Spencer walks his son to school. Derek offers to drive them every morning, but it was just something the duo preferred to do. "If daddy stops being angry, are we going to be a family again?" The boy asks.

Spencer smiles. "I don't know Jack. Daddy would have to change a lot, because I don't want any bad people around you." Jack squeezes his hand. "I love you," he says softly. The little boy smiles brightly at him."I love you too!"

He gets home and starts cleaning. It didn't take very long before he was done. He started reading, but it only kept him occupied for a few hours. He'd read every book in the house. Re-read some of them.

He sighs and lays on the couch. He closes his eyes and thinks about Hotch. How Hotch used to suck him off when they didn't have a lot of time. Despite the teasing from the team, Spencer enjoyed sex very much. He grips himself and thinks of how Hotch used to blow him.

He fists himself rough- it's been a long time since he'd had any sort of pleasurable release. It doesn't take very long and he's over the edge. His hand feels sticky and suddenly he feels embarrassed. Here he is, alone and unemployed masturbating on his best friends couch, in the middle of that day, to past memories with his abusive ex.

He needed a drink. First a shower, but definitely a drink after.

He naps until it is time to pick Jack up. He grabs his bag and his phone and begins to walk to the school. Halfway there his phone starts ringing. "Spencer, it's Aaron. I'm taking a lunch break right now. Can I come get you to pick up Jack? We can get ice cream and then I'll drop you both off at Morgan's house."

Spencer bites his lip. "I'll meet you at the school, but I swear to everything, Aaron. Don't mess this up."

Aaron is waiting outside his son's classroom when Spencer arrives. "Hello Spencer," Aaron says. Spencer waves, suddenly feeling shy. Aaron stops closer to him and stands beside him, but doesn't touch him. "You look good." He tells Spencer. "Don't, Aaron," Spencer says.

Aaron raises an eyebrow. "You look healthy. You look much better without me around hurting you," he tells him honestly. "It's in the past. It will never happen again," Spencer says.

"I've really missed you," he says. Spencer smiles a little. "I've missed you too." Aaron tucks stray pieces of hair behind Spencer's ear. "I love you," he tells him, looking right into his eyes. Spencer uses all of his will power not to lean forward and kiss the man in front of him.

"I love you too, Aaron. But we can't do this. Not yet." Aaron nods his agreement. There was still a long road in front of him. He honestly did love Spencer. He had never wanted to hurt him. The pain he felt from not being able to see his lover and his son whenever were nothing compared to the pain he put them through with his rage. Hopefully he could get better and then show them that he could be a good person and they would accept him back.

They both watch as children come running from the classroom. Jack is one of the last to emerge. He looks around for Spencer and sees them together. His eyes grow wide and he steps over hesitantly. "Is daddy okay to be around?" Jack asks, wondering if he should go get his teacher for help.

"Yes. Daddy wants to take us out for ice cream to talk for a few minutes. Is that okay?" Spencer asks. Jack studies his father and then slowly nods. "No funny stuff," he says to his father.

hThey get into Aaron's car and he asks where they want to go. "Cold stone!" The boy yells. "They put gummy bears in the ice cream," he explains. When they all have their ice cream they sit at a table outside.

"How has everything been, buddy?" Aaron asks. Jack takes a big bite of ice cream. "Papa is depressed and we both miss you, but we can't be a family again unless you stop being bad." Aaron is heartbroken. "I'm sorry, Jack. I'm working really hard so that I can be there for you more. Are you okay with staying with papa?" The boy nods happily. "We protect each other."

Aaron knows that that is a trait of living in an abusive household. The parents protect the children in most normal cases. With abuse, parents and child protect one another from the abuser. Arron is mad at himself for ever putting his son in this situation.

They finish their ice cream and Aaron drives them home. Jack gets out and goes up to the front door. "Can I have a good bye kiss?" Aaron asks. Spencer blushes and leans towards him. Aaron lips meet his softly. "Until next time," Aaron says softly. Spencer smiles faintly and gets out of the car. Aaron drives away feeling good.

Spencer unlocks the door with a smile and Jack runs into the house. He turns to follow the boy and is struck in the head. The whole world goes black.

Derek gets home and is surprised when the door is unlocked. Because of their jobs, they were a bit over protective. They never left the door open. He walks in and takes in the scene. Jack's backpack is on the ground. The contents are spread across the floor. There's blood a few feet from the backpack.

He calls his team first and then the police. He walks through the house with his gun drawn. "Spencer and Jack are missing," he tells Garcia. "We need to tell Hotch," she says. Derek sighs and dials his number. "Hotchner," he answers. "Hotch, it's Morgan. Look, we have a problem." Hotch gets in his car and begins to drive toward the BAU.

"Do we have a case?" He asks. "Spencer and Jack are missing. It looks liek someone got into the house. There's blood on the floor and Jack's stuff is everywhere."

Aaron is stunned. "Missing?" He asks. "Man, I need you to be able to stay objective or this can't work. I'll take you off the case." Aaron takes a moment to breath. "I want to stay on the case. I'm heading to the BAU right now."

"When Hotch makes it to the BAU the team is already there. The moment he walks in they all stare. "What's wrong?" He asks. Derek walks up looking like he's going to punch the older man.

"We tracked Spencer's records. Seems he was out today after getting Jack. He went to get ice cream with you right before he went missing. Care to elaborate?"

Aaron is taken aback. "Are you accusing me of this, Morgan?" He growls. "If the shoe fits, man." Morgan responds. Emily gets between them. "Hotch, that is you with him on tape, isn't it?" She asks. He nods.

"I asked if I could go with him to get Jack today. We got ice cream and talked about what-ifs. I dropped them off at Morgan's house and I came back to work."

"Maybe the what-ifs didn't work in your favor, so you decided to just take what you wanted instead of getting permission. It wouldn't be the first time," Derek spits. Aaron glares. "The talk went well. He even gave me a kiss before I drove away. Then he and Jack went inside and I left. I wouldn't hurt them."

Derek shakes his head and grabs Hotch's arm. "For now , you're suspect number one." Aaron is pushed against a wall and handcuffed while Morgan tells him his rights. He doesn't fight at all while he is walked to the cells. Morgan has the courtesy to place him in one by himself, given that many prisoners know who he is.

"Morgan, I didn't do it," Hotch says. Morgan stares at him before sighing. "Look, Hotch. In all honesty, I believe you. I think you'v been working hard and I know you love them. It's just that I need to cover all the bases. Please understand."