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Naruhina: Demon Scrolls

Chapter 1: The Fox

It was a peaceful spring day in Konaha as a cool wind blew through the training grounds. Standing in the middle of the one that team 7 always used for training was Naruto Uzumaki. He was about to try something he had never done before summoning jutsu. He didn't completely understand how it all worked but it sounded interesting so he was going to try to summon something. Anything would work for him but he really hoped it would be something cool like some kind of animal. He had seen Kakashi summon ninja hounds before and Jiraiya summon toads. But they wouldn't teach him how because they said he was still too low level of a ninja. Not really giving him an explanation why beyond that. So he did the next best thing he looked up some of the basics of summoning jutsu, but forgot most of them.

'What's the worst that can happen?' he thought while he bit his thumb to draw blood and ran through some hand sings messing up on some of them. Then he slammed his hand to the ground and shouted "Summoning Jutsu!" A cloud of smoke puffed and when it disappeared sitting before him was a large scroll. He looked at it for a moment with one eyebrow raised. Then a wide grin appeared on his face. It wasn't what he was hoping for but he had successfully summoned something. So He sat on the ground in front of it and opened it to see what kind of scroll it was.

As he read over the scroll he was amazed at what he had summoned. It was called "The Nine Tail Fox Demon Clan Scroll" . As he looked over how to use it he found out more about the fox demon clan and how to use them. First was they were the strongest of the nine ruling demon clans. Second thing was that although they are called demons none of the ruling nine are good or evil. Only how they were used by the person who summoned them was considered good or evil. Third was that each clan had a set number of tails ranging from one to nine. The number of tails the clan has determines how many members was in that clan. The example given was the one tail clan had two members a male and a female with just one tail. Where the nine tail clan had 18 members starting with a male and female with one tail all the way up to nine tails male and female. Fourth thing was that the one tail foxes to the 8 tail foxes could be just summoned. However the nine tail foxes had to be sealed within someone to be used. The person that had the male sealed inside them could only mate with the person with the female sealed inside them. Naruto raised his eyebrow agin thinking 'who would want one inside them knowing that.' He just shook his head and continued to read. What he read next confused him alot. It stated that each demon clan scroll was given to the nine most worthy of the human clans to watch over them. That the ruling heads of those clans was the only ones that could summon and use the scrolls. The name of the clan that controlled the fox scroll was called "Namikaze Clan". That is what had confused him he was an Uzumaki not a Namikaze. He didn't know if what he just read was true or not. If it was how could he summon it? That confusion turned to shock when he got to the end of the scroll on how to summon one of the foxes. It showed the hand signs to use and explained that you had to sign and finger print the contract at the end of the scroll in your own blood. Also once it was signed he couldn't sign any other summoning contracts. That isn't what shocked him it was what came after that. Two names where repeated over and over at the top of the scroll with dried blood signatures under them. At the top it read Yuna Nine and then Kurama Nine over and over. Under each of the Yuna Nine was a different woman's name some of which ended in Namikaze and some that didn't. However under each of the Kurama Nine was a name that ended in Namikaze but one, it was Naruto Uzumaki.

As soon as he read his name he jumped to his feet and stated pacing back and forth trying to figure out what it all ment. How could his name already be on the scroll he just summoned it. He just got to the end and hadn't even had a chance to sign it yet only to see his name already there. After several minutes of pacing back and forth trying to figure it out he sat back down in front of the scroll to look over the last few names before his to see if he knew who they where. He was shocked agin when he looked closer at his signature and the prints and the one before it. Both finger prints was no bigger than that of an infant. So whoever made him and the other person sign this had done so when they where still a baby. The shock came when he got a closer look at the name before his Hinata Hyuuga, Minato Namikaze, and Kushina Uzumaki. He knew who Hinata Hyuuga was she was the same age as him and in his class at the academy. So why was her name on here? Then there was Minato Namikaze who he didn't really know anything about except he was the 4th Hokage. Last was Kushina Uzumaki the only other Uzumaki besides himself on the scroll who he knew nothing about. He didn't know any of the other name. He was having a hard time trying to put all the pieces together leaving him with a lot more questions than answers.

