Chapter 8

Nezu is scared. That is a fact, and even the students are scared but at the same time they are having their jaws dropped in the floor. How the HECK did dame-Tsuna made the demon of Namimori let him call him his first name let alone obey Tsuna's order, but the most shocking thing is that how did Tsuna know Reborn and talked to him as if they know each other for the longest of time. While Nezu-sensei and the rest of the class are still wondering about many things.

The play had already started.

"Mukuro, Yamamoto and Gokudera finish the right side" Tsuna commanded in his so-called- heartless-tone. The three nodded and moved to finish the order that is given to them by the Decimo then Tsuna looked at Reborn and said, "Would you do me the honor Reborn" Reborn smirked then he moved in the left and within 3 seconds the men o the Montano familia in the left side are lying on the floor breathing heavily.

"Oh so we have a chance to see how the 10 generation handles problems concerning business" said the storm guardian of the ninth while chuckling.

"Tsunayoshi just remember that you can't send your teacher and classmates in the mental hospital it's too risky" said the ninth. Tsuna looked at the ninth then pout, "eh that's not fair. How would I enjoy the game?" Tsuna said while pouting. The mafia and non-mafia looked at Tsuna in disbelief and some of them are thing of something like, "He is a sadist" or "I thought the Decimo is nice?"

"Ninth that's no fun" stated Chrome in a sadistic way that would make Mukuro proud of her. Everyone looked at Chrome in shocked what happen to the sweat and shy Chrome? Nezu and his students thought (They recover when Chrome spoke). The ninth was about to answer when suddenly they heard Reborn chuckled and said, "That's it Tsuna but you need to be more sadist be a devil if you need to" everyone looked at Reborn then at Tsuna. What they saw is beyond comparison.

Tsuna is his dying will, wearing his gloves looking at the Montano Ottavo with hatred. He ran to the Montano boss in full speed and then a rope surprisingly appeared in his left hand then before anyone knew what happen the boss is already tied in a chair that Nezu seats on earlier.

"Lambo do it" Tsuna commanded and the youngest/lightning guardian moved to Antonio and asked a simple question, "Who send you?" the man stayed quite Lambo getting impatient gave Antonio a UNHURT shot of lightning. Antonio cried out of pain.

Tsuna repeated the question of Lambo but with much more venom; who send you?" but Antonio did the same he just stay quite lie what he did when Lambo asked him that question.

"I don't want to do this but you left me with no choice. You wish for this to happen then I shall deliver the death penalty upon you" Tsuna said looking at Antonio with a very sad smile. He position his self to do the X-Burner

"Wait, wait Decimo I-I will confess to you now so pl-please spare me" Antonio said with pleading eyes.

"Who send you then speak before I change my mind" Tsuna said with an authoritative voice. The Montano ottavo shivers but answer the question, "Its Reborn Decimo" when Tsuna heard this he looked at Reborn and said, "Explain yourself Arcobaleno Reborn" Everyone looked at Tsuna surprise of how he talked to the greatest hit man but Reborn just chuckled amusingly and said, "Just having fun Decimo just having fun" everyone fell in the floor anime style.

After the ceremony let's just say that the student of Namimori adored and respect Tsuna now fearing that if they ever anger him they would die in an instant

Moja: At last it's done

Reborn: I love what you did in the end

Moja: Arigatou Reborn it's all because of you that I finished the story *Hug Reborn*

Reborn: I am the greatest person after all

Tsuna: Why do you need to end it that way Moja-san?

Moja: Tsu-chan that truth is I asked my mom how it would end and she said that I should end it by making others respect you

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