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Breena smiles at Jimmy before transferring her niece over to him. "I'm going to go get Kate's PJs and Run her a Bath, Kate be good for your uncle" The little girl smiles hugging her Uncle Tightly.

"Me be good. Me Love Uncle Gremlin" Breena smiles before kissing the two on the cheek with that she heads to Kate's bedroom to grab Kate's stuff. Once her aunt was out of site the little girl's eyes narrowed on her uncle and a gleam in her eye spread like wild fire causing her Uncle to gulp.

"Uncle Gremlin, Play game?" She asks causing him to become very nervous, He nods slowing watching the way she stared at him, making him feel like the end is Very Near.

He settles her down. "Okay, Kate want do you want to play…No Hide and seek" She giggles shaking her head.

"No, hide and seek. me promise" She says causing him to fear the worst.

"Okay what game" She smiles,

"Tag" She tags him before running away, He smiles this shouldn't be hard he thinks to himself before running after her.

He must have never played tag with a ninja before because it was the most difficult game for him to win.

She was dodging him making him fall all over himself, she runs by the couch accidently knocking down the cushion while giggling in triumph while her uncle was still crashing her.

He didn't notices the cushion and things just went slow motion from there. He trips stumbling to gain his balances when his wife comes into the living room to witness her husband stumbling to the floor hitting his head against one of Kate Toys thank god it was made of stuffing. Cushioning the below to his head.

He was flat on his back; he opens his eyes to see Kate hovering over him. "Uncle Gremlin okay, " He nods sitting up rubbing the back of his head then grabs the toy that soften the below causing Kate to smile.

"Tiva saved uncle gremlin" She cheers, while Breena leans down "Are you okay what happed, "She asks causing Palmer to shrugs his shoulders.

"Just playing a game with Kate" He answers like it was nothing out of the ordinary. Kate smiles before kissing his cheek.

"Me it "She says causing Palmer to smile. Breena shakes her head at the two before scooping Kate up. "After Kate Bath, we will play a game and I'll make sure that its save for everyone" She replies before heading to bathroom with Kate. Palmer smiles staring at the toy polar bear. "Thanks Tiva," He says smiling before getting up from the floor.

They walk into the club that McGee choose which felt like you just walked into the thirty's when jazz was in its prime, the decorations on the wall resembling the walls of clubs in New Orleans the sounds and smells of the spices that bless it residents.

It was a little piece of Abby home town. McGee looks over to her seeing her eyes lighting up taking in the aroma and scenery. The dance floor was crowned by eager dancers with their partners forgetting about the world around them and visiting a little bit of the past.

She smiles at him" A little bit, of New Orleans, Timmy can you dance, "He shakes his head causing her to give him a mischief grin, with this gleam that scarred McGee to his core, The smile and gleam of the woman that is going to make him dance like Richard gear in Shall we dance.

"Don't worry Timmy after tonight you won't be able to say that again." She says while dragging him on the dance floor.

McGee forces a smile his nerves getting the best of him. 'Best idea, Timothy McGee, should have gone with A Concert.' He thinks to himself while she finally reached a table that was by the dance floor.

She laughs at his terrified face. "Relax, Timmy there not sending lions out to eat you." She places her stuff onto the table before removing her cape and also placing it down onto the table.

He eyes travels up the lace on her legs up her body tracing her every curve until he meant her light green eyes, which were speaking volumes her lips with twitched up into a smile.

"I Knew this dress would be distraction" She teases before grabbing his hand causing him to smirk. "Abby, you're the distraction and the dress, just adds to your affect on him." He says while twirling her around causing her to smile.

"Timmy got moves, lets see if you can lindy hop" She says, while the Jazz music starts to play the beat coming on Strong while McGee Stands their confused.

"Abby what's a Lindy Hop "He asks, while she just smirks at the man. "You find out" She says while moving her hips to the beat, He nods his head nervously, Oh he'll find out.

Palmer smiles holding his last two card out to Kate. Her hands glide across the cards watching the way his eyes change whenever she goes over a certain card.

She gives her uncle her father's cheeky grin taking the card on the right causing Palmer's face to fall while his wife laughs.

"Uncle Palmer old maid "She says grinning while clapping her hands together.

He rubs his face. "How is she winning every game? Even the one I made up so I would win "Palmer says, not caring how it sounds. He had already lost his pride to a two year old.

