Chapter 15

It was easy for Ivy to sneak into the hospital. In disguise, no one gave her a second glance as she walked in. Finding Harley's room wasn't hard either, as G.C.P.D. had two officers standing outside the room. Getting into the room was also easy, since she knew what room she needed to go into she simply found a hidden spot without camera's and apparated into the room.

Seeing her best friend lying in a hospital bed, hooked up to numerous machines was hard however.

Harley's face was bruised, and her lip was split twice. The hospital gown, only present to preserve her dignity, was positioned for easy access to her front.

The beeping of the heart monitor was like a knife to Ivy's heart. And the sight of the intubator tube in her mouth was like a gunshot.

Ivy kept her tears at bay as she picked up Harley's chart, so that she could see the extent of the damage. What she read however, ensured that, should Harley die, Joker would suffer in pain before Ivy ended him. Harley had severe bruising over her body. A broken nose, cheekbone, and fractured jaw. Three ribs were broken, and two more fractured. She'd suffered a severe concussion as well.

And she had a bullet wound that had entered her chest cavity and gone through her right lung. It was a miracle she was alive with the severity of her injuries. And she was being kept sedated so that she could heal without tearing her stiches.

Placing the chart back where it belonged, Ivy then walked forward and gently caressed her friend's cheek. "Oh Harl, what has he done to you?" she asked silently. Leaning forward, she placed a gentle kiss on the blonde's make-up free forehead.

Ivy loved Harley, not the way she loved Barbara, but it was love none the less. To the red-haired plant goddess, Harley Quinn was an annoying younger (despite the fact she was actually older than Ivy) sister that tried her patience, her sanity, and her temper, but that would be there for Ivy when needed, just as Ivy tried to be there for her. They may not share blood, but Ivy considered Harley to be the closest thing to family she had.

And now, her little sister was hurting, helpless, and there was nothing Ivy could do.

Ivy's jaw hardened.

There was nothing she could do. Despite her knowledge, she wasn't a healer, and this wasn't something she could easily treat. Sure, she'd helped Barbara, but it had taken her months to develop those seeds and get them to do as she wanted. By the time she figured out a way to help Harley, she could be dead or healed.

But that didn't mean there weren't others that could help.

She was about to apparate away, when she felt a gun barrel press against the back of her head.

"I have to admit," the familiar voice of Two-Face said from behind her, "you almost had me fooled. If I hadn't seen the way you eyed Quinn's room, I wouldn't have even known you were here. I didn't even see you sneak in."

"What do you want Dent?" Ivy asked, anger clear in her voice.

The former District Attorney chuckled before answering, "Information." The barrel pulled back from her head, and Ivy turned around. Harvey was wearing a mask of some kind, as she didn't even recognize him, but it was a very good mask.

His gun was still leveled at Ivy. "You see, I heard some rumors, about Gordon's little girl getting her legs back. It took me some time, but I found her apartment. Now, breaking the security needed to get into was a pain, especially without setting of any of the numerous alarms," he explained.

"While this is all fascinating, what does it have to do with me?" Ivy asked.

Two-Face grinned, the expression strange on his masked face. "I'm getting to that. You see, once I got inside the apartment, I didn't find a thing to indicate where the younger Gordon was, or if she really was getting her legs back. Then, I picked up a book to throw. Imagine my surprise when I find a hidden room, with a large super computer, a Batgirl costume, and a, albeit dead, plant that could only be your own work."

"So" Ivy asked, raising an eyebrow. "It sounds to me like you've found the legendary Oracle and someone, likely Batman, gave her one of my plant's to analyze."

"The thought had crossed my mind," Harvey admitted. "In which case I don't need your help and you're useless to me. On the other hand…" He moved his gun, so that it was aimed at Harley. "I can pull this trigger and kill her before you've even moved," he said, grin still on his face. "So how about you tell me what I want to know, and I don't finish the job Joker started."

