Spencer wakes up to Jack shaking him. "Papa, wake up. I'm lonely," he says. "I'm awake. Do you want me to tell you a story?" The boy nods and cuddles into his chest. He wraps his arms around the boy and begins to tell him a story.

When they had been silent for a while Spencer kisses the boy's forehead. "What does the man look like?" He asks. "He's tall," Jack says. He kisses his son again. They eat more before he hears the footsteps. "Put the blindfold on, boy," the man says. Jack hurries to put it on.

"Why are you hurting my papa?" He asks sadly. "Because I have a right to." The man answers. He takes him by the hand and leads him across the room. He comes back to Spencer. "Get on your knees and turn around," the man says. Once Spence is in position he is cuffed again. His arms are so far above him that it keeps him completely erect.

"Who am I? He asks. Spencer shudders. "Are you a bully from high school?" The man chuckles. "I'll let that slide since there were so many of them. However, that is incorrect." Spencer wants to cry. Suddenly he feels a sharp sting. "Count them! Out loud!"

"One!" Spencer cries. He gets to ten before the man tells him to start again. Spence is crying. The whip is digging deep into his flesh. "Ten!" He yells again. "Again, Spencer." The man says. "Please, daddy," Spencer sobs. The man doesn't move and Spencer gasps. "Dad?" He asks.

The man grins. "So, you finally got it. You know, for a profiler, you didn't really put those clues together." Spencer can't get his mind to settle. This was his father? "Why are you doing this to me?"

The whip hits him again. "You ruined my life Spencer! You messed your mother up, you messed yourself up." Spencer is whipped again. "We were just fine until she had you. And of course you couldn't come out right. You couldn't have one normal thing about you." Another hit.

"I'm sorry. I... I'm sorry," Spencer says. "Your mom only got sick after you were born," another hit. "You did that to her. And then you didn't get it. She was so worried that you would get it too." Another hit. "She worried herself near death, Spencer. And for what? For a son that has everything wrong with him but his mental capacities?" He yells before hitting Spencer over and over until he'd calmed.

"Have your son bandage you. I'll give you some time together before I send him home," the man says. He walks out but doesn't throw anything inside. Jack runs over and Spencer can hear his crying.

"Jack, sweetheart. I know this is scary, but papa is hurt. Can you take those band aids and some water and clean papa's back?" Jack sniffles and begins to pat his abused back with a wet piece of cloth. Spencer hisses but doesn't move. He doesn't want to scare Jack any more than he already must be.

Once his son bandages him he tells the boy to eat what's left of their food. Was his father going to kill him? Would he safely deliver Jack to Aaron? "Jack, listen. He's going to let you go. I need you to find daddy. I need you to tell him that I'm with my dad, okay?" "I will papa," the boy says. He hugs Spencer carefully before sitting next to him to sleep.

William Reid returns to the room. "Spencer, wake up," he says. Spencer's already awake though. "Are you going to let him go now?" He asks. "The hope in your voice is amusing. Of course I'm not. Do you think I'm stupid?" He's kicked in the back. "He would go to his other father. How long do you think it would be before he led them back?"

Spencer begins to cry. "Please, dad. He's my son and I would do anything for him. Just let him go. you can kill me, or whatever it is that you want." William pets Spencer's head. "I just want you to feel the pain I've had to live with. You ruined everything, Spencer. I wish you had never been born but there's nothing I can do now. Nothing I can do but get even."

He kicks Spencer again and he wheezes. "She still wanted you, even after we found out you were messed up. She put you over me. She put you over herself." Spencer grits his teeth. "I didn't ask to be born," Spencer tells him. "Well I didn't ask either!" His father yells. Spencer hangs almost limp. "Just kill me and get it over with," he tells his father. "I don't plan on killing you myself. I'm dying, Spencer. Cancer in my lungs. I'm going to keep you here until I die. If you aren't found after that, you'll starve to death. If you are found, then you won't."

Spencer's stomach aches with dread. "And my son?" He asks. "He's the icing on the cake. He's a little boy. He'll die before you do." Spencer hangs his head. "Aw, cheer up son. Once he's dead you can eat his body and prolong your own survival."

Aaron sits with the team. "What if it is his father? He hasn't said much about him, but it was all negative." JJ sighs. "Garcia, run a check and see where William Reid is these days," Morgan says. His goddess types away quickly. "Anyone else?" Emily asks. "There's still Ethan," JJ says. "Look for Ethan too," Morgan adds.

"Anything for you, my chocolate boss-man." She frowns while she's typing. "Guys," she says, interrupting their conversation. "William Reid just bought a house near Spencer's. Just as in within the last month. He hasn't been in touch with Spencer? It says his firm is still in Las Vegas."

They all stand to go to William Reid's new house. "Baby girl, send us those coordinates." She types more and winks at him. His phone vibrates the moment she does so and he jets out.

They reach William Reid's house and the man answers. He looks ill. "Mr. Reid, we are looking for your son. He's gone missing with his step-son. Have you seen him?" Morgan asks. "I came here to try and work on our relationship, but I haven't had the time to talk to him yet. I'm dying," he tells them. Derek checks his phone. He's waiting for Garcia to send him a search warrant.

"Can we come in and check?" Aaron asks. "Do you have a warrant? If not, please get off my lawn. I need my rest," the man states. Aaron narrows a glare. "If you're innocent you have no reason to turn us away." The man smiles back smugly. "I'm an innocent man that enjoys his rights. Good day, agents."

They get back into the cars and drive down the street. They need that damn search warrant.