Summary: There are many worlds. Every world has someone most important to it. Just as there are different times that never connect. What though would happen when two different times come together to fight in a war? Two times, with two heroes of different worlds, who were never meant to meet.

Challenge: This is a Harry Potter/ Chronicles of Narnia crossover. The characters are to be Harry and Lucy (romance or not is your choice, but no blood relation). Lucy shows up in the Harry Potter time era and has to help fight the war in some way. They are both 14, thus Harry is fourth year.

Note: I've had this idea stuck in my head for awhile. This is my first challenge, and should anyone accept then please, make sure you mention that you are writing for this challenge so that other writers can find this challenge for themselves. The scene given must be within the story at some given point (or a variation of the scene).

Disclaimer: I DO NOT own anything involving either Harry Potter or Chronicles of Narnia. Anything else that should have a disclaimer I lay no claim to.

Lucy's Magic

"Stay there!" Lucy shouted to him. "He's alright, I've already checked his pulse and it's steady. Who are you and where are we?"

The shortest person of the group moved forward. The man with the beard reached out to stop him but the teen stepped out of his reach. Lucy held her ground as he walked over to her, stopping just barely out of her reach. "I'm Harry Potter, and you're outside of Hogwarts, a school in Scotland." Lucy blinked once slowly and then again.

"You're voice… you were here before the fight. Before the green light, was that you? Where is that man that was here before? And the person he was talking to? How am I in Scotland when you sound like you're British?"

Harry smiled gently, "I can answer you're questions later but I need you to let my professors to look at my friend. Please," Lucy was hesitant. Although Harry looked as though everything would be alright his eyes reminded her too much of her brothers'; as though he had seen too much in too little a time. Edmund had always said that Peter, Lucy and he had shared the horrors of Narnia and spared Susan to the horrors of suitors.

Slowly Lucy lowered her wooden weapon and held out her other hand, "I'm Lucy Pevensie, and I'm holding you to your word Harry Potter."

PLEASE let me know if you take up this challenge. I would love to read everyone's version.