When Spencer is released he goes home with Aaron. Aaron helps Spencer into the large master bedroom and tucks him in. He's still on powerful pain medication and won't be off until the next day. Jack sits next to his papa's bed and watches him sleep. "Are we going to live with you now, daddy?" Jack asks. "For a while. At least until papa is better. I hope that he will stay after that, though."

Jack opts to sleep in the bedroom with his papa. Aaron spends the night on the couch. He checks on them through the night and doesn't fall into a deep sleep until four in the morning. He wakes up because Spencer is running fingers through his hair. "You're going to be late for work if you don't wake up now," he tells him with a soft voice.

Aaron sits up and leans forward to kiss Spencer's lips. Spencer moves back and stops Aaron. "We need to talk about what we are now," Spencer says. "We have to reset our boundaries." Aaron sits up and helps Spencer sit on the couch comfortably. "Aaron, we've been through a lot recently. If we are going to continue a romantic relationship I have rules that I will not stand being broken." Aaron pats his knee to ask him to continue.

"I will no longer stand for being abused. This meant with your words or your fists. If I say no to sex, I mean I don't want it. I don't want you to ever hurt Jack. And if you ever rub this in my face, either the fact that my father was the way he is, or that I am missing an arm, I'm leaving. You won't ever find me or Jack."

Aaron is surprised. "I accept those terms. My rules are, I want to be able to spend time with Jack," he tells him. Spencer then allows Aaron to lean forward to kiss him. Spencer kisses back for a few moments before leaning against Aaron's body and falling asleep.

Aaron takes Spencer into his arms and carries him into the bedroom to put him beside their son. He thinks about Spencer's rule and what that means. He would be allowed to stay with his family again as long as he could control his self. He wasn't allowed to hit Spencer or attack him verbally, which was a given. But the part where Spencer said he couldn't taunt him with what happened weighs heavily on his heart. Did Spencer really think he would ever do that?

He gets dressed after a long shower and he sneaks into the bedroom. He kisses Spencer's cheek and wakes him up. "Spencer, I need to bandage you. Can you sit up for me baby?" Spencer quirks an eyebrow and sits up with his back resting on the headboard. Aaron unwraps the layers of bandages. Spencer keeps his eyes closed. Aaron assumes he doesn't want to see the damage. "Are you okay?" Aaron asks. Spencer opens his eyes and blinks. "Huh?"

Aaron smiles. He'd just fallen asleep. He sees Spencer's eyes look over the arm for just a moment before looking away. "Do you want to go out to dinner tonight?" Aaron asks casually as he begins to bandage. Spencer shakes his head. "I know I'm not supposed to upset you, but I think it would be good for you. I think it would be good for us. We can even take Jack and make it a family dinner," Aaron says.

"I wanna go!" Jack mumbles sleepily. They both smile at their son. "I guess we could do a family dinner. You're not embarrassed?" Spencer asks as he looks at his arm. Aaron kisses him long and slow. "Never. There's nothing you could do- Nothing that could happen to you that would embarrass me."

Jessica comes over to take care of Jack and keep an eye on Spencer. She is running her hand through Spencer's hair when he wakes up. "Hey Spencer. It's Jessica... Jack's aunt, remember?" Spencer sits up slowly. "I'm sorry. Is everything okay?" He asks. She smiles at him. "Of course. I came over to keep an eye on Jack since you're recovering. I just made lunch. I wanted you to come join us."

Spencer smiles a little. "Is Jack alright? I didn't even notice him getting up." She sits down next to him. "He's fine. He's playing... How are you?" Spencer shrugs. "I've been worse." He turns away from her. "You're missing half your arm. It doesn't bother me. I meant being around Aaron." Spencer looks at her. "He's been nice. We set boundaries." "Do you think he's changed?" Spencer shrugs again. "Did he ever do things like this to Haley?"

Jessica shakes her head. "He was always the perfect gentleman. When he was in jail, I didn't believe it. I thought maybe something had gone wrong, but never that Aaron would hit you. But he told me what happened. He admitted it." Spencer wraps his arm around his torso. "Why would he hit me and not her? He loved her," Spencer says. "He's from a long line of 'men don't hit women'. I'm sure there were times that he wanted to. But I think he's changed. I really do."

She helps Spencer get out of bed so he can have lunch with them. Jack smiles at him. "Hi papa! How did you sleep?" Spencer smiles shyly. "I slept just fine. How about you?" Jack nods and takes another bite of his mac and cheese. Jessica puts a plate in front of Spencer and he thanks her. He waits for her to sit before he begins eating. "Papa, I'm sorry about your arm," Jack says sadly. "I know you did it to save me, and I'm sorry." Spencer's eyes tear up. "I love you Jack. It's not your fault."

Jack hugs his papa. "I like it, though. Maybe you could get a robot arm!" He says in a childlike tone. It makes Spencer smile and shake his head. "I'll think about it," he says.

When Aaron gets home Spencer is asleep again. He wasn't taking narcotic pain medication, but he was still being medicated. Aaron kisses his forehead. "Spencer, do you still want to go out tonight?" He asks. Spencer shakes his head and Aaron's smile falls. "Been sick," Spencer admits. "Can we eat together in the house?" He asks instead. Aaron kisses him again. "Of course. What made you sick?"

Spencer shrugs. "I puked for over an hour. Jessica had to help me shower. I think it might be all the medication. I'm sorry Aaron. Maybe tomorrow we can go out?" He says in an attempt to pacify Aaron. "It's alright Spencer. We can wait until you feel better. I'll call the doctor first thing in the morning and see if there's anything they can do. If you keep puking I'll take you to the hospital, okay?" Spencer nods.

Aaron calls for Chinese food. Jack makes a face and Aaron offers to make him some pizza. Spencer stumbles into the dining room and Aaron grabs him. "Are you okay?" He questions. Spencer nods. "Little dizzy. Can you guide me to the table?" Spencer follows Aaron's pull to sit at the table. He smiles at Aaron and sighs. He's glad to be sitting. Aaron sits Jack down with a slice of pizza before handing Spencer some food.

"How was your day?" Aaron asks. Spencer takes a small bite with a fork. "I slept through most of it. How was work?" Aaron finishes the bite of food he has. "It was alright. Everyone misses you. I told them to give you some time before they bombard you." Spencer nods sleepily. He's looking at Aaron and slowly closes his eyes.

Aaron has to run to catch him before he falls into his food. "Daddy, what's wrong with my papa?" The boy demands. "He's just sleepy," Aaron answers. He's not sure if that's true or not.

He carries Spencer back to bed and tries to wake him. He taps Spencer's cheek and runs his fingers through his hair. Spencer snores a little and Aaron decides to leave him to rest.