This just came to me whilst I was on a bus. I saw a couple kiss after meeting at the bus stop then get in a car. It made me think about Di/Nikki and how there reunion might be if they were to meet in a town. Hope you enjoy, I won't beg, but if you could leave a review, it would be appreciated. It is meant to be Diane Noble/Nikki Wright, but it could be any female and OC. - AforAntechinus

I step off the train, and see her leaning against the wall looking nonchalant, she sees me and smiles. As I reach her we hug and then she takes my bag. As we walk back to the car being careful not to touch, we talk about kids and work, just like any old friends might do. As we drive back to her place her hand wanders more than once to the hand I've left on the edge of my seat, not purposefully of course.

When we are safely in the house and my bag is placed in her room. I find myself trapped against a wall where no one can see us, her arms are around my waist and her body holds me flush against the wall. She looks at me then for a moment, studying my face as if she's never seen it. Another moment passes before she leans in and softly kisses me. Her lips are tender and soft, yet they are insistent in what they want. I let her control the kiss, enjoying the moment, enjoying the feeling of actually being able to kiss her. Finally my hands become lively; I move my hands up her body, I can feel that she has lost weight. My hands reach their destination and I tangle my hands in her lose hair. She always looked more beautiful with her hair down. We break apart for air, but I keep her close. Looking at her, I can't help but smile.

"I thought you were going to make me a cup of tea" I say the smile still on my lips.

She smiles back at me.

"If it's a cup of tea you want, I can… " she pretends to move away.

I don't let her move, but lean in and capture her lips again.

"I think the cup of tea can wait" I say as we break apart again.

Later, as I am waiting for her to bring in a cup of tea, I realise the stress in my shoulders, the stress that's been there for the last month has disappeared. I've been here less than 2 hours.

"What are you thinking?" She asks as she sits down on the bed.

I study her for a moment and then speak.

"That you're good for my stress levels,"

She smiles and hands me my cup of tea.

"I could have told you that"

I take a sip of tea and smile at her.

"I know"