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The trip up the stairs to Harry's flat took longer than it should have. Mostly because Charlie could only go a few steps before pushing Harry against the nearest surface and kissing him again and again loving the fact that he was finally allowed to do so. Harry didn't seem to mind as he arched into Charlie's body matching him kiss for kiss. They probably would have ended up finishing right there in the hallway had one of Harry's new neighbors not swung her door open to glare at them.

Finally at the door Charlie pressed Harry into it tangling his hands in the silky black hair and biting his way down Harry's neck. Harry's whimpers quickly became breathless moans and Charlie shuddered as he felt questing fingers sneak under his shirt and tweak his nipples. He was aching with need and wasn't prepared to rule out the possibility of coming in his pants. It was this thought that caused him to pull away.

"Harry, I can't . . . let's go inside so you can show me that bed you mentioned." Charlie said barely recognizing his voice it was so rough with need. Harry nodded quickly and turned to open the door.

It is understandable given how preoccupied they were with one another that they had forgotten the party still raging in Harry's flat. If they'd remembered no doubt they would have moved up the stairs more quickly so as to return before Harry was missed. They hadn't remember however so as soon as they door open several people cried

"Harry!" and a pair of hands quickly dragged Harry through the door. The hands turned out to belong to Seamus Finnegan who was attempting to chat up a girl Harry didn't know.

"Sylvia this is my best mate Harry Potter. We go way back tell her Harry," Harry glanced at the girl before quickly looking around for Charlie. The man was leaning against the now closed front door watching Harry with eyes still burning with lust. Harry swallowed and turned back to Seamus and Sylvia he was nodding.

"Oh yeah me and Seamus go way back" and pulling away Harry quickly cast a Sonorus on himself and addressed the crowd. "So I'm afraid there have been complaints my neighbors are quite mad about the noise. It was lovely to see you all but you'll have to leave." There were various noises of objection but Harry was deaf to them entirely focused on Charlie's burning lust filled gaze.

It ended up that Hermione and Ron were the ones to actually escort people to the floo and go around encouraging a speedy exit. Finally with a quick thumbs up from Ron and a wave from Hermione; they were alone again. Harry stood across from Charlie almost expecting the other man to yell 'Just Kidding' and apparate out.

Instead Charlie smirked and crossing the room kissed Harry again. Just as before Harry was overwhelmed with the feel of Charlie's firm body pressed against his. Charlie's hands roamed freely down Harry's chest finally finding the hem of his shirt and slipping his hands underneath to caress the skin of Harry's abdomen. Harry moaned into Charlie's mouth and arched further into him.

Charlie broke off from kissing Harry to trail his mouth across his jaw and down his throat relishing the throaty moans and whimpers coming from the other man's mouth. Charlie stepped back to tug Harry's shirt over his head revealing his thin muscular frame. Unable to resist Charlie began to bite and lick at Harry's collar bone before proceeding to his nipples. Harry's fingers had found their way into his shirt and were now scratching teasingly on his back. Charlie continued his exploration of Harry's chest before falling to his knees. Their height difference was such that Charlie could nip and tease Harry's belly button and hip bones.

Finally Charlie had explored all he could without removing more clothing and glancing at Harry to confirm it was all right Charlie began to tug at the buttons of Harry's jeans. Opening them was made difficult by Harry's straining arousal pressing against the fabric of the zipper. Unable to resist Charlie caressed Harry through his jeans and Harry released a desperate whimper.

"Oh. . .Charlie"


With this added prompting Charlie gave another desperate tug of Harry's jeans and managed to pull them down taking his boxers as well. Harry's erection sprang forth and Harry gasped. Charlie took a moment to just look at the other man. Harry was leaned against his living room wall his head thrown back. His chest was covered with bite marks of varying severity and his hard member was jutting proudly before him. He looked utterly debauched and even more beautiful then in any of the fantasies Charlie had indulged in over the years.

Harry's breathing is finally starting to even out but Charlie doesn't want him to calm down just yet so in one smooth motion he swallows Harry's cock all the way down. Harry let out an inarticulate shout as Charlie began to work him in earnest sucking up a down Harry's hard member. Harry's fingers reach down and tangle in Charlie's hair tugging it as Charlie moves back and forth over his cock. Charlie loves it. He loves Harry's fingers in his hair and the feel of all that hard flesh filling his mouth. He loves the bitter tang of Harry's pre come and the way his pubic hairs tickle Charlie's nose.

Mostly though Charlie loves the noises, the soft whimpering almost keening noises; Harry is coming utterly undone and it's enough to pull Charlie right to the edge. Harry tries to warn him but Charlie refuses to pull back and is soon swallowing down Harry's orgasm with relish. Harry's knees give out and Charlie helps him slide to a sitting position. He looks a mess with kiss stained lips and his jeans still bunched around his ankles. Charlie can't help but kiss him. After several lazy moments Harry pulled back.


"Charlie that was . . . Amazing" Harry is breathless and Charlie is smirking at him when a thought suddenly occurs to him.

"That wasn't? Was that your first blow job?" Harry blushed and glanced away.

"Well I only ever really dated Ginny and we never . . . I mean she never did anything like that."

The rush of possessive happiness that rushes over Charlie is almost overwhelming. He was Harry's first. Harry could have anyone and he'd chosen him. Harry meanwhile was looking anxious.

"You don't mind do you? I mean I don't have a lot of experience but-" Charlie kissed Harry cutting off what sounded like the start of a rant.

"I don't mind. I think it's great actually I have lots to teach you" and pulling Harry to his feet "I believe you mentioned a bed."

Harry flushed again.

"But what about you? You didn't come did you?" He asked even as he ran a hand over Charlie's erection visibly straining against his leather pants. Charlie moaned.

"Show me to your bed Harry and we'll start your first lesson."

The End

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