If Yuki was completely honest with himself, he thought that he would never see Haru again. Sometimes it seemed like the alien had waltzed right into his life and then waltzed right back out. Sometimes that last good bye just didn't seem like enough.


So when the little alien boy he had saved the world with stepped into his classroom, carrying a rod exactly like the day they had first met, was there anything to do but laugh?

When he had calmed himself down Yuki stood, stupid grin plastered all over his face as he made his way to the front of the room, "Haru, I can't believe it's you!"

"Yuki's silly!" Haru reprimanded, the faint blush still tickling his cheeks as he rocked back and forth on his heels, "Who else would it be?"

"No, that's not..." Trailing off he shook his head. Maybe he would explain later, "I didn't think I'd see you again. Why did you come back?"

Haru's own smile grew, "I came back for Yuki, of course!" he trilled, throwing his arms out, the top of the rod striking one of the lights, "Because you caught me!"

"Caught you? Haru, what do you mean by that?"

The rod fell from Haru's hand, landing with a loud clatter on the floor of the classroom. Before Yuki could object or pick it up himself Haru had leapt forward, arms wrapping snugly around his neck. And before Yuki could say one word in protest, Haru's lips were pressed soundly against his own.

Body gone stiff Yuki couldn't do anything but stand there as Haru kissed him. Wait a second Haru was kissing him! They were in front of the class! Haru was kissing him in front off the old class!

Don't look at me...! he thought, feeling the heat begin to rise up to his face as Haru pulled away, still smiling but now there was something much softer about it.

Haru poked his nose, cheeks puffing out in a pout, "That face isn't cool, Yuki."

I... uh... um... i...! He couldn't get any of the words out.

Haru giggled, pressing their foreheads together, "You caught me, Yuki. I don't want to be caught by anyone else. So here I am with you!"

Yuki could feel his face continuing to contort as the sea levels rose, surrounding him, drowning him. He risked a glance towards their classmates. Everyone was staring don't look at me!

"Yuki, no."

Suddenly Haru's hand was on his face, turning him away from their class, pulling him out of the water. His violet eyes were bright, his body warm against his torso, a gentle smile on his face.

"Everything's alright now, isn't it? Because we're together again!"

Yuki took a shaky breath, closing his eyes and lifting his hands to rest on the small alien's shoulders, "Y-yeah. Everything's alright now, Haru."

He couldn't say he was too surprised when Haru kissed him again, long pale fingers plunging into his hair like a diver into a wave as their lips melded together. No, the surprise came from other places instead. Like the fact that this time he kissed Haru back. Or the fact that their whole class started cheering now that the goddess and his companion had been united once again.