Cross Lake, Merkin County, AZ. A pair of friends were riding a fishing boat in the middle of the lake, with their fishing rods over the water waiting for something to catch.

"Where're all the fish?" Clayton, the sorta loopy one shouted out. "They're out there somewhere Clayton" Mo replied.
"Ah shit, I'm givin' up." Said Clayton as he pops open a can of beer, "Hand me one of those" said Mo, the fisher tossed a can to Mo but Mo failed to catch it, the can ended up going into the water. . .

"Damn" said Mo, he gazed over the clear water as the can continues its journey to the bottom, he suddenly sees a fish move in the water,

"Clayton!" he shouted as he smiled "I see lunch!"

Then the said fish jumps out the water and bites off Mo's nose, Mo rolls back into the boat in agony, heavily bleeding with a gaping hole in his face where his nose should be,

"AAARGGH! MY FUCKING NOSE!" he bellowed. "What the FUCK?!" Clayton was stupefied at the scene. . . But their troubles are far from over, Mo's uneven weight to the boat causes it to capsize, throwing both of them into the water. Clayton quickly gets back on the upside-down boat, and sees a school of fish devour his friend Mo. The being devoured friend swims to the boat as Clayton reaches for him, Mo reaches out a hand to his friend and Clayton was shocked, he saw of his friend's hand was almost completely stripped off of its flesh, but he ignored this he pulled the fleshless hand but the whole forearm got yanked from its sockets, Clayton yelled in fear as Mo sinks beneath the water.

A brief moment of silence…

"MO, MO?!" Clayton calls out as he goes around his boat, suddenly, Mo resurfaces but his face is missing an eyeball, lips are torn apart and both of his ears are gone.

"AAH!" Clayton screams

Mo cries one last time, "HELP ME." Before finally sinking.

Clayton lies on his back on top of the upturned boat, crying for the loss of his comrade, then he heard loud bangs from under him, inside the air pocket in his capsized boat, BANG! BANG! BANG! Every bang comes with a dent on his boat,

"HELP ME! ANYONE?!" He screams as a really loud bang punches a hole in his boat, it started to sink, Clayton cannot stay there, he must move or else, he thinks of jumping into the water and swimming to the shore, he was hesitant to jump, he attempts to go for it, but before he could do it, a human-sized fish jumps for him and takes him into the water the sharp pain in his side at the fish buries its teeth into him, and a school of smaller fish join in in eating him, the pain as the fish strip away his flesh was nothing like the ordinary, he was unable to move, he was dragged to a shallow part of the lake where he could stand, he took is last ounce of strength and stood up, pulling a fish from his face, then biting its head off, he was near the shore when the big one bites off his legs, causing him to topple into the water as more hungry fish feasts on him.