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Lief watched the sunset in the palace gardens. - "Wow mine a year since we won Shadowlord and again there is peace in the Deltora!" - He thought. - "And yet I can not understand why I'm king of Deltora!"

"Lief!" - Shouted a familiar female voice.

"Jasmine!" - Shouted Lief. - "What are you doing here?" - Asked her Lief.

"I was looking for you!" - Called Jasmine. - "Since we won Shadowlord, you do not get out of that library. Barda they sought, I also."

"But why? Not leave the library because every day come ten letters, and have nothing to do. And why are you looking for me? Nothing to do for you." - He told her Lief.

"Enough Lief! Know that we are friends, but if you do not have enough confidence in us!" - Jasmine said, sitting down beside him on the soft green grass.

"I trust you, Jasmine!" - Lief said holding hand of Jasmine.

"Then why do not you stop hiding from the world, and not out of this stupid library?" - Jasmine asked seriously.

"Yeah you're right!" - Said Lief.

Then they both smiled.

"Lief!" - Jasmine said gently.

Lief then leaned over and kissed her.

"I love you!" - Said Lief. - "I love you more than anything in the world Jasmine!"

"Lief!" - Jasmine said. - "I love you!"

And then they both kissed and returned to the palace, holding hand in hand.

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