Aaron looks at his lover from across the dinner table. After his faux pas they hadn't been getting along. They'd snipped at one another and finally decided not to talk to each other. "I'm sorry about earlier," he says.

"You have nothing to be sorry for," Spencer says. Aaron frowns. "Obviously I do or you wouldn't be so upset with me. I wasn't thinking when I said that. I was trying to be flirty and I obviously failed at that. I'm sorry." Aaron says. "I know you didn't mean it. I don't know why it's bothering me so much." Jack looks back and forth between his parents.

"Were you mean to papa?" He asks his father. Aaron looks at his curious son. "Yes. I didn't mean to, though." Jack shoots out of his chair and straight to Spencer's side. "Do you want me to call uncle Derek?" The boy asks. Spencer smiles and pets his head.

"Your daddy accidentally said something that hurt my feelings. He apologized, so I think we should forgive him. What do you think?" Jack glares at him skeptically. "This time, daddy." Spencer tries to hide a giggle before smiling at Aaron. "I forgive you," he tells him. Aaron is visibly relieved.

When they've put Jack to bed they retire to their own bedroom. Spencer snuggles up to Aaron and wraps his nubbed arm around Aaron's chest. "We almost didn't make it here," Spencer says.

"I can't believe all of the horrible things I did to you Spencer. I can't believe you still feel anything pleasant for me," Aaron says honestly. Spencer kisses his mate's chest.

"I feel the same way papa," they hear Jack's sleepy voice say. He crawls onto the bed between them. "Daddy would have never hitted you if I hadn't gotten into your stuff," Jack says. They both hug the child.

"Jack, none of this is your fault at all, baby." Spencer says. "No matter what you did, we are the adults and I didn't act like an adult. It's my fault and it's Spencer's dad's fault, but not yours and not Spencer's."

Jack smiles at his parents and sheepishly cuddles between them so that he can go to sleep.