Encouraged by the lack of flames for my other poem (not many reviews either, though) I decided to post this one too. I wrote it as a sort-of dialog between Faramir and Boromir, to try to show the differences in the way they think. (Don't know if I succeeded)



I'm sorry about the method I used to separate the verses. Somehow, the 'single-line break' doesn't work.

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I do not love the sword for its sharpness

Nor the warrior for his strength

Nor the endless war for its bloodiness

I love only what they defend

I love the sword for its sharpness

And the warrior for his strength

And the endless war for its bloodiness

But I too love what they defend

City of Queens rising to the sky

Mistress of the lands

Above all others, towering high

Against him she proudly stands

Minas Tirith, Tower of Guard

The ever-watching men of my land

Minas Anor, Gondor unmarred

The helm, the scepter and the healing hand

I wish for the coming of the one

Who shall again herald the dawn

I wish for a time when this war is done

And the birds once more can be heard in song

I wish for the darkness to never have been

And for Gondor to stand alone

I wish for the visions I have seen

I wish for the helm and the throne

Last of the Kingdoms of old is she

Last of those who stand

Against the darkness, defending the free

Our homes, our hearts, our lands

If two Kingdoms become one again

If we cast away our pride

The sun shall peep through the misty rain

And there will be no need to hide

If Gondor falls, who shall stand

And stem the flowing tide?

A river cannot be stopped by a hand

And then shall come the Night

If but one tree grows again

If but one bird flies

Then this war will not have been in vain

Even if our fair city dies

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