Ai-chan: This is my first time writing a fan fiction. *Puppy dog eyes* Please go easy on me. Okay~. I'm sorry if I have lots of grammar mistakes or if the story is boring.

Naru: Yeah whatever just starts the story already.

Ai-chan: Whatever. *turns to Mai* Mai-chan could you please?

Mai: Okay. Although she wish it's hers, but Ai-chan DO NOT OWN GHOST HUNT OR ITS CHARACTERS.

Italic/Underline - Narrator Speaking

Italic – Thoughts


In a land far far away, there live a girl with her loving parents. They were very kind and happy people. However this happiness does not goes long, the mother was ill and soon passed away. Not long after her death, the girl's father remarried a widow from the Hara family. The widow, Misaki Hara, had a daughter named Masako Hara who was also the same age as the little girl. The little girl was once again happy but it seems that God was very cruel to her since her father got into an accident and also passed away. The once kind step-mother and step-sister became very cruel. The poor girl was treated as a maid in her own house and if she did a small single mistake, she'll get hit and punished. Fortunately, a certain encounter with a certain someone might change her life for good. This little girl was called Mai Taniyama.

Ai-chan: How is it?

Naru: Boring. -.-

Mai: NARU!

Naru: What? *turns to look at Ai-chan*

Ai-chan:*sulks in the corner*'s… bad…

Mai: Ai-chan don't mind him okay? *turns to Naru* Naru apologize NOW! *turns to audience* Anyway please R&R.