Spencer and Jack are clean and dressed when the BAU arrives for dinner. The team takes turns giving the duo fragile hugs.

They all sit around the table while Derek brought food out. He'd make a lasagna. "Now Rossi, I don't want to hear anything about how you and yours could have made it better," Derek warns playfully.

The team laughs lightly at the banter and Rossi shrugs in a well-mannered way. They kept up the conversation and occasionally included Jack. The little boy was more talkative than Spencer, but just barely.

"So Spencer, are you thinking about taking out of the teaching positions that are local? I can't imagine any university turning you away," JJ asks in her mothering voice. Spencer shrugs. "I considered it. It would be the easiest option for me and Bean," he says and he pats his step-son's shoulder.

"Would you even want to stay local?" Emily asks before taking a large bite from her breadstick. "I guess it wouldn't be necessary anymore, but you're all here and you're the closest thing to family that either of us has anymore."

When dinner is over and deserts have been eaten people begin to leave. They hug the broken boys once again before promising to be back soon.

Spencer takes Jack to his room and tucks him in for bed before heading to the living room. Derek had already cleaned up the dinner mess and was watching some soft of sports show while having a beer. Spencer sits beside him and patiently waits for a break in the program so they can talk.

"Go ahead Spence. Did you have fun at all?" Spencer nods his head. "It was great to see the team. Jack said it made him feel safer. I just feel sad. I'm not one of you guys any more. I'm just a weirdo that you've all formed an odd attachment to."

Derek pulls Spencer close and listens to the whimpering that comes with his tears. "You know we love you, Pretty boy. You'll always be one of us. You'll always be our family Spencer. Don't you know that? Don't you know how amazing you are?"

Aaron gets into Jessica's car after she bails him out. "You beat him? In front of Jack?" She asks coldly. "I don't know what came over me. It's not going to happen again." She drops him off at his house. He's not surprised that Jack and Spencer are gone.

He drives to work and knocks on Erin's door. "Agent Hotchner, how nice of you to show up," she says with malice. He takes a seat in front of her desk. "I had to give temporary control of the team to Agent Morgan in your absence," she tells him.

"He is the best choice for the job. Agent Morgan is one of the best agents I've ever worked with." Strauss fiddles with the papers on her desk. "I also fired Spencer Reid," she tells him.

This surprises him. "You're punishing him for... Having a relationship within his team?" He questions. She nods. "Shouldn't I be the one getting fired? I was his commanding officer. He should have probation, at most." Erin bites her lip determinedly.

"We need you more than we need him. He is inexperienced. You could easily get the same help he provided with access to Google. I made the choice that I felt was best for the entire team."

Aaron disagrees."This isn't up for debate. What I called you in for was to discuss your place on the team. Would you feel comfortable being in the same team? Either leading or not?" Aaron doesn't know. He has no doubt that they all know what happened. He has no doubt that they all hate him.

"I am going to give Agent Morgan the choice of remaining the lead or not. Your place will be determined by his, unless you wish to be transferred." Aaron shakes his head. He's not a blinker. "That is fine. I trust you'll let me know as soon as Morgan makes his decision."

Derek is called into Strauss' office. "I just had a meeting with Agent Hotchner," she tells him. His blood begins to boil. "He does not wish to transfer to another team. However, I am not just going to make him lead. If you wish to remain in charge of the BAU you may do so. In that case Hotchner will take your old position. If you choose to go back, Agent Hotchner will take your current position."

Derek grinds his teeth. Did Hotch have no shame? "Why isn't he being fired, like Reid?" He questions. "We can replace Reid. Agent Hotchner has years of experience." Derek just shakes his head. "I would prefer to remain lead."

Strauss smiles. "And so it shall be. Agent Hotchner should be in the building. Please let him know what you've decided. And have a nice day," she tells him.

He closes her door and tries to mentally calm himself for a discussion with the prick that had abused his Spencer.