Free Willy: Whale Chronicles

Free Willy the whale swam in the big blue ocean until he spotted a boat.

"I wonder what a boat is doing in the ocean" said Free Willy.

Then a big black man came out of the boats shadow and said "I've been craving some whale."

Free Willy then felt a sharp pain on his top. He looked up and saw that the big black man was penetrating his blow hole.

"GET OFF ME NOO PLEASE STOP YOURR HURRTING MEEEEEEEEE" screamed Willy in pain as a mixture of semen and blood exploded from the blow hole.

The black man didn't stop he then slapped that ass and said "You're my bitch now nigguh you got no rights now"

Free Willy in his final hours could faintly see Clint walking on the water towards him saying "You gay, you gay, you gay"

Free Willy used the words of his son to fight back and concentrated a airburst attack out of his blow hole causing the black man to go flying out.


Free Willy was in a blind rage in a demonic voice he yelled "THIS IS FOR CLINT YOU FUCKING ANUS MUNCHER"

He jumped into the air a bit the black guys' dick off then shit all over his mouth like a jet engine of crack. It was serious now Willy knew his mission , he had to rape him to gain his pride back. He charged full speed at his anus with the power the the killer whale spirit tonight he wins his vengeance… be continued