He knew the only way he was going to get some answers was to try and summon one of the foxes. Takeing a deep breath he stood back up and backed away from the scroll. Then he bit his thumb agin and ran through the hand signs and slammed his hand to the ground calling out "Summoning Jutsu". A cloud of white smoke appeared and when it faded sitting in its place was a small white three tailed fox.

"Greetings Lord Namikaze. I'm Yuki the three tailed vixen of the Fox Demon Clan. It has been awhile since I have been summoned. What is it that you ask of me?" The three tailed vixen spoke in a very respectful voice.

Naruto was happy he had actually succeeded in the summoning. 'That will show those old perverts not to underestimate me' he thought. Then he decided to get some answers from her.

"It's nice to meet you my name is Naruto Uzumaki. The reason I summoned you is I need some answers about that scroll over there." He then pointed to the scroll.

"If you are not a Namikaze than how is it you where able to summon the scroll and me?" she said after taking a quick glance over at the scroll. She already knew what the scroll was used for and if he wasn't a Namakaze than he should have never been able to summon it or her.

"That is one of the things I want to know myself." He said walking over to the scroll. "You see my name is already on it and it looks as if it was done when I was still a baby. Why is that? Also why is Hinata and the 4th Hokage's name on it? And who is this Kushina Uzumaki? Besides me she is the only other Uzumaki on here." Naruto rambled off hoping to get the answers he needed.

Yuki gave a sweet smile before answering. She now knew why he was able to summon the scroll and her. "Well it is clear to me you where never told of such things as a child. But before I answer your questions I have a couple of my own I need you to answer first so I can better explain everything to you. First do you know who your parents where? Second are you currently in a relationship with the intent of marriage? or are you married already?" She said smiling at the boy's confused look.

"What does that have to do with anything?" he asked still a little confused.

"It has a lot to do with it and if you want your answers than please answer my questions." She said in a polite tone.

"Well I never knew who my parents where and no i'm not in any relationships or married." he replied sounding a little sad about it.

"I see. As you may have already read on the scroll it is the soul property of the Namikaze Clan and only the head of the clan and his wife or to be wife can use it." She walked over and looked down at the names on the scroll before continuing. "That being said you given your name and ability to summon the scroll and me or this Hinata Hyuuga are the child of Lord Minato Namikaze and his wife Lady Kushina Uzumaki. The other is their life mate. However like I said given your name I believe you to be Lord Namakaze and Lady Uzumaki's son. And for reasons unknown to me given your mothers name." Yuki said looking over the boy to see what his reaction would be to what she just informed him.

Naruto stood there for a few minutes shocked and even more confused at what he just learned. But he still needed more answers. "Why am I just finding this out now? How is it I could summon that scroll when I didn't know how?" Then he remembered her saying that Hinata was his life mate. "And what did you mean Hinata if my life mate?"

She couldn't help but chuckle a little at his last question before answering. "Well as for why you are just finding out now you would have to ask father that. As for you being able to summon the scroll when you didn't know how it's simple. The scroll states you can't have any other summoning contracts besides the demon fox clan's. So correct me if i'm wrong but I would say you tried to summon something that required you to sign a contract. If that is the case instead of getting their contract to sign you will always get the demon fox clan's contract. This is because one you are the Namikaze Clan Head and two you have already signed the demon fox clan's scroll." Yuki stops for a moment to take a breath and let him process what she just told him. Then she started to grin a little before continuing. "As for what I ment when I called Lady Hyuuga your life mate is just that. Foxes mate for life and that means if you wish to have children some day she is the only one you will be able to have them with. That goes the same for Lady Hyuuga she will not be able to mate with anyone but you. This is do to the fact that father is sealed within you and mother is sealed within Lady Hyuuga. Because of that a curse of sorts have been placed on you both so that no one would be willing to mate with you. However this curse does not stop you or Lady Hyuuga from having friendly relationships with the opposite sex or same sex. Just romantic and sexual relationships for the rest of your lives." She explained while holding in her giggle at the end at how red Naruto was getting from what she telling him.

As Naruto was trying to push his sexual thoughts of Hinata away and regain some control over himself he heard Yuki start to say something.

"This would be a good time for you to go help your vixen. I think she is about to faint." She stated while pointing to the tree line around the training ground.

At first Naruto had a confused look on his face but than he saw where she was pointing. Hinata was standing halfway behind a tree with a very bright red face. As soon as he seen her he took off running to her to see if she was alright.

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