Our Bravery

"I'm not letting you go." The desperation and seriousness was not only conveyed by her low toned voice but also from the firm grip she held around the red-eyed girl's wrist.

"But... Natsuki." Shizuru's heart melted at the sight of Natuski's pleading eyes.

"No! You can't-! I won't-! Shizuru, I can't bear to see you go. Please! Please just stay." The biker begged as her hold on that delicate wrist never wavered and her other arm wrapped itself around the waist of the girl who stood in front of her - gently she drew Shizuru back to the seat beside her.

Shizuru sighed weakly - a feeble attempt at protest whilst her body surrendered to the biker's appeal.

"Natsuki! If Fujino-san wants to have some fun - let her!" Mai cried exasperatedly - falling onto the long couch the lovebirds were situated on within the loud and busy atmosphere of the karaoke room.

Emerald green eyes glared threateningly at purple – conveyance of murderous annoyance whilst her body continued to cuddle her intoxicated girlfriend and kept said girlfriend from leaving her protective hold.

"Look. If she was just singing, then everything is just fine and dandy but - like hell - am I going to let her up on stage in what-ever god forsaken costume Midori have lined up behind those curtains!" Natsuki hissed - her mood fouled by the effects of alcohol and the horror she narrowly saved her love from.

"Mou! Natsuki-chin is such a party-pooper, and I had such a nice outfit lined up for kaichou-san!" Their former teacher joined in with a bottle of sake in hand.

Natsuki rolled her eyes at Midori's typical antics whilst the two voluptuous red heads began a struggle where one tried to force the other to drink.

"Oh, I like this song Natsuki" Shizuru murmured in her tired drunken haze before she snuggled closer into Natsuki's hold.

"Mm!" Natsuki hummed - as she cradled her lover's head and stared lovingly at her now sleeping face.

The chaos surrounding them - were long forgotten.

The bright blazing rays shone through the empty apartment window – it glazed the carpet and tiles with light as a girl with midnight blue hair crossed the room with a cardboard box in hand.

She dropped the heavy item on the floor - with a dull thud and a huff she turned up her sights to the clear view outside – she swallowed the sickening feeling of nausea before it melted away into a dazzling smile.

"Natsuki, maybe you should put that closer to the wall so it won't get in the mover's way." Shizuru directed as she entered their new apartment.

With subtlety, she touched the wall to brace her unsteady self that had yet to recover from her last night's adventures.

"Oh right." Natsuki answered before shuffling her box of trinkets with her foot to avoid unsettling her stomach from the movement.

"Ma'am, where would you like the desk?" A gruff man asked as he and his co-worker carried a desk through the doorframe of the apartment's threshold.

"In the bedroom on the left, please." The red-eyed college girl replied – stepping aside to make way for the heavy furniture.

"And what about these, Fujino-san?" Mai asked as she and the gang filed in one by one with boxes in hand.

"In the kitchen please." Shizuru answered. "Thank you so very much for helping us move, Mai-san. I'm not sure Natsuki would have been able to move everything herself."

A mischievous grin was exchanged by all and the biker chuckled quietly to herself but soon regretted it when her hung over state made it presence known again.

"You don't have to thank us, Fujino-san. Natsuki would have had our heads if we didn't help - especially after the two of you joined our karaoke night last night." Mai replied as everyone followed her instructions and filed into the kitchen.

Natsuki smiled happily to herself as she watched their apartment slowly fill with items that are now "theirs" and found her way to her lover's side to intertwine their hands.

"You don't regret not taking that exchange program, do you?" The biker asked quietly – feeling guilty for taking the brunette away from an invaluable venture.

"No, Natsuki." Shizuru replied – squeezing her girlfriend's hand with reassurance. "I much rather brave a storm with my Natsuki than be anywhere else."

The porcelain white cheeks framed and contrasted by Natsuki's navy blue hair blushed red as an earnest grin graced her face.

She planted several affectionate kisses upon her lover's features – the two basked in the warmth they felt.

There was nothing to fear.

Author's Rambles: I really have not been in a writing mood lately. The second part is what I had originally wrote, and then I added the first to fluff/beef the ending up a little.

Thanks for reading! Toodles!