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Hi my names Danny Fenton but people know me as Danny Phantom world saviour, defender of earth; accepted, well most of them anyway.

Notice the word most in that sentence above? Yeah that one over right there. When I say most I mean just about everyone in the solar system except my parents, yip good old mom and dad.

They do not, and I MEAN DO NOT, accept the fact that their youngest child, their only son is half ghost. Yeah you heard me half ghost as in half-way-dead, spooky-ookie ghoul guy. 100% freak of nature if you ever decided to ask my oh so loving parents.

You'd think saving the plant would put any kid in their parent's golden book right? Well that probably would have happened if my mom and my dad weren't professional ghost hunters.

I remember the day the found out my secret, I with the help of every ghost I know personally from the ghost zone and a lot that I didn't, had just saved the earth from a monstrous asteroid made of anti-ghost material by turning the world intangible; not an easy feet let me tell you. Jazz my older sister had meant well when she told me that it was time to tell me parents, she couldn't have know the reactions only guessed. No one besides clockwork could have known for sure.

As soon as I switched forms everyone went silent even the ghosts, come to think of it most of them probably didn't know what my human half look like much anyway; my mom stepped forward and cupped my face in her hands and stared intensely at me as if to determine my existence or if I was lying perhaps I saw the exact moment that my mom stopped looking at danny fenton her son and just saw danny phantom the ghost boy.

Then she spoke "fascinating were going to have you come with us for research and medical prepuces." My eyes popped and I quickly transformed back and shot into the air my mom... No maddie brought out her gun and fired once or twice then my dad... err jack pulled out a thermos and sucked me in with a Brocken hearted scream laced with betrayal and fear. As my head turned I saw the shocked, remorseful faces of the crowd and the astonished looks of the ghosts they probably thought my parents already knew about my halfa status.

As my vision turned dark, I waited like a blind man in the electrocution chair, panicked heartbeats filled my ear drums as I tryed to calm myself, "hey! Maybe the just want a blood sample or something I'm not supposed to exist after all!" I thought to myself but the logical part of my brain went "then why would they trap you in the fenton thermos? Huh? That's right smart guy they rejected you and now you're stuck like a science rat".