In a tent in the Forest of Dean still flushed from the victory of the Horcrux Harry figured it was best to just get it out of the way. If Ron was going to have an issue might as well know now.

"Ron, I'm gay," He looked him the eyes as he said it and saw them widen in surprise. Hermione was watching Ron closely clearly preparing to scold him firmly if he reacted less than appropriately. Harry could practically see the wheels turn in his friend's head as he processed this new information.

"Well I guess that means you won't be marrying Ginny then. It's too bad then you would really be family." Ron paused and with a bit of a laugh, "Though I suppose there's always Charlie."

That was how Harry Potter found out Charlie Weasley, his first crush, was gay.

Charlie first heard the name Harry Potter when he was nine years old. A man had come to the door and spoke to his parents. His mother said

"Harry Potter? Are you quite sure?" then she burst into tears. That night they had cake and ice cream for dinner. His parents and their friend drank firewhiskey and every other toast was to Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived.

As Charlie grew it was a refrain he heard often when people had had a bit too much to drink and started toasting. They'd toast their quidditch team, their friends and last to Harry Potter The Boy Who Lived.

His family changed after that day. His mother didn't cry as much and he was allowed to play outside unsupervised. Over the years Harry Potter's name was regulated to the back of Charlie's mind surfacing mainly when he wanted to rouse a cheer out of his fellows at the bar.

He was startled when he received a breathless letter from his youngest sister a few months after he got to the dragon reserve. She'd met him, Harry Potter, according to Ginny he was handsome, kind, brave and utterly charming. Charlie laughed but was surprised it seemed impossible that this person he'd been hearing about for years was really only eleven.

The next week he got a letter from Ron telling him in vivid detail about his new best friend. Telling him all about how he was the best flier Ron had met. Charlie was affronted. Until recently Ron would have sworn Charlie held that title.

He saw the boy for the first time a year later. Only briefly, his mother had used an international floo to summon him home. Ginny had been kidnapped and was presumed dead. Charlie had felt ill as he walked the halls of Hogwarts only to have Ginny fly into his arms and say breathlessly into his ear.

"He saved me Charlie! Harry Potter saved me!"

He saw the boy in the distance battered and covered in blood but did not speak to him. Instead he held his baby sister in his arms later he would buy a round of drinks and raise a toast to Harry Potter Basilisk Killer.

Two years later, despite Ginny's detailed and passionate description, the green of his eyes surprised him. As did the way he smiled, almost like he wasn't sure he was supposed to. Charlie couldn't help but watch him; he seemed so much older than Ron, older even then Fred and George.

A few months later he described him to Bill, well aware he sounded quite as breathless as Ginny always seemed to.

"And then he dived, so fast the Horntail didn't even realize it. I tell you I've never seen anything like it. He was amazing!"

"He's fourteen," was all Bill said. Charlie felt like he'd had a bucket of cold water dumped over his head. For a moment he'd forgotten, he flushed suddenly very conscious of the way he cock had perked up describing the event.

"I know that!" he snapped back but decided not to go to the final task anyway. Instead he stayed with his dragons and tried not to worry about the green eyed boy who'd out flown a dragon.

When he received Ginny's letter two years later, he told himself he was glad for her. He kept telling himself that at the pub where he'd got thoroughly drunk and taken home a man with messy black hair but in the morning he realized his eyes were blue.

When he learned the final battle was going down at Hogwarts he wasn't surprised. He was put in charge of gathering reinforcements as his parents and brothers led the charge to get there in the first wave. When they arrived he dueled furiously and later would count himself lucky to have dodged so many curses. He'd only had eyes for Harry. It wasn't until later when he'd heard about Fred that he forgot about him.

Author's notes: Most of this story is actually written but I've decided to post it in parts in hopes of getting a bigger following. Hope it works. I love the Harry/Charlie pairing and I really feel it is a underrepresented segment of the Fanfiction world. Anyone who knows of any Harry Charlie fics I'd love to read them so I beg of you to let me know. I also hope my little story will inspire others to write Harry/Charlie stories! I plan to publish a chapter a day possibly more if I get lots of reviews.