"Haku already told me."

I was preparing myself to tell everyone, and wanted Meiko's help. I knew no matter how many times I told her she was wrong, she wouldn't push me away if I pleaded for help.

"Who all knows?"

"To my knowledge, me and Haku. I haven't told anyone."

"Who all was with us that night?"

"You want to know what?"

"Who," I started, then dropped my voice to a mutter. "Who could've done this to me."

"You did it to yourself. Ok, ok, there were two of you involved. Let's see…" Meiko screwed up her eyes, trying to recall. "Hiyama seemed to be the most wasted of all of us, and he called it quits early to go to sleep, he had to work in the morning at school. So, he wasn't involved in our little cuddle session. Uh…I think Utatane-kun was too young, and we ditched him. The obvious five…then there was Kasane-kun, but he was the most sober, I don't think it was him. I think it boils down to…Kaito, Gakupo, Al and Leon. But, again, Leon wouldn't want to join that. Or Tonio. I think we purposely excluded Bruno, too. So, yeah: Kaito, Gakupo and Al are the main three suspects."


"You were hoping for a cut-and-dry answer? Got nothing for you, babe."

"Who do I tell?"

"Anyone you want, girl. Just remember everyone will know eventually."

I didn't want this baby. But I found myself thinking about it, when I had nothing better on my mind. I thought of names I liked, things I do with her…and the day I finally found out who the father was.

Of course, one of the first to notice it was one of the last I wanted to tell.

"You seem different."

"What business is that of yours?"

"Nice to see that part hasn't changed," Kamui-san said, kneeling next to me. I didn't want him there. Well, I didn't want him there because I wanted him there, if that makes sense. "What's been bothering you?" I refused to answer. "This isn't new, Megurine-san. This has been going on for months.

I sighed and stood. I was now almost six months from that day. It had finally gotten to the point I couldn't hide it anymore. His eyes followed me up, slid back down and got caught on that area. They widened.



"Wha…who…what is that?"

Okay: enough of this hiding game. "Fine: you caught me. I'm pregnant. There."

"Oh, my…whose is it?"

You, the reader, don't know how much I longed to yell out, "Yours." But I couldn't bring myself to do it: I really didn't have a clue. Instead, I contented myself with uncharacteristically sagging my shoulders forward and muttering, "I don't know."

I was becoming rather irritated with his staring. He finally stood up and came over to me.

"How far are you?" he asked, dropping his voice.

"About six months," I answered, keeping as much emotion out of my voice as I could: he'd gotten closer.

"Six months…six months ago was your –"

"I know."

"You know." He was too close to me now. I put both hands on his chest to keep him at his current distance. He took his cue. "Well, this sounds bad, I'm sure, but I hope I made the same mistake as you."

So do I, I thought, keeping my face stony.

Then, thankfully or not, we were interrupted.

"Hey, bro, I –" We both turned; I, right, he, left. Gumi was standing in the doorway, looking at the scene with a much blanker face than I'd ever seen on her.

"Uh…am I interrupting…?"

"He was just leaving," I said, trying to ignore that her eyes, like her brother's, snapped right to what I didn't want people looking at.

"Luka-nee! Are you pregnant?" she screamed. Basically, she saved me the trouble of telling everyone.

I think Gumi was actually angry at me for it. She'd been weird since our first "date", as he insisted on calling it. I didn't know for sure, but I think she may have been jealous of me for taking his attention away from her. Whether I mean this in a sisterly fashion, I'm not sure. But I understood to a point. The next month, I couldn't get him to leave me alone. I knew he'd do this: he did actually want to take this over for himself.

"You know, you have other people to see."

"Not today."

"Your sister seems to be getting upset you're not spending time with her," I said, trying to reveal my speculation without telling something I'm only guessing on.

He looked at me confusedly. "I still spend time with her. I talk to her by ourselves every day. She realizes this is important, though, but I always make time for my Imôto."

"Fine. Then why is she so angry at me?"

He blinked. "Imôto isn't angry at you. She keeps telling me, when I bring it up, how excited she is to have a baby in our family."

Didn't explain the looks of death she kept throwing me. I kept those secret.

"What's this 'our family' nonsense?"

"Nonsense? I consider it fact, Megurine-ch-san. Are we not all in a way brother and sister to each other?"

"So my child is her niece?"

"If it so happens you bring forth a daughter."

Wow. I'd gotten so used to calling it, she, I wondered how long it would take to begin to call my son he.

"And," he went on, "if it happens that the father doesn't step up, or is never found out…I'd be more than willing to call her my daughter."

I wanted her tested when she was born. I couldn't go through my life not knowing who did this.

As my due date approached, there was a strange excitement in the air when I walked by the women, especially the younger girls. I don't know how many of them wanted to be mothers themselves, but each was more than ready to be the child's aunt. The ladies were much calmer, but expressed similar views just the same.

After eight months, I got used to and – dare I say? – rather started to enjoy being pregnant. Because I couldn't appear the way most expected me, I was granted time off after six months. I was getting attention for something other than my voice. And it gave me a sense of purpose that singing never really did. Perhaps I wasn't quite real: to my child, I would be everything. Pregnancy was starting to go smoothly…right about the time it was to come to an end.