Ivy clenched her fist, wishing she had brought her wand with her. But she knew Two-Face was right. Even if she apparated, it wouldn't be instantaneous, and there was a chance he'd Harley regardless. With a sigh, she asked, "What do you want to know?"

"What do you know of Barbara Gordon regaining use of her legs?"

"Everything," Ivy Admitted. "I'm the one that did it."

"So she does have use of her legs again?" Dent asked.

"After therapy, yes," she admitted.

"And could you give someone else use of their legs back?"

Ivy hesitated, but said, "Yes, assuming it's the same problem of a severed spinal cord, not something else."

Dent was silent for a moment before he said, "Here's the deal then. My niece, my only niece, suffered an accident at her former school. I don't know the details, but I know her back was broken and her spine severed. You are going to treat her, and fix her, or I will ensure that your friend here," he gestures his head towards Harley, "ends up six feet under. And before you think of killing me to keep that from happening, I've left instructions with numerous people that if I die before my niece gets her legs back, they're to kill her. And while that could be a problem if she were healthy, right now Harley's worse off than a sitting duck."

Ivy glared at Dent, before all but snarling, "I'll need a name, if not a location."

The former prosecutor pulled a slip of paper from his pocket and set on a side table. "Hurt my niece, and I'll make what Joker did to Dr. Quinzel look tame." With that, he slipped his pistol into his suit, before turning to walk out the door.

Ivy walked forward and picked up the paper Dent had left. Without looking at it, she slipped it into her pocket.

With a slight twist, she apparated away.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 00000000000000

Seeing Ivy in her disguise was odd for Barbara. While she looked perfectly normal, seeing the familiar features of Ivy with slightly tanned skin and black hair was unnerving.

The expression on her face though caused Barbara to worry.

"What's wrong?" she asked.

Ivy ignored her question, and instead asked, "If you had your legs back now, would you stay here, or go home?"

"What?" the other redhead asked.

"Would you stay here, with me, if you had your legs back now, or would go home?"

Barbara was silent as she contemplated the question. The only reason she was living with Ivy at the moment was her therapy. But…they were having a child together. And she knew the strain having parents live in different places caused. Her own parents were divorced, and Barbara Eileen, her mother lived in Chicago with her brother James Jr.

They didn't exactly talk much.

Barbara didn't want that for her daughter. And though she admitted that she wasn't doing a very good job of it, she admitted that she needed to develop some type of relationship with Ivy, if for no other reason than their daughter. To do that…"I'd stay," Barbara assured the woman.

Ivy closed her eyes and Barbara could visibly see some tension leave her body. "I need to make a call. If I can control my mouth, I might be able to get someone that can encourage your muscle growth, though I admittedly don't know if she even can, but it's worth a shot. But if she can, you'll only need to work on Occlumency."


Ivy pulled a scrap of paper from her pocket. "I ran into Two-Face at the hospital, apparently his niece is in a similar state as you were. I help her, or he kills Harley. This is her information," she explained, handing the paper to Barbara. "I'm going to see if who I'm calling can heal Harley as well. If she can, I'll be bringing her here."

"Ivy…Harley is still a criminal," Barbara pointed out. "You can't just take her from police custody, even if she is in the hospital."

Ivy turned to walk away. "Barbara, I may love you, and I do, it's why I wanted to have a child with you, but Harley is my family. I will always do whatever I can to help her."

Without another word, Ivy left the room, no doubt to find her phone.

Sighing, Barbara looked down at the paper, she had someone she needed to find.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0

Zatanna looked at her caller ID. It was that same number from earlier today. Frowning, she picked it up. "Hello?" she asked.

"I need your help Zatara," the recognizable voice of Poison Ivy said from the other end.

Zatanna's eyes widened. ""Ivy?" she asked for confirmation.

"Yes," the other woman responded irritably.

"And just what does the great Poison Ivy need from me?" the magician asked sarcastically.

