead but then when i noticed i started to laugh the woman was starting to worry about me but i assured her that i was allright.
When i said thank you to the woman and ran out with Pikachuright behind me we were going to the end of town going to beat the crap out of Paul for making so sad.
But when I got there he was looking down and smirking that usuall smirk all i could do though was smile back him when he raised his head and looked at me with very calming eyes andjust said 'Are you ready for this journey you wanted this so much.'
I blushed and said 'You betcha Paul.'
And we started on our journeynot knowing what was ahead but ready to challenge it head on!

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