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You would think that not being able to sleep would make time go by so slow, but surprisingly enough it passed in a remarkably fast fashion. It has been SEVEN years since the birth of Renesmee. Our lives have been full and happy with little incident. Three years ago our family decided we would try life in a new place. After a few months of being away however, we decided that Forks Washington was our home. Charlie was happy to have us back, and the hospital was so pleased to have Carlisle back, he doubts they will ask questions about why he still looks 23. Ever since Nessie's birth Charlie has said that Christmas was his favorite time of year, so December 31st 2008 he asked Sue Clear water to become his wife, and the next year they married, and have spent the last few years in wedded bliss. All the werewolves are happily imprinted and a few even married and starting families of their own. Sam Uley and his imprint Emily were married just a few months after our visit from the Voturi, deciding there was no more reason to wait. After 5 years of trying they welcomed their first child into the world, a boy named Kale. soon after he was born Sam decided it was time for him to stop phasing. Next to stop phasing were Paul, Jared, and to all of our surprise Leah. Leah was walking down the beach one day when she saw her imprint. they've been married about a year now and to her delight are expecting their first child. Life intermingling with my vampires and my werewolves is never boring. This giant blended family of ours is a true blessing.

Today Renesmee came to me, and with her special way showed me that she wanted to take her relationship with Jake to the next level. She being physically about 23 and already mentally matured decided it was time to take their best friend-friendship into a more romantic direction. I'm surprised it took her this long, but that was probably for Edwards benefit. Jacob, as ever has been a true gentleman, and I know through Edwards mind reading ability that he is still as patient as ever. we lucked out with him being the true love of our daughter and we knew it. That didn't stop Edward, who had walked into the room at that very moment, from groaning and walking away.

"you would think he would be used to it by now, i mean seriously he has known it's been coming since the day you was born, even without me being able to see you or Jacobs future." Alice said.

I rolled my eyes and Renesmee said "men!" with exasperation. She's one for theatrics.

"I think now is as good a time as any." I whispered to her in hopes Jake wouldn't hear. "why did you wait so long?"

She looked at me for a minute, maybe trying to figure out what to say. When she shot a glance at the door Edward had just exited through i knew my suspicious were true. "I just figured it would make you guys happy to have me all to yourselves for a while. Besides I waited no time at all really."

She was right, It had only been seven years, However she was physically and mentally far beyond the years she has spent on this earth. physically she was older than me, a thought that always made me giggle.

just then she touched my face, bringing me back to the moment. I love you mom. was all she thought.

"I love you too, my precious Renesmee. Everyday of forever."

Walking over toward the garage she called "Oh Jaaaake!" Nessie called to Jacob who was in the garage talking cars with Rosalie and Emmett.

"Yes?" Jake said walking into the room with a wrench still in hand

"Would you mind going for a walk with me? Please!"

"Awww Nes." jake said with a laugh. "Who could tell you no? Especially when you beg?"

"Excellent, I'll meet you outside, just put your tools away first." With that she was out the door.

Alice, Jasper and I sat in the room looking at each other. I could hear Edward upstairs flipping through the pages of a book. A few minutes passed and jake was walking through the room.

"Anyone want to tell me why you're all staring at each other? It's making me nervous."

"Jacob, you're much too tense why don't you relax?" At Jaspers words a peaceful, calm swept through the room. Jacob shivered muttering something about 'mind tricks' before heading out the front door.