"Your family magic, could it be used to stimulate muscle growth?" Ivy asked. "Specifically for a person that hasn't used their legs in years?"

Zatanna frowned as she thought about Ivy's question. "I suppose." The dark haired woman responded. "Why?"

"What about general healing injuries?"

"Yes," Zatanna answered. Slightly annoyed, she asked, "Why do you want to know? And you better tell me or I'll hang up now."

"Two, well possibly three reasons," Ivy answered. "I'm sure you've heard of what happened to Harley, I know you keep an eye on Gotham, despite not living here."

"I do."

"I need her on her feet, Two-Face has threatened to kill her if I don't help him, specifically his niece. As of now, there is a good chance he could succeed. The other reason is Barbara Gordon…"

"If you've done anything to her Ivy…," Zatanna threatened angrily, but was cut off by Ivy.

"All I did was give her her legs back," the other woman said exasperatedly. "But she's pushing herself too much in therapy, and the sooner she can walk the better. If I do help her, Dent's niece will need the same help."

Zatanna was shocked. "Barbara's with you?" she asked.


Zatanna was silent for a moment as she contemplated Ivy's request for help. Barbara she'd help no matter what, but Harley Quinn was a different story, as was Harvey's niece. Finally she said, "I'll help Barbara. But if you want me to do anything for Quinn or Dent's niece, I want ten vials of Dart Thorn sap, each."

"Done," Ivy literally growled in the phone, and Zatanna didn't blame her. Dart Thorn sap was expensive. Considering the trees were level ten plants that could literally shoot their thorns like arrows up to thirty feet with deadly accuracy, and even up to twice that without that same accuracy, even those herbologist certified to deal with them were hesitant to. Ivy was probably the only person that could gather the sap without effort, being able to communicate with the tree. She was the world's primary supplier of it, and made a small fortune on just the sale of that sap alone, though it was always on an as ordered basis.

A single vial of the sap was worth five times its weight in gold, including the glass vial. And she'd be getting, hopefully, twenty in total for free.

"Your manor hasn't moved, has it?" Zatanna asked. She may not like it, but she did know were Ivy's true home was. She'd needed Ivy's help dealing with a Venus man-trap and had to visit the manor to ask for help once.


"I'll be to your manor first thing tomorrow morning to take care of Barbara. If you want me to help Harley, you better have those vials ready by then."

The distinctive click of the phone hanging up ended the call, and Zatanna smirked slightly at the phone.

Oh how she loved getting under Ivy's skin.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000

Albus Dumbledore frowned as he checked the time. Fawkes should have returned by now.

Leaning back in his chair, he wondered what was taking his familiar so long.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 0000000

Remus Lupin groaned as his flight finally announced they were boarding. Pamela had asked him to leave Gotham, and he was. Besides, he didn't want Dumbledore to get too suspicious about his disappearance, which was the last thing he wanted.

00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000 000000000

At a home near Salem, Massachusetts, a brown haired young woman picked up the ringing phone. "Hello?"

"Hello Pumpkin, how're things?"

She smiled. "Thing are going good Uncle Harvey. If you want to talk to Mom though, I'm afraid you're out of luck. Dad took her out to dinner."

Her uncle chuckled on the phone. "That's alright. I just wanted you to know, I may have found a way to heal your legs."

The girl's throat went dry as her uncles words registered. "How?"

"Ivy's apparently figured out a way to repair a severed spine." He explained. "I…convinced her to help you. She should be showing up in a few days, at most."

"Isn't Ivy the one that tried to kill you…back when you were DA?" she asked concerned.

"Don't worry, she won't hurt you, I made sure of that."

"If you're sure…."

"Well I gotta get going, I just wanted you to know to expect Ivy to visit."

"Thanks. Take care of yourself Uncle Harvey."

"You to Hermione."

Hanging up the phone, Hermione Granger wheeled herself back to the table, where her homework for Salem Witches Academy was laid out.


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