His wife smirks shaking her head. "I knew you were cheating, and she is just naturally gifted and lucky, Why, do you want to win so badly...You want to know how she feels" His wife says smirking.

He glares at her with a smile tugging on his lips. "No...Kind of she looks happy "He says in a small voice causing his wife to smile before leaning in leaving a kiss on his lips.

Kate smiles at her uncle before getting up and placing a kiss on his cheek. "No be sad, me let uncle gremlin win" She says while wrapping her small arms around his neck causing him to smile.

"No, you are the best and you should keep your title besides it's time for bed." She smirks shaking her head, before running to grab a movie from her part of the entertainment center.

She rushes back towards them. "Meet the Robinsons, Sad movie but make you happy at the end. " She says selling the movie causing her uncle to look at his wife for approval; she shakes her head looking at the clock. '9; 10'

"Not tonight sweetie, it's already past your bedtime" She says causing Kate to find her weaker target.

" Me no tired, and me miss Uncle Palmer and Aunt Breena, so much right here hurts..."She says holding her chest with sad puppy dog eyes. " no miss me," She asks sadly while wrapping her tiny arms around his neck causing Palmer to break a little.

"Of course we missed you, we been apart for a whole day" She places her forehead against his causing him to smile a little. "Then why want me to sleep" She asks causing Palmer to stare at his wife with a pair of his own puppy dog eyes.

"Jimmy..."She was stop by the two who were giving her the ultimate wounded puppy dog looks that she has every witness in her life, The looks would make people donate all their money and the clothes on their back.

She sighs in defeat. "Fine, One movie and off to bed and we don't tell your Uncle McGee or Aunt Abby about this got it" She says causing her to be tackled to the floor by the two.

McGee and Abby takes a seat at their Table, Abby couldn't stop smile while McGee was red and a little ashamed "Come on Timmy you were amazing, you really got into it." She says holding back a few giggles causing Him to rub his forehead.

" I lost my sense of sanity I'm sorry when I finally got the hang of things the music just …"She holds a hand cutting him off with a hundred rode smile playing on her ruby lips.

"The Music took a hold of you and made you a victim to the rhythm I know…" He turns a little red causing her to lean across the table to place a kiss on his lips that was making him see stars. She pulls away giving them some room to breath.

"Thanks for the dance swing king."She teases causing him to smile at the nickname the people in the club gave him after going all diva on the dance floor, making it his own little production which made Abby, just smile and join in the fun.

"Thanks for teaching me and not killing me after I stomped on your feet so many times." She smiles taking a drink of her water her eyes still fixed on the man across from her.

"Your welcome and bruises are just little reminds of when the probie became the king of dace, and lead the mad scientist on crazy journey "She says with a wink causing him to smile. "Oh and Timmy you can't say you can't dance anymore there is a whole club of people that says you can" She replies, One thing was Determine that night McGee could dance and Make anywhere a musical number.

Kate was sitting between the two watching the movie, she looks between the two smiling. "Uncle Gremlin, Aunt Breena why no baby" She asks causing the two to look at each before looking down at the very curious little girl.

"Because, we are busy, there hasn't been the right moment to have a baby yet, but maybe soon "Breena says softly while gently stroking the little girl's hair. Kate looks at her uncle for a better excuse.

Palmer smiles "Your Grandpa ducky needs me more, and your aunt Breena job is more demanding. We just have to wait until everything is less chaotic." He replies, causing the little girl to shake her head.

"No wait, Ima-leh and daddy, busy and had me, no good time for baby, baby comes no matter time. Baby makes you happy..."Breena and Palmer were shocked, while not like completely shocked they knew the way she was.

"Uncle Gremlin and Aunt Breena make a baby, no wait, baby gremlin make aunt Breena and uncle gremlin happy," She says letting out a little yarn while rubbing her eyes. Breena smiles before looking at the television seeing the credits.

"Come on, time for bed. " She says before standing up and gathering Kate in her arms. She looks at her husband who was still processing the pieces of information. He finally snaps out of his chain of thought and goes with his wife to tuck their niece into bed.

McGee and Abby was walking up the sidewalk surround by older shops of the community, she wraps her arms around him leaning into his chest smiling.

"Where are we going Timmy" he smiles kissing her on the top of the head. "To pay you back for something I took from you a couple years ago" She looks at him confused until he stops in front of Bell's are ringing Bakery, she smiles turning back to him.

