Jack is sitting with his father at the BAU. "Honey, when did you last eat?" JJ asks. Garcia has brought in homemade chicken soup for him. "He let us eat the first two times he came in, but then he stopped feeding us. Papa didn't eat very much," he tells them sadly. By their unsure recollection the boy had been starved for almost five days.

Morgan rushes into the conference room. "We got it, Let's go. JJ, can you stay here with Jack?" He asks while they gear up. JJ takes Jack's hand and nods. Garcia sits with them.

They pile in the SUV and call for emergency crews and back up. Morgan speeds his way to William Reid's house. When they get there he knocks once before kicking the door in. Inside they find William Reid in bed. He's been dead for at least a day. They spread out and check rooms, but Spencer is nowhere to be found. There isn't even a basement to this house.

Morgan punches a wall and watches Emergency crews take the corpse out. Hotch grabs Morgan's arm. "Check the floors. Spencer told me once that when he was a kid his father would hide them in his room under the floor when his mother would start to get out of control." The team splits up until they hear Emily call out. "I found it guys! Hallway closet!"

They all rush in and follow Emily down. There are two rooms. Hotch and Morgan each take a door and throw it open. Morgan and Emily look around the empty room. Hotch and Rossi burst in and they spot Spencer's body. His arms are suspended above him but his body is completely lifeless. His arms are swollen and miscolored.

Hotch rushes over and lifts the boy's face to look him over. Rossi grabs his wrist carefully to look for a pulse. "Hotch, I can't tell if he's still alive or not. We have to get him down."

Morgan comes into the room and gasps. "Is he alive?" He asks. "We don't know yet. Help up get him out of these," Hotch says. Derek Morgan uses a crowbar to separate the restraints from the wall. Cuff still hung from his arms, but they posed no risk.

The lay his body flat and Rossi puts an ear to his chest. "He's still alive, but we have to hurry." The carry his body up and EMT's take him. "Hotch, go wth him," Morgan says. Hotch shoots him a thankful look and follows him into the ambulance.

He has to wait in the lobby. He had informed him that he and Spencer were married and thus he was family. They had been hesitant at first. He'd been here earlier with Jack and didn't want to bring him back, but JJ has been texting him for the last hour telling him that Jack needs him and Jack needs to see how Spencer is doing.

Morgan has sat beside him for the last two hours. They hadn't spoke at all. Hotch clears his throat. "Thank you for letting me go with him." Derek Morgan nods. "There's not much you can do at this point, but I know you'll feel a little better if you're at least here. He will, too."

Hotch leans back. JJ was bringing JJ in a few minutes and he wanted to compose his self.

Five hours later he's holding a sleeping Jack when a doctor comes out. "Agent Hotchner, may I speak with you?" Morgan offers to take Jack and Aaron follows the doctor. "Your husband was in deplorable condition. We're doctors, we don't work miracles," he tells him. Hotch nods.

"He's alive, but he's not ever going to be the same. He's been beaten and whipped, starved at the least of it. His arms were suspended long enough to lose circulation. One of them had to be amputated below the elbow. The other is in tact, but if the infection comes back we may have to cut that one off too," the doctor tells him.

Aaron doesn't know what to do. They'd cut one of Spencer's arms off? "Is he going to live?" He finally asks. "He should. So far we think we can get the infection dealt with. His back will heal. His body will heal, eventually."

Aaron walks back into the waiting room in a daze. They couldn't see him until tomorrow morning, just in case the infection got worse and they needed to do more surgery. "How is he?" Morgan asks.

Hotch feels tears on his face. "They had to amputate one of his arms. They're unsure if he will be able to keep the other. He was beaten, starved and whipped. Some of his injuries were infected."

Everyone is quiet. No one knows what to say. "They think he will live. We can see him tomorrow, if they don't have to do any other surgery on him tonight. He doesn't know about his arm, yet. He's not woke the entire time."

Morgan stands and after passing Jack to Garcia embraces Hotch. Hotch allows himself to cry. "The arm he gets to keep is the one I almost broke when he went out with you," he tells Morgan. He can hear the guilt coming from his voice.

Morning comes and Morgan and Hotch still remain. Garcia has taken Jack home with her with the promise of returning in the morning. The doctor comes out and shakes Aaron awake. "Agent Hotchner, you can see your husband now. You can take your friend also, if you would like. He remian constant through the night, so we're fairly certain he will keep the other arm."

Morgan and Hotch follow the doctor to Spencer's room. The boy is small and discolored. There is a small, white nub where his arm should be. "Will he wake up soon?" Morgan asks. "We estimate sometime within the next few hours." Morgan and Hotch sit in the chairs near the bed and wait.