Summary: Tsuna doesn't want to go to Italy for the meeting so everyone need to go to Japan but there is only one problem them need to pick up Tsuna to school…Full summary inside.

Summary: Tsuna doesn't want to go to Italy for the meeting / for the ceremony for him to be the official Decimo so the people involve to the ceremony need to go to Japan and pick up the Decimo in the middle of the class.

Moja Ganda: Guys I hope you like this IDEA just came in my head when I am reading so it's based in that story…

Chapter 1 (prologue)

"Tsuna do you want to go to Italy for the ceremony or do you want in Japan?" Reborn asked then he continued, "Well let's have it here in Japan since you're not answering" Reborn finished while looking to Tsuna's sleeping face.

Reborn looked at Tsuna once more before dialing someone's number, "I am sorry Nono but he doesn't want to go to Italy" Reborn reported to Vongola Nono.

"Reborn are you sure so we need to postpone it again that is very disappointing "Nono replied to Reborn with a sad tone but Reborn just smirked knowing that his plan worked before continuing saying, "But instead he wants to do it here in Japan and Nono he said that he wants all of the mafia to come here in Japan and picked him up at school along with his classmates and guardian" Reborn cheered up the Vongola.

"That's good then. We will just have it next time here in Italy Reborn we will arrive there tomorrow afternoon with the whole mafia that is under our control" The Vongola commented not doubting the hit man's words. Then both hung up and Reborn's smirked once again before he too went to dreamland.