"I know, its been a long time, but I still feel bad for you using all of your resources, to figure out it was me who eat you cupcake" She laughs before stealing a kiss from him.

"For a federal agent you didn't cover, your tracks very well" She teases causing him to smirk tugging on her cape bringing her closer to him.

"No, I did you are just to good at your job, come on lets go get your cupcake before all the cupcakes are gone and you started another man hunt" He says causing him to receive a smack on the arm and a smile from his mad scientist . He offers an arm which she accepts walking into the shop.

He smiles watching Abby pick out her treat, her eyes lighting up while scanning the twenty different types of cupcakes. Her tongue hangs out a little before it runs across her top lip when her eyes settled on the one she wanted..

They were walking back to the car, while eating their Sweet treats. She smiles wiping the frosting off the corner of his lips before sucking her finger clean causing McGee to smile.

"Thanks, but you have some on you "She wipes her mouth he smirks before moving her hand to the side and captures her bottom lip sucking it clean.

He smiles has he pulls away releasing her lip slowly"I got it." She smirks, "Thank you, so…" McGee catches onto the look.

"You worried about her" Abby nods before looking at her wristwatch.

"She fine Abs, I should know I text them .like four minutes ago. " She smiles looking at him "Yes I worried too, she got to me…I'm going to miss being…" Abby smiles"A fill in Dad," He nods before wrapping his arms around her leaning his forehead against hers.

"How about you are you going to miss being a fill in Ima-leh" He asks causing her to smile at his use of Hebrew.

"Yes, I like it a lot; I'm going to miss us taking her out and …." He smiles cutting her off. "The little family we created." She nods causing him to smile. "Hmm, how can we fix that problem?" He asks causing her to look at him with a knowing smile, which was identical to the one he had on. 'How do you fix that problem…Abby and McGee Equals…?

Breena drops down into the seat next to Palmer exhausted. "She's a handful, "Palmer says with a little smile before kissing the top of his wife head, Breena smiles before turning towards him.

"Yes she is, but also amazing I mean…I want one" Breena says causing Palmer to smile.

"I don't know if Tony and Ziva would be okay with giving us one of their children, but we can try" She rolls her eyes smiling.

"I mean, for us to created one..." He mouths oh she rubs his arms.

"I know we are busy, but Kate is right there is never going to be a perfect moment for us to have a baby, and I'm exhausted , I'm afraid she is going to sleep for ten minutes and be recharged ready to attack..."Palmer laughs before wrapping his arms around her tightly.

"No I'm serious, but they when she see we are upset and she comforts us, the way she gets us over are fears, and the way she tell us she loves us make worth it. I want that, Jimmy I know we…" He captures her lips before pulling away smiling.

"Breena, you sound like me before our wedding, "She smiles remembering the moment he came to her to move up the wedding for he could get back to his family who needed him. " I want it too, there is never going to be a right moment. Us of all people should know that, That's why we need to make that moment on are own" He says before capturing her lips moving his hand up her thigh while pulling her closer from behind her neck with his free hand.

She smiles before pulling way. "Jimmy, we will start tomorrow" He smirks before leaning in closer to her "I know, this is practice" He says before recapturing her lips leaning her down onto the couch.

"Jimmy, we can't "He sighs before letting her up while pouting. "You started it" He says like a child causing her to laugh before kissing him softly

"I know, but tomorrow once we get home, you're in training mode" She says before kiss him softly.

They decide to check on Kate one last time before heading to bed. She was all cuddle up in her blanket with her hundred acre friends and her new friends Tiva and McAbby.

She was letting out little sounds. Totally at peace and tucker out from making everyone finally seeing what they have been missing, and brining together a couple that was history in the making. Palmer and Breena smiles before heading to bed while dreaming about all the little gremlins they were going to have.

McGee walks Abby to her door where he kisses her goodnight. "I'll pick you up tomorrow morning, Goodnight abs" He says before walking away.

She bites lip with a little smirk. "Timmy, you forgot something "She calls causing him to turn around walking back over to her while patting his pockets.

"What did I forget? "He asks finally noticing the look in her eye. "You forgot to say hello to your friend, coffin he's has missed you has much has I have" She says grabbing his hand causing him to grin before capturing her lips hungry, she pulls him into her apartment while he closes the door with his foot.

Through the years of heart ache from the days of regret, came down to this one night when they finally owned the night.

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