Renesmee POV

It has been 8 years since the birth of our Daughter. Eva is now physically around the age 17, she is already fully mentally matured, and she is smart and beautiful. Just one short year after giving birth to Eva, Jacob and I found out we would be parents again, this time to a son we named him Jacob Aden. Aden means 'little fire'. He looks just like Jacob; it is funny how similar they are. He has Jacobs smile, but he has my father eyes. The green eyes he had as a human, Carlisle said they are identical in color. We call him 'LJ' for little Jacob.

As far as his physical being, he is just like Eva; my pregnancy was the same, as was his birth. They have both aged at double time. So far we haven't seen a sign of slowing, our only hope is that they will phase. We have been watching for any sign of the phase, but because they were born with the signs, hot skin, rapid development, and high temperatures, and almost instant healing, we don't know what to expect. Eva has been pretty moody lately, but we can't assume anything yet.

We left Forks about 4 years ago. We didn't go very far, there is a small piece of land hidden in the woods protected by the Quileute reservation, nobody ever goes there. The people of fork believe we have moved away, everyone close to us still gets to be a part of our lives. Seth now runs the shop with Bailey and their 3 children Anthony who is 7 ½, Harry (named for Seth and Leah's father who passed away before I was born) who is 5, and there new baby Allie, who is 1. All the original members of the pack have stopped phasing, and began their normal lives with their families. Jacob is the only reaming pack member. My mother and father still live with us here in La Push, the rest of our vampire family has moved to Oregon. We have decided that when our families leave us forever we will move on, forever.

Right now we are on our way to see Carlisle at his house, he Esme, Rose, Em, Jasper, and Alice all live together on the outskirts of Portland. My mom and dad would meet us there; they decided to run on foot. Jacob, Eva, Lj and I are all riding together.

"So is Carlisle going to run more tests?" Lj asked from the back seat.

"No, he has the results of your chromosome test, we are going to see if they have changed or not. If they match your fathers, you will phase soon."

"That will be so awesome, I hope I do. I can't wait to kick some butt."

"Speak for yourself Lj, I do not want to be a big giant wolf, gross. Uh sorry dad, no offence." Eva said

Jacob smiled "none taken, I am with Lj, kicking butt is awesome." He looked over to me and winked.

"I think being a wolf has it perks, being an imprint and all." I said looking back at Eva

"yeah, I can see your point. It would be nice to know you found your soul mate."

I grabbed Jacobs hand and kissed it. I was as in love with him now as I was the day we got married, nothing had changed. Our love had not slowed, nor had our love making. He must have known what I was thinking, because I saw a grin spreading across his face.

"Guess what, were here!" he said looking in the rearview mirror.

"Finally!" Lj said

"I can't wait to see everyone." Eva said, unbuckling her seat belt and jumping out of the car.

Our family was standing on the porch to greet us, including my mother and father.

"Grandma, grandpa, I can't believe how fast you two are! When did you get here?" Lj asked, looking awed.

"Only about 5 minutes ago." My father said smiling at us.

This house was beautiful, built to be almost identical to the one in Forks.

"are you hungry?" Esme asked us, ever the perfect dotting mother figure.

"Yes, please." My two children said in unison.

"You two go eat; your mother and I are going to talk to Carlisle.

Jacob POV

We walked into the living room and sat down on the couch. Carlisle was looking at us, beaming

"I have wonderful news." He said "The chromosomes have changed. They match Jacobs now. They will Phase. I expect the phase to come for Eva any time now, it could happen tonight. However, I think there would have to be something to make her mad enough for it to happen, I am not sure that she will phase on her own."

"Are you sure doc?" I asked.

"I can't be sure, no. this is my best guess with all the years of research I have done, and of course I would never suggest you intentionally distress Eva, it is only another theory."

"I would, let's go piss our daughter off, Nes." I started to stand and Nes placed her hand on my arm.

"I f we are going to do this, we have to do it right. We need a plan." She smiled at me. if there was a hope, no matter how small that our kids would be able to live on with us, I knew she would take it.

"What upsets her the most? More than anything else?"

We looked at each other and said together "Lj!"

Although for the most part Lj and Eva got along very well, he was still the younger brother, and he still got under her skin. Nes went from the room to get Lj, to let him in on our plan. They walked back into the room and sat down.

"What's up?" he asked, a suspicious smile on his face. We bent our heads in and told him our theory.

"Ok so what should I do?" he asked us.

"Tell her chromosomes changes, and she is going to turn into a boy." I told him.

"That's not very nice, she might cry." He said, I loved my son, he had a big heart.

"I know, I don't want to see her hurt any more than you do, but it is a risk we have to take. Ok?"

Just then there was a loud up roar from down stairs

"Jacob! Jacob! Hurry!" I rushed out the back door, where Esme had set up a picnic when I saw the scene before me I knew what had happened instantly. I took my clothes off and phased


Yeah dad?

What happened? Why dii you phase?

I got scared when you called Lj in, I thought something was wrong with him, and then before I knew what was happening poof I was a wolf. She said

I found her then sitting in a small clearing in the woods surrounding the house, I threw my head back and let a low howl slip through my lips.

It only took 4 seconds and Nes was at my side.

"Wow Eva. You're beautiful. Are you ok?"

Eva nodded her head. She was beautiful, russet like me, only lighter. Just how her skin was.

AWWW stop it dad, you might give me a big head, well a bigger one I should say. I am going to phase back, I can feel it.

I turned away, giving her what privacy I could I saw that Nes was smart enough to bring clothes with her when she came to find me in the woods she placed a pair in my mouth and I walked behind a tree to phase after I was dressed I waited for Nes and Eva, no human and dressed also. We walked back to the house where everyone was waiting; they clapped when they saw us, Eva back in her human form and rushed over to hug her.

Renesmee POV

Only one week after Eva phased for the first time, so did Lj. It was so funny watching him walk around with his fists balled and his face scrunched up willing the phase to come, and then he did. He turned into a light blonde wolf, even taller than Jacob. Our little family would be able to stay together forever. We were happy, and blessed.

Jacob and I have often discussed having other children and we have decided we will; we have a lifetime ahead of us, a life that does not end. We may not have any more children for another 50 years, we don't know.

What we do know is that we will be happy, we will have love. We will have each other and our beautiful children. We will spend as much time with our human family as we can. And when they leave us, we will celebrate their lives, with a bonfire and tons of food.

I will never stop loving my Jacob. And my nightmare about my babies turning old and dying will never be true.


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