Shawn leaves a note after he fails to tell Juliet the truth in "Death Is in the Air"

Juliet got back to her desk after being in the hospital boy was she happy that she was out of that gross room. She looked at her desk there where files everywhere how on earth could her desk become so messy. She started picking up the papers and there was an envelope with her name on it. She recognized the hand writing as Shawn's but she didn't want to open it until she got home unsure why she thought it would mean something too.

"Lassiter I need a day off."

"But you just got back"

"I know but I just need to go home and rest it's been a long day."

"Okay call if you figure anything out."

"About what?"

"The new case."

"Oh right sure."

Juliet drove back to her apartment and sat down on the couch. She got the letter out of her purse. She took a deep breath opened it and started to read it.

Dear Juliet,

I wanted to tell you how I honestly felt but instead of just saying it out loud. I thought of all the moments we have had up to here that have made me realize how I feel. Going back to the beginning when we first met in the diner I fell for you. I didn't know you where a cop but once I found out I'll be honest I was scared. Or when you first told me that I make you laugh at times when we teamed up to solve a case. But when I realized we belong together it was when we did that stupid undercover speed dating and we had a 100% match maybe it was fate or just luck I didn't really copy your answers it's just how it was. I tried telling you I loved you almost 2 years ago when I told you about my stupid horoscope writer that your love was wearing Apple Jacks shirt and sneakers and well I ended up wearing that, I want our life too be like we were when we went undercover as a married couple. When I wanted to kiss you but you said it would be a mistake so I pulled away. You don't know how much I wanted to kiss you. Or when I gave you the Christmas present you rejected my hug that hurt. Or when I claimed that your dress was a prom dress when we were at my high school reunion and you rejected it but when I first saw you across the gym you were perfect to me. The first time I knew I meant something too you was when you accepted my date but then turned me down for a stupid lead to a case I had everything set up music, candles, and flowers it was a perfect romantic dinner but I did enjoy that couple skate we had alone on the rink. Maybe our stroll on the boardwalk with the hot dogs made me realize I loved you. I am sorry that I hurt you turning down when you asked me out at the drive in because I ended up being on a date with Abigail. I was happy when you accompanied me on that romantic stroll in Canada. I was very jealous of Scott but after he left I was happy that he wasn't around anymore because that's when I wanted to tell you how I felt but then you ended up in the hospital over some stupid drug which you really didn't have in your system. I was about to tell you but then Lassie ruined it. I just want you to know I love you. Gus is always telling me that I should tell you but I always worry it might screw up everything and then I got the feeling Gus didn't want me telling you. If you accept this please meet me over by the diner we first met at around 6….Dress nicely not that you don't dresses nicely anyways just something fancies I guess you could say.

Love Shawn Spencer

Juliet read the letter and then folded it back up and put it in the envelope she had no idea what to say her mind was drawing a blank. She looked at the clock it was 5…..She got up and hopped into the shower then got ready. She knew that she did have feelings for Shawn. She always had feelings for Shawn. She got a blue dress on it was like the one she whore for the reunion accept it wasn't pink. She got make up on and then grabbed her purse and heels. She really wanted to do this. She drove up and parked. She walked towards the diner. Shawn stood there with a nice shirt and a tie.

"Juliet you came!" He said Juliet ran up too him and hugged him. She leaned in for a kiss. He accepted the kiss but then stopped.

"Shawn Spencer I love you"

"I love you too Juliet I didn't know how the note would go but…"

"I loved it…..It was perfect."

"You are perfect." Juliet blushed.

"I got us this nice fancy dinner set up in the diner." Shawn said taking Juliet's hand walking her into the diner. There was a table with a candle on it.

"Shawn you shouldn't have."

"Actually Gus helped a